Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Why I now love Mick Jagger

I cannot stop looking at this fact it takes my breath away. Every perfectly-designed inch of it, the glass tiles, the chrome detailing, the mirrored vanity and tub surround, the wall treatment, the glass etched fish against the back wall..............and that soothing colour most of all. Located in the Left Bank, this Parisian oasis is owned by Mick Jagger and girlfriend L' Wren Scott. I just couldn't resist borrowing it from Dustjacket Attic and you can see the rest of this fabulous apartment on her blog here. Actually, I did resist for about a week and then caved in to my desire to tell you this is probably my all-time favorite room. I just can't help myself on this one. Exhale.

Photo by Francois Halard for Voque

Monday, April 23, 2012 in Peonies and Lattes

Rare Flower of Frosty Dew ~ Fragrant Chinese Herbaceous Peony

Indulge me.................I truly need to indulge in some bright and beautiful pink today. Isn't this peony the most beautiful? I have been off in more ways than one the last few days with a seasonal sinus problem and I am also a bit concerned, I notice my own pink peonies are almost ready for an early bloom. This means I won't have my masses of peonies in late May which means I will over conspensate with annual plantings which isn't the same to me as all. I like both going at the same time. Do you feel the same about this crazy spring?

Christian Dior ~ Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2011

Looking at that gorgeous peony reminded me of this dress which certainly looks like floral petals. Looking at this remarkable creation is making me feel a tad better today..........the colour and the movement. 

All this brilliant pink brings me to my latest and mostly insignificant pet peeve. My daily latte and it's take-out container. I have been looking at it every day for months now and can't help but think my Canadian brand Second Cup and Starbucks too are pouring coffee and lattes into the most boring of cups, what's with all the drab brown? There I said it. I was thinking this way before I saw the stylish Fauchon Paris coffee photo on the entertaining and artistic blog Paris Breakfast............there might be "a little love in every cup" as it says on my Second Cup latte but couldn't both these coffee companies be a bit more creative with cup colours and design? Why does Paris get all the fun? 

See what I mean?
There must be a better design than this. 

Need more pink today? Go to my Anything Pink Pinterest Board. 

Photo 2 by Pascal le Segretain/Getty Images

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ribbon.............with a vintage french style

Narrow to wide, grosgrain to jute, even ticking, the Etsy shop  Flea Market Chick has a fabulous selection of vintage french style ribbons. They may not be exactly vintage but she has captured the look in her large assortment. I was excited to run across this Etsy source because I love black and ivory grosgrain, especially the sweet narrow one (no. 5) and I like the stylish understatement of these neutral ribbon colours and patterns on a solid black gift wrap paper or Kraft paper, it is one of my favorite gift presentation styles. Simple and elegant, always. There is plenty to be said for using a variety of these ribbon choices if you have a gift of multiple gift packages. You just can't go wrong. 

Images via Flea Market Chick. 

Friday, April 13, 2012

A Gift wrap request

More than a few of you emailed after the post on using wrapping paper to gussy up a bouquet of flowers for my son in this Black Cloverleaf is a striking graphic and as luck and timing would have it, Midori  the trade ribbon source now has a retail website. Their gift wrap is sold in packages of ten so pick your favorite and stock up on that pattern. 

Cloverleaf is handamde, more of a fiber paper so it does hold it's shape and can be ironed and reused. And you know how I feel about that..........bonus.

While I was there I noticed this new rose embellished gift wrap paper which might be a new stock item for me. Next week I will share a few of my favorite Midori ribbons............actually there is more than a few.

Happy Weekend and thank you to readers and 
new followers that left such lovely comments this week. 

Photos from Midori Ribbon

Friday, April 6, 2012

Amanda Lebel............working in fine circles

Easter Parade by Amanda Lebel

As soon as I saw this wedding topper on Martha Stewart, the style reminded me of someones unique design style. And I was right, it is the exquisite paper work of my old blogger friend Amanda Lebel of the blog Over The Top Studios. I thought of her recently because I was cleaning my desk where I keep the lovely little trinket gift she had sent me a few years back. I hadn't seen many posts recently and now I know why. It seems the her gorgeous wedding cake toppers and fanciful party hats caught the attention of Martha Stewart here which directs you right to the doors of Amanda's Etsy shop. 

Let Them Eat Cake, a party hat in Marie Antoinette style...........doesn't that just bring some fun to the birthday girls celebration? At any age. The fanciful party hat is available in several sizes as are many of her wedding cake toppers. 

Amanda uses German Glass Glitter, vintage music sheets, silk flowers and ribbon and unusual images to style her uniquely handcrafted and popular wedding toppers which are carefully wrapped and shipped to brides anywhere.

Amanda's pastel and glitter Easter Cones, I can't think of a prettier way to say Happy Easter!


Speaking of being noticed by Martha Stewart, if any of you missed the Martha Stewart show featuring fellow blogger and floral paper artist Noel Solomon of Fanciful Designs, you can click here to see the tutorial and video for making her large paper flowers. These fabulous creations are big enough to give "a hug" as you shall see on the video.

Photos 1 to 5 - Over the Top Studios/ Bottom photo by Robert Tannenbaum for Martha Stewart

Monday, April 2, 2012

A good egg................for gifting

My own Easter Egg hunt led me to Paloma's Nest on Etsy this morning and I thought these personalized wooden eggs would make for the sweetest little gift any time of year. A takeaway place card holder, an inspirational paperweight or collection, and since we all start as tiny little eggs...............wouldn't it be wonderful to personalize it with a brand new name and tuck it in with a baby gift? 

Photo from Paloma's Nest on Etsy


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