Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas...........from Annie Oakley

I hope you found some inspiration, a few new ways to wrap up your holiday gifts in style with the 9-day Gift Wrap Extravaganza. And I hope all your lovely gifts are wrapped and waiting under a sparkly tree, all ready to bring smiles and warm feelings to all you chose to gift this year. Off we go to celebrate a family milestone..........a small break before our son starts his next chapter. 

Where can three Canadians, very fair and pale ones, go where it is warmer but not hot? Somewhere different? Somewhere where we will step out of our normal routine? Where we can have some really good laughs? To do something our son has always wanted to try?

I am going to be a cowgirl, like a real cowgirl with cowboy boots, hat and all..............and this will be the part that gives my cowboys more than a few laughs. Everyone who knows me knows that I am not the most agile person, yet married to a natural athlete and the mother of a son who is quite physically gifted as well. So I will be the one who gets on a horse and goes around in a circle like the father in Modern Family in the dude ranch vacation episode...........I know that. But that doesn't mean I can't try. Again.

I have been on a horse before but each time it didn't go according to plan. Not the nice, cantered jaunt that was promised by men in plaid shirts. More of the "catch the horse" and "hold on" type of rides where cowboys have to rescue the one who got away yes, with me on it. So yes, I am skittish but determined to lasso this fear because I really like horses but if worse comes to worse I can always go to the spa or golf with the guys.............. I can't golf either but I am a surprisingly good putter. But I can try. Again. 

Happy Trails...............and have the most wonderful holidays.
I wish you a most magical and celebratory week 
with your family and friends. 
You are the best readers of all. 

One last addition to the Gift Wrap Extravaganza.
Some brilliant and most creative gift wrapping here.
You are going to love this one.....I did. 

Photos via Pinterest

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Gift Wrap Extravaganza ..............The Metallics

Warm metallics and simple white-on-white wrapping. 

Strings of pearl and glass make for embellished strands here.

Though this is a popular photo I wanted to remind you of the beauty of pleated tissue. Never underestimate tissue in gift wrapping, it makes for a softer gift presentation and with the addition of vintage broaches and soft ribbon it becomes truly seen in the blog This is Glamorous.

The gifted Vicki Archer of the blog French Essence wrapped up last year's gifts in neutral sparkle for a popular post on my blog here. I am patiently waiting to see what she does this year as I know she is wrapping in a more colourful palette this year. A little birdie told me so. 

Gorgeous, gorgeous and more gorgeous from Victoria magazine and the Atlanta based King of Ribbon Nicholas Kniel who I think I need to visit/meet to master new ribbon tricks. Note the one with the vintage photo. All those glitter papers and ribbons add such sparkle to festive presentations. See his ribbon technique book here. 

The Gift Wrap Extravaganza
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Humble Kraft Paper
Merry Red
The Moderns
Bright Pinks

Photos linked at source/Photo 1 source unknown

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Gift Wrap Extravaganza................Bright Pinks

Andrea of the blog French Basketeer sent me a photo of a lavender and pink cadeau that is on it's way to me just because I am a lucky lovely to cushion this cadeaux in bright pink tulle. A stylish way to cushion your shipped gifts but Andrea always surprises me with her atterntion to detail. She even includes a Bouquet Garni to fragrance the gift experience. I love her authentic French baskets and totes and always enjoy reading her blog where she entertains in great style. It arrived this morning and the pink tulle is a fabulous idea. There is alot to be said for unexpected and surprise gifts. 

London-based blogger Carole of the blog Mademoiselle Poirot wraps the most charming gifts. Precious presents or pressies as they call them in the UK. You can go here to see all her wrapping this week. 

This fashionable and impressive purse gift is easier than it looks and so worth the time. You can see the tutorial here

Gold tinsel and pink tissue is wrapped together in bright style here.

I am beginning to think I need to learn knitting so I can do all these clever yarn adorned gifts. This popular gift wrapped technique can be found at Crafty MinxIsn't it delightful?

The Gift Wrap Extravaganza
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Humble Kraft Paper
Merry Red

Photos linked at source.

Monday, December 19, 2011

The Gift Wrap Extravaganza .................the Moderns

With our family holiday dinner behind me and some packing ahead, I am keen on finishing up the last few days of The Gift Wrap Extravaganza so I will double post on a few of the days. So much gift wrapping talent! And as the posts were published it seemed to me a good time to sort them all together so at any time you could easily back reference all this gift wrapping talent and inspiration at any time of year. I will add this gift wrap category of talent from everywhere to my header before I leave this week. I have added a few more to some of the categories as I find them so be sure to take a peek. This brings me to one of my favorite categories which was the most unusual, what I refer to as the "moderns". As much as I love ribbon, there is something to be said for materials and method of a more modern nature in gift wrapping styles. The "Moderns" clearly demonstrate that a novel approach and artistic interpetation make for a unique and thoughful gift presentation.

Adore this lavender and chocolate colour scheme and the clever idea of using trendy feathers as a "tassel" embellishment. From Canadian House & Home 

I was more than intrigued with this modern approach to gift wrapping from the Finland based stylist and blogger Age of the Aquarius. The creative execution with tape and string grid patterns in the three photos above shows that holiday wrapping can be simple and sophisticated.

