Thursday, March 31, 2011

When I fell in love with Grosgrain Ribbon

I always liked grosgrain ribbon but I much preferred satin ribbon. Actually, I would say that I adore satin ribbon as you well know by now. Satin ribbon always moves easily in my hands when I tie a bow, cooperates in a smooth manner while grosgrain resists tight twists and turns more than most ribbon types. Gros grain actually means coarse texture. Because of it's weave (and signature horizontal weave lines) it is a stiffer fabric, it will fight with you a bit but in the end it does make for a lovely stiff bow. Some people simply like the crisp, classic look of grosgrain ribbon better than the more feminine satin sister. 

It wasn't until I received a 2.5" wide grosgrain ribbon recently that I changed my mind, the extra width made all the difference. Revealed it's unique texture better too. Ever since this 2.5' grosgrain showed up in chocolate brown, hot pink, black and turquoise, I have been using it like crazy (you know how I love a lavish presentation). I like any ribbon that holds it's shape a bit, one of the reasons I rarely use wired ribbon. Once a gift is wrapped, it should be wrapped. I can't stand fussing and fluffing with it on the way to an event. Truthfully, by that point I am more concerned with my attire than my gift presentation.

You may notice I have combined 3 gift wrap techniques, wrapped them all together in one presentation. I have re-cycled a Henri Bendel store box, used a magazine image(Fashionista Gift Wrap), and clipped on a stray earring as a jewelry embellishment (believe me, if I had the pair I would be wearing them). Oh, and I used a type of ribbon that you have rarely seen me use before, so technically that makes it 4 techniques as far as blog tags go. This view to the side and rear is to show the effect of longer ribbon tails. My guideline, the wider the ribbon, the longer the ribbon tails, even more glam if they trail off the package.

As I mentioned before, remember to scan your favorite magazine images and re-use or re-format in the future for gift wrap or gift tags. I would certainly want to use this costumed Cate Blanchett as Elizabeth (torn from the pages of Vogue) as a matching gift tag. And I will as soon as I figure out this new scanner. I promise to show you.

All photos by Sande Chase ~ A Gift Wrapped Life

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Cake Opera Co...........creations of a romantic nature

~ Chinoiserie ~

If I get caught buying a wedding magazine, I just say I am doing research for a young friend. I don't dare say the truth..............I am fascinated with the creativity of today's weddings and just love looking at the bridal gowns, the settings, the flowers, the cakes, the favours, everything really........I just can't explain it. Mostly, the brides (or their planners) astound me with their attention to detail. I have been meaning to do a post on a Canadian wedding talent for some time. Feast your eyes on the creations of the Cake Opera Co. of Toronto, Canada...... this is eye candy of the most intense flavour and style.

Browsing the stunning website is such a visual feast that I thought it best to let you savour their talent for yourself. Conceptual drawings give you a peek into the story and inspiration behind each creation. 

~ Hall of Mirrors ~ 

Just a tasty bite........each layer of Hall of Mirrors is made with cast sugar tiles with the handmade crown painted with 24-karat gold.

~ Confection Towers ~

~ Operettas ~

 The clever name for the Sweet Table Confections 

~ Milk Glass ~

Inspired by the creators milk glass collection.

Enjoy.............Cake Opera Co. 

Monday, March 28, 2011

Party Hats and Crowns

Sometimes you forget about old favorites. I hadn't taken a look at Paloma"s Nest since I blogged about her wooden bracelets way back here when I started this blog over two years ago. She is best know for her Ring Bearer Bowls and that single item continually gets a ton of press in bridal magazines. But when I saw these Party Hats and the new Party Crowns, I thought they were simply sweet. I like the simplicity of the edited design and the fact that they are made of wood. Something that can be personalized and something that skittish birthday boys might actually wear when it comes to blowing out the candles each year.

Paloma's Nest lists these wood crowns in their heirloom section, the idea being that you can pull out the celebratory party hat or crown each and every birthday. How sweet to gift this for a first birthday, so that each and every birthday photo has them wearing the same heirloom party hat. You can personalize with 18 characters so a simple Happy Birthday or their name will do the trick. Each style is 28.00 and can be seen here.

Both styles come with rear grommets so you can tighten or loosen the cord to fit heads of all ages. Of course, I could manage to get lengths and lengths of narrow ribbons (or frothy tulle) through those grommets and maybe a bit of bling on the front if it was intended for a female of any age. Guess that's the idea, these fun hats can be as understated or as gussied-up as you want. 

