Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fashionista Gift Wrapping............from the source

It is amazing what inspiration you find in those piles of fashion and shelter magazines but I am going to guess that you haven't thought of it as a ready source for gift wrapping. When it comes to gift wrapping for that fashionista friend of yours, I think this idea might just make your gift the very favorite of them all only because it can capture their stylish personality. I always loved playing cut-outs when I was a young  girly-girl and while flipping throught the pages of Vogue the connection came to me, this idea only takes that pleasurable pastime into a slightly more mature direction, all in the interest of novel gift presentation of course. In fact, I am having so much fun recycling my magazines that I am going to stay with this gift wrap concept for the next few weeks and see where it takes me.

All you need is time, magazines, small sharp scissors, a glue stick, some ribbon, and you are ready to play, I mean.......create. Before any magazines are recycled, I do a visual edit and tear the pages that may possibly have an image I can cut and use. I know many of you already do this for inspiration boards but I was never that organized, it took gift wrapping to motivate me. It was this Manolo Blahnik ad (and my fond memories of cut-out attire) that got my gift wrapping wheels turning recently. I hope these clever Blahnik people stay with this illustrated ad campaign and give me more show styles to work with soon (though I am sure they would rather I buy the shoes). If you think you might you fancy this technique and may want to use a favorite image again in your gift wrapping, I would suggest scanning for repeat use and printing out on a heavyweight paper. If the cutting and gluing seems like too much work but you think the image totally suits your friend, then use the scan to print the image as a unique gift tag in any size. 

And though you will see many examples over the next few weeks (as you can see I have some background papers ready), I started with this box that I already used for a re-gift box post last year. The two layers of ribbon were already in position and are simply double-sided taped to the underside of the lid. Your prep is that simple. When I have time, I cut the images (which can be surprisingly calming-who knew?) so I have a stylish variety ready to layer and experiment with at any time. 

Though you might be tempted to go ribbon-less, I think the ribbon base just makes it more finished and gives a gift wrapped base to this idea. I added the black and white grosgrain for more visual impact. I will show you some examples with bows but this image was larger and a bow seemed to interfere with this fabulously fashionable image. 

You can be as precise with the glue stick as you want and glue down every inch, or even use double sided tape (which is tacky enough to lift and re-position) in stategic spots if you think the recipient may want to lift off the image cut-outs and play on her own, I mean...............create. I have a couple other application ideas for you as well, another idea to give this concept more dimension. Stay tuned over the next few weeks, I think this might be fun, kind of taking cut-outs to a more mature level........or so I tell myself. 

All photos by Sande Chase ~ A Gift Wrapped Life

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How I handle cabin fever...........and theraputic gifts for anyone experiencing SAD

I challenge anyone who visits Paris to not have a dream sequence in your head in which you think "could I move to Paris?" and then try to picture that life (hell yes). Thirty-two writers tell you exactly that in Paris Was Ours by Penelope Rowlands. Some of the writers may be familiar to you, David Sedaris, David Lebowitz, Judith Thurman, and even if they are not, their unique Paris experiences make for interesting reading. You can go directly to the book website here which will take you to Amazon and other order methods. For Canadian readers, Paris Is Ours is available for download on the Kobo e-reader and aren't  E-reader's a winter must? I don't need to tell you that this makes for a therapeutic mid-winter gift for that friend suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (aka Cabin Fever). 

I was late to the viewing game with this fascinating and hugely-popular PBS series about a proper English dynasty set in the early 1900's. It seemed everyone but me was watching Season One of Downton Abbey and I couldn't even find it here in Canada on our cable provider (though I eventually did it but it was showing the last segment). Surprisingly, I couldn't download a Amazon instant video because I am in Canada (some weird legal thing) but you can easily if you are located in the US or the UK. That wasn't going to stop me and my quick Amazon delivery of the Downton Abbey DVD set was timed so perfectly yesterday that I got absolutely giddy. I put the jammies on, got the puppy settled, the husband fed, and then settled in for non-stop viewing, my favorite kind once I acknowledge the snow is not going anywhere quite yet. I didn't make it through the whole set but will be getting the jammies back on early tonight to finish up.................this DVD makes for a fabulous winter gift for anyone who loves historical dramas and marathon viewing (in their jammies). Cabin fever..........much better. And I just read Season Two is underway somewhere on this TV of mine, cabin fever..............cured.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Best New Puppy Gift............and Daisy update (because you asked)

When a friend, who is a cat lover, told me that puppies might like bubbles too, it made perfect sense as our Daisy certainly exhibits cat-like behavior. And rightfully so, Daisy is a Mi-Ki, a rare toy breed known for their cat-like behavior at times, the Mi Ki breed is a combination of the Japanese Chin, French Papillon, and Maltese. The breed was developed 30 years ago to be highly intelligent, affectionate, lovable, mild-tempered, and non-shedding. Their most social, gentle, and well-behaved manner  is well-suited to therapeutic hospital programs. Something I may look into when she is a bit older. I get asked so many questions about Daisy when she is out and about with me that it actually ran through my head to get her a set of her own business cards.