Something's Hiding In Here  took a collection of vintage portrait paintings and had 11" x 17' colour copies made for a brilliant gift wrap solution. Ties with simple twine, this highly visual idea was one of the blogger finalists in The Martha Stewart Gift Wrap Challenge.

Along with using imprinted clay tags as modern embellishments, the layering of paper and a modern palette gives these gift presentations a clean and classic demeanor, perfect for the men in your life. Found at the blog Creature Comforts here

The Gift Wrap Extravaganza
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Merry Red

Photos linked to source.

The Gift Wrap Extravaganza............Merry Red

Love the jolly theme from designer Tobi Fairley here. Makes me want to have a Santa party too. I have never met a designer yet who can't gift wrap beautifully. 

Clever is all around you when you have a sharp pair of scissors. Don't forget to recycle this years holiday cards for next years festive embellishments. Think ahead. 
Pick one festive gift wrap colour in a variety of patterns (if too many papers overwhem you) to give your tree gift collection a cordinated look. From google here.

This whimsical and easy way to dress up a store box was from a J. Crew newsletter last year. Those sharpies are good for more than marking freezer bags. 

Fresh greens, small strips of festive gift wrap, and buttons add classic status to simple brown bags. Effort is everything in gift presentation. Above and below From Country Home. 

Tube Mailer wrapped in gold faux bois paper from Martha Stewart. Christmas logs that won't melt anything but your heart.

A small supply of fresh greens instantly do what we need a holiday gift package to festive. More Martha here

  French simplicity by Sharon of the elegant blog My French Country Home.

Photos linked at source.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Gift Wrap Interruption..............a message from the North Pole

When I first saw this free Santa video a few years back I was simply charmed and promptly sat down and sent off a few to my great-nephews and nieces who were enthralled by a personal video message from the North Pole. Brought to you by Portable North Pole (U Group Media Inc in Montreal, Canada) it is a magical message for all the little ones that you know. Once you enter their information (name/location/age/gift wish) the video just takes a few minutes to load and then off it goes by email to anywhere in the world where they can view the video as many times as they want. You can purchase a DVD for keepsake purposes but the video on the PNP website is free. I did a fun and goofy test video for my 29 yr.old son here just to give you a good chuckle. Questions are presented for all age groups so you really can send a video to a naughty or nice adult of any age and have a few chuckles of their own. It is Christmas magic and Santa fun for everyone........but especially for the little ones that still believe in Santa. 

Image via PNP

Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Gift Wrap Extravaganza............. the Brights

Those Aussie girls love their colour and use it so beautifully. Designer Anna Spiro of Absolutely Beautiful Things did what designers love to do when it comes to gift wrapping.........tie strips of fabric into beautful bows. You wouldn't miss these under the tree. 

The fabric BoBo Wraps  have been on my must-blog-about list for a bit and don't they make gift wrapping sense? Love the colours and the wrap that keeps on giving. They come complete with the tie-ups and in different sizes, patterns, and solid colours. May I mention that they are a stylish godsend to the gift wrapped impaired?

Those fun baubles to tie up the fabric wraps are called Bungees.

Better Homes & Gardens just goes to show how much fun gift wrapping can be when you take your time and play around with bits of this and that. 

Source found and it is the uber-talented ribbon master Nicholas Kniel from a Traditional Home feature.........but will be back to add the direct link. 

It would't be a bright Christmas without at least this popular gift wrapped image from Carolyne Roehm. Don't you miss her gift wrapped splendor? I do. 

The Gift Wrap Extravaganza
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The Brights

To view all of the Extravaganza styles quickly click here to view in Snapshot.

Photos linked at source

Friday, December 16, 2011

The Gift Wrap Extravaganza............. the Subdued

Subdued and elegant palette from Better Homes & GardensWhat a ribbon display! 

Artistic application in method and unique embellishments make for a striking presentation from Shimtokk. Love the sequined tulle in gold. 

This might not actually be holiday but it could but it sure works well with this elegant palette. Perhaps a sprig of mistletoe or a pretty fresh flower. BHG. 

More vintage lovely from Heather Bullard

The Gift Wrap Extravaganza
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 Humble Kraft Paper

Photos linked at source.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Gift Wrap Extravaganza.............the Sweet Ones

Sweet little toppers and clothespins found at dollar stores take on clever status when topping these sweet little round boxes. See the glitter clothespin tutorial  at the blog Creature Comforts.................. just darn adorable. 

One of my favorite ribbon colours and what girly girl doesn't love glitter, tassels, velvet, and sequins? Found here from holiday 2010 at Grey Likes Weddings

Wouldn't this be the best for the manly man who is nature lover? I guess those two go together don't they? Found here.

The Gift Wrap Extravaganza ~ 7 days of Inspiration from Everywhere

 Humble Kraft Paper
The Sweet Ones

I have so many creative and wonderful gift wrapping ideas that I will be posting twice on some days so you have as many gift wrapping ideas as possible over the next week. Be inspired..............I certainly have been!

Photos linked at source.


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