All photos from Paloma's Nest

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Christian Lacroix............haute couture paper

Hey, when did this happen? How did I miss this? Parisian couturier Christian Lacroix puts his flamboyant drawing style on a ultra-chic line of paper products, perfect gifting for the fashionista in your life. The Christian Lacroix Papier Collection features the Arles Flocked Velvet Notebook  ( 6" x 4.25" with 128 lined ivory pages) from the Arles-born designer and a bevy of fashionable choices. I love it when gifting is this easy.

Croquis Notebook
The chic cahier features illustrated spines and ribbon bookmarks.
The collection is comprised of Notebooks, Notecard Sets, Journals, and Postcards in the signature Lacroix style. 

Laser cut metallic notecards with the most curvaceous envelope flaps. Looks like some grown-up stickers too.

More envelope curves and laser-cut lace edges.
I want the card.........and the dress.

The exuberant Postcard collection features 12 cards in 8 designs rendered in the Lacroix maximalist style.

The Virgin Journal

Suggestion: Go crazy with the gift wrapping. 

All images via Kate's Paperie.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

hello sunshine................where did you go?

Have you noticed we are all a bit more impatient for sunshine this year? Or more specifically bright and beautiful yellow? As I was working on this post this morning, I noticed more than a few blogs showing yellow and I had to chuckle...............seems we are collectively craving some sunshine. Hello sunshine, but where did you go? Until it comes back...........some bright and beautiful yellow, and other colours too.

Ahhhhhh....................I feel better now. 

A sunny welcome to new followers and readers this week.
You make my world much brighter.

Kate Spade Image 1 and 3 by Sande Chase ~ A Gift Wrapped Life/Image 2 via Flickr/Image 4 by Justina Blakeney of Compaiblog/Image 5 via Pinterest

Monday, March 21, 2011

Fuschia Faves...............and random musings

A gorgeous gift. 

Some day I will bring out those calligraphy pens again.
And practice, practice.

One of my Paris floral photos. Such a tender bloom.

Chanel. Coveteur. For Grown Up Ladies.

For Little Ladies. Armani Junior.

Have you noticed nail art is making a comeback?

Summer. Prada

Fascinated with artist Maira Kalman. Her drawings, her musings, her monthly blog for the NY Times, go see here

More summer. Oscar de la Renta.

This is how I imagine our brains must look. All the faces we have seen and known. 

Fuschia Louboutin

I have promised my son that I will not dress up our dog in any way.

Statement Piece.

Truly Magnificent. 

Another floral photo I took in Paris last September.

Final day in Paris, something I ran across this morning. My back had finally given out and I reclined on a stone bench while my sister-in-law went in to Monoplix and I looked straight up and saw this. Perfect. Done.

Photo 1, 10, 14 via Tumblr/Photo 2, 6, 12 via Pinterest/Photo 3, 15, 16 by Sande Chase ~ A Gift Wrapped Life

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hallelujah.................and walking bunnies

I went walking yesterday with Daisy. It is much like walking a bunny, she hops rather than walks.  She tried to gather all the autumn leaves that were still on the ground, like they were some magnificent new toy. I got to thinking how close spring is when I saw buds on some of my flowering trees, officially in the next few days. Then I was listening to KD Lang singing Hallelujah as I went off to sleep and I thought yes that's the has been too long of a winter. 

Happy Weekend......................happy spring. 

Photos via Tumblr

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Love, Pray, Japan

Illustration by Japanese artist Tatsuro Kiuchi

We are all praying for Japan in our own way, in our own language, but it just doesn't seem enough.
But maybe it is, prayers can work in strange ways and I hope you will
join me in giving this Japan.
I will be joining fellow blogger Dust Jacket Attic and the long and growing list of bloggers
who will participate in the 
For Japan With Love ~ Bloggers Day of Silence 
in the hopes that our individual readers and followers will give to this most worthy cause.
We are hoping you were just waiting and praying for a meaningful way to help.
I was. 

 For more information please visit  For Japan with Love and 
you can donate directly by clicking here.
More information about the worldwide disaster assistance of ShelterBox click here.
Should you make a contribution (and any amount helps), please let me know in my comment box 
so that I can include you in an upcoming thank you post.

And please......... keep praying 
Especially for the parents who are trying to feed, shelter, protect and comfort their children 
during this most devastating of events

Top photo via Pinterest.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Red Wigs and Silk....... in Las Vegas


Ceilings at the Encore ~Wynn

Manola Blahnik

Oscar de la Renta

Billowing Silk Fabric Flowers in the spectacular finale at La Reve ~ Wynn

Crystal LOVE stilettos

La Reve  

Pink Sparkle

Romantic Sparkle. Cabana dining at Bartolotto ~ Wynn

All iphone photos taken by Sande Chase ~ A Gift Wrapped Life 


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