Saturday, March 31, 2012

What you must do in Paris .......with Carla Coulson

Are you visiting Paris soon or in the distant future?
If so, this must be on your list. 

Carla Coulson knows I adore her new venture. When she mentioned this concept 2 years ago over a huge plate of frites in Paris, I immediately said "you have to do this". And then I annoyingly kept bringing it up.............because what I was really thinking was this is such a good idea, can I pose right now? I would love a once-in-a-lifetime portrait in Paris! There is something in the Paris air that women breathe in when they land in Paris, we feel more feminine, more something and Carla has figured out a way to photographically capture that delicious something with Paris Muse. Now close your eyes...................

and picture this....................

Pick the perfect city Paris. The most luxurious setting Hotel Lancaster. Bring just yourself, or your best friends, your sister, your mother, or your hubby it can be an individual or group shot. Meet the talented make up and hair team. Let them do their fashionable thing while you sip some French bubbly and are in the best hands in the business. Picture yourself at your most glamorous and natural, all relaxed with that Paris glow wearing a gorgeous frock, sounding good isn't it? Now picture the experienced and enormously talented lens of Carla Coulson pointed directly at you. 

Actually it might sound a tad intimidating. But this is the part I really want you to really understand if you are feeling a bit shy about this idea. Carla Coulson is as wonderful as you would imagine if you have read her books and admired her photographic talent. I had the enormous pleasure of spending a few evenings with Carla and her handsome Italian husband in Paris a few years ago and I have to tell will feel immediately comfortable with her and likely have more than a few laughs. She is warm, sincere, unpretentious, down-to-earth, and full of genuine smiles and laughter. You are in the most talented of hands for this most special Paris treat. 

Go take a peek at Carla's new website and blog and browse the before and after transformations here. The tone of the photo-shoot is yours to determine, something feminine think boudoir-like, a more professional pose for publicity, or as a special keepsake for that special couple an anniversary, a Paris honeymoon. After the four-hour booking, you will have the option of purchasing the final images as printed fine art photos or a luxe book. Either way, you are bringing home a most incredible keepsake. The package details and booking dates are available by emailing Carla here

Carla is having a fabulous Paris Muse giveaway to introduce her new service and website so click here to enter by Tuesday. I am headed there right now.........I am so going to do this on my next trip to Paris. And so should you. This is such a good idea.

All photos are the exclusive property of Carla Coulson


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