Monday, March 28, 2011

Party Hats and Crowns

Sometimes you forget about old favorites. I hadn't taken a look at Paloma"s Nest since I blogged about her wooden bracelets way back here when I started this blog over two years ago. She is best know for her Ring Bearer Bowls and that single item continually gets a ton of press in bridal magazines. But when I saw these Party Hats and the new Party Crowns, I thought they were simply sweet. I like the simplicity of the edited design and the fact that they are made of wood. Something that can be personalized and something that skittish birthday boys might actually wear when it comes to blowing out the candles each year.

Paloma's Nest lists these wood crowns in their heirloom section, the idea being that you can pull out the celebratory party hat or crown each and every birthday. How sweet to gift this for a first birthday, so that each and every birthday photo has them wearing the same heirloom party hat. You can personalize with 18 characters so a simple Happy Birthday or their name will do the trick. Each style is 28.00 and can be seen here.

Both styles come with rear grommets so you can tighten or loosen the cord to fit heads of all ages. Of course, I could manage to get lengths and lengths of narrow ribbons (or frothy tulle) through those grommets and maybe a bit of bling on the front if it was intended for a female of any age. Guess that's the idea, these fun hats can be as understated or as gussied-up as you want. 

All photos from Paloma's Nest


  1. Totally cute....I want one please.......xv

  2. I love, love these hats, at 44, my daughter is turning 1 on April 6th, her Name is Hope Faith, she a blessing that came to me as my 4th child 21.5 years after my last one!! Due to a tight budget for this Party, and due to our current economy, I can not afford to get one of these this year. But I do love your blog and this ideal birthday party hat, so if you don't mind I would love to menton your blog and this product in my story that I am working on about planning my daughters dream 1st birthday party on a budget, and a link to this article. I wish I could squeeze this hat into my budget!!!! it is too cute!! Maybe a miracle will occur and the could send her one to promote their business on my blog too in the pictures of Hope Faith's Tea Party. You can e-mail me at God Bless!!

  3. Those are sooooo cute, elegant and nostalgic....much pleasure really can be found in the small things in life!

  4. adorable! wish my lovies were a wee bit smaller!

  5. These are great. I have seen her ring bearer bowls in person...the work is lovely.

  6. Oh yes - one with princess on it please x

  7. Oh these are amazing! Great idea!! :) Thanks for the tip!

    xx G

    Look who's Wearing (LwW)

  8. What a wonderful idea. Was wondering how they would fit as the child grew, but the back showed the secret.

  9. Paloma's Nest is an extraordinary artist who really knows how to make the most sophisticated, simple items. The true test to the artist's talent is that she didn't kick up her feet and "rest" after having had much success with her trademarked Ring Bearer Bowls, she has created yet another unique line of sophisticated pieces. I can only imagine the energy and time put into perfecting these hats and crowns.

    Hope you have a great week, Sande.


  10. Sande,
    What a sweet day for grandkids!

  11. LOVE these - wish they had been around when my kids were little. But I also love your suggestions for embellishing them for us big birthday girls and boys!!

  12. Came across this on pinterest and I've got to say these are incredible. I am a huge sucker for good wood crafts and this is no exception.


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