Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kate Spade............meet Martha Stewart

It is not that I planned a blog break, it just happened. Lots of personal catch-up, a bit of a new e-reader addiction to sort through, and time to form a lasting relationship with my new Mac desktop. To get myself back into the blog groove I spent an afternoon at Michaels craft store to see what I could come up with in the way of gift wrapping ideas. First I must state I am not a scrapbooker, but I can see the appeal. All those little packages of pretty little things. Before that little shopping expedition, I spent a day at Somerset Mall in Michigan where I indulged in a bit of Kate Spade so I did have this pretty box to play with...................Kate Spade meet Martha Stewart. You two look good together.

Since I am not a "craft" person so to speak, I wasn't really aware of the scope of scrapbook supplies or that Martha Stewart was in the game too (I am just not getting out enough). This is probably just as well judging by my lack of fiscal restraint when it comes to little packages of pretty little things and the way I see it, whoever does scrapbook must have lots of fun little embellishment leftovers that can be used up in other ways so I thought that is what I would show you in the next few weeks. Gift wrap ideas that use up these pretty little scrapbook things, easily and simply. Sort of like craft day at summer camp, only the grown-up kind.

To make this frou frou feminine type of gift box I simply took two packages of Martha Stewart Crafts stickers in two types of paper floral styles using 7 of the 12 pieces. Each package has 6 flowers and here in Canada was $8.49 per package though I am certain that it is less in the US. I changed the grommet-tied store ribbon to a narrow melon colour bringing it to the front instead of the top where it looked way too busy. This idea could work on a plain white or craft box too, in fact I think I will have a few to show you.

To the 1,000 followers of A Gift Wrapped Life................Thank you!
You have made my life more beautiful in the most remarkable of ways.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Birds Nesting............in gift wrap

When I was wrapping up a trio of gifts yesterday which included this delicate rosebud frame I happened to notice these little birds sitting beside them in my inventory room. It seemed to me that I should try and work them into the gift wrapping as they matched the gift wrap and the frame finish. The photo I borrowed above is my parents on their wedding day and since so many of you have asked.............that handsome guy you see is doing very well, positively perky with all the attention he has been receiving from attentive nurses and family.

And I did work them in........I anchored their little feet into a voluminous nest of double face satin ribbon tied into multiple bows which was a gorgeous match to my aqua Bird Nest gift wrap. I have been on a marathon of gift wrapping this past week so orders have been flying out the door. I am dangerouslyy low on my ribbon supplies so need to spend some time at my desk instead of idle bird-watching this weekend.

Since I hear birds chirping around here all day long, I have become accustomed to thinking about them more.........no wonder they worked themselves into my gift wrapping. The subconscious mind is an interesting place. I have a few more "bird" ideas I want to try in upcoming posts. If I start putting rabbits on my gifts, you will know I have gone too far with this outdoor frame of mind. I see quite a few of them too.

A trio of Birds nested in Ribbon. And a few waiting.

I hope you have time this weekend to watch the birds, the sunset, or just enjoy the sunshine.
Thank you for your continued comments for my Dad and a wonderful Welcome to new followers.
I am so happy you have landed here at A Gift Wrapped Life.

All photos by Sande Chase ~ A Gift Wrapped Life

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dutch Touch Art....... French Alphabet Series

~ Body Parts ~

~ Before You Go ~

~ Rose & Table ~

~ Animaux ~

I have shown you the work of Dutch Touch Art once before in a post, a huge and spectacular floral painting that is mesmerizing in its luminous detail and size. Dutch Touch Art first captured my attention at the tail end of my design career and my second thought was "where were they when I needed them most?' Of course my first thought being " their work is incredible" and as you browse through their website you will see what I mean. Picture their collection of florals, still life, animals, and portraits in a modern or traditional setting and you will appreciate that their oil paintings have a unique quality that makes them perfect for either direction. This French Alphabet Series is a more humble series for this company know for their lush, old world oil paintings (and I mean lush), but I thought they were simply charming. Wouldn't they be adorable in a sophisticated nursery? The company was originally founded in The Netherlands but opened a New York and Los Angeles showroom in 2000 run by mother-daughter team Barbara von Schreiber and Shawn Silver. They have an interesting new artist addition to their collection that I will show you in an upcoming post. Though only available to the trade, the company would be more than happy to help direct you should you fall in love in one of their paintings. Many of their paintings are available in several sizes and many of them dramatically oversized which can be a bonus in adding visual drama to interiors.

All photos provided by Dutch Touch Art

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Nocturnal Blogging

I think I am on to something here..........nocturnal blogging. I am a creature of habit and that included blogging at my desktop PC, always in my home office, mostly in the mornings. It was such a habit that I almost missed out on what has quickly become my favorite thing this summer when I was forced into my late, late blog visits. Blogging in the late evening, on my laptop, on my covered veranda, by candlelight, and watching the rabbits hop through the yard (yes, I see and hear you). I could turn on the lights, but much prefer the diffused ambiance. Obviously I should add a glass of wine to this setting but that might prompt very silly subject matter and best left to very tolerant friends and family.

So two things...........if you blog it might be good to change locations and settings now and again. Just a thought, it does change your perspective a bit. Like changing a room around or going on a date with your husband. Blogging outdoors at night in the summer is just a fun thing to do. And if you ever build a house, make sure to somehow add a covered veranda to your house plan. You will at some point in the future thank me for this advice.

One more thing just in case you think the new name of my blog should be called A Gift Wrapped Life in Florals, I should mention that I am busy preparing plenty of gift wrapping posts for the weeks ahead. I always did think better at night.

All photos by Sande Chase ~ A Gift Wrapped Life


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