Watching a puppy who likes to hop instead of walk, swat her paws like a cat is a sight to behold when blowing bubbles into the air. This got me to thinking how a simple thing like bubbles and other puppy items would make for a thoughtful new puppy gift. Something to earn you puppy kisses ( if you like that sort of thing) and the appreciation of the new family who is delighted with the canine addition to their family. Puppy gifts are simple, balls, chew toys (Martha Stewart has good ones), a bag of organic treats, and don't forget the easiest of all...............bubbles. I was going to say that puppy gifts don't require gift wrapping but I have a princess here who absolutely adores ribbon so I could be wrong.

My husband tried really hard not to fall in love with Daisy. Not another dog, we want to travel more, the usual excuses you have when you have had 30 years of dogs. But Daisy has captured his heart too and I find him whispering lovey things in her ear when he thinks I am out of the room. To me, dogs are a gift of pleasure and love and Daisy has already brought a bundle of it to our home in this short time

My daily routine now includes bringing Daisy along for my daily latte run. I will admit we are a covert pair and her diminutive size makes for easy camouflage (we aren't in dog-friendly Paris after all). She now knows to lay low in public places but she quickly pops her head out to say hello to all the cafe girls who watch for her visits. When I missed a day this weekend, guess where we found her waiting at 1:00 in the afternoon? In the hallway, waiting to go visit her new BFF's. 

Photo 1 and 2 from Pinterest/Photo 3 and 4 by Sande Chase ~ A Gift Wrapped Life

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Just too gorgeous........Anthropologie goes bridal in all the right ways

Late last night, Anthropologie launched BHLDN their  eagerly-awaited online bridal division and though it has been 36 years since I have been a bride, I am more than entranced with their collection. Those shoes, that gauze wrap? I don't need to be a bride to wear these lovelies. Go take a divine peek here.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Coveteur................the most stylish closets

Karla Martinez
Fashion Market and Accessories Director ~ W Magazine

Jane Keltner de Valle
Fashion News Director ~ Teen Vogue

Joanna Hillman
Senior Fashion Market Editor ~ Harper's Bazaar. New York

Fiona Green
  Associate Fashion Editor ~ FLARE Magazine Toronto

Mary Kate Steinmiller
Fashion Market Editor ~ Teen Vogue NY

Mona Sharf
Director, Communications & Celebrity ~ Theory and Helmut Lang, NY

Peeking into the closets of the high-profile tastemakers? I'm in and so are you if looking at how the fashionable style their look and their closets feeds your harmless voyeuristic tendencies. Can you ever see too many good closets? The recently re-launched new Canadian website suffered through a bit of controversy last month over their original name (which wasn't that original so it seems, click here to read the scoop) but they graciously and quickly pointed their stylish Blahnik's in the right direction and The Coveteur is now on it's way to the best cyber parties, hooking up to Vogue for fashion week. Personally, I think their new name is much more original anyways and so is their website idea so go take a need to feel guilty, these tasteful closets have lots of company right now.

Photos via The Coveteur. Photos by Jake Rosenberg

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sweet reminders........

Wouldn't these be sweet as a petite gift? For someone who just needs a smile in their day, a delicate reminder that you are thinking of them. You know the reasons, maybe even Valentines. A pretty narrow ribbon tied in a bow is all that is needed. Drop it on their doorstep as a little surprise......

Written words can mean so much, remind someone they are in  your thoughts with a few words or enough to fill a page or two. Beautifully handwritten, always more meaningful. It is one of our special pleasures to send and receive. Not just this week, but any week of the year. Catching up on a few of my own today. 

photo 1 from Visual Treats/photo 2 from Pinterest

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Until the snow melts...........and love this embellishment

Just something beautiful and colourful to remind us that snow does eventually melt and go away. Just not this month, but soon.

Take me away from all this snow.

In the meantime............isn't this such a clever gift wrap idea? This sort of ties in to some embellishment and gift wrap ideas I am working on in the background over here (you do have to wait). Go here to see this very creative craft blog where she offers digital downloads such as this lovely feather detail and cameo gift tag. Several stylish feather styles and you can print in any colour of course. There is a free download for Valentines Day but was limited but don't fret if you missed out, I think you can buy the reasonably-priced digital kit here. You can't say I am not looking out for you in a gift wrapped way. Isn't this as cute as can 
be..............clever too. 

I do find this colour helps.

Photo 1 from amybutlerdesign Photo 2 from kitschydigitals

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cox & Cox ............worth the shipping distance








1. A set of 8 golden Lustre Vases to arrange a handful of dainty blooms  2. To Have and Hold grosgrain ribbon to romantically wrap a memorable bridal gift with traditional sentiment. 3. Branche d' Olive diffusing the essence of a fragrant olive grove. 4. Forever imprinting favorite books with a Personalized Ink Stamp 5. To: Love From ink stamp for gift tags, or perhaps even on solid gift wrap paper? 6. Adore these deckle edge dinner Place Cards with multiple usea tasteful gift enclosure or gift tag as well. 7. A sophisticated duo of Present and Adore ribbon defined for any occasion.

The gorgeous gift website Cox & Cox located in the UK that I had to share because I especially adore their ribbon along with most of their products. Thankfully............these petite indulgences can be shipped internationally.

All images from Cox & Cox

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A surprise birthday wish..............for who?

Wishing a lovely friend a year of beautiful things and........

may the next year be layered in beauty...............xoxo

Go here to surprise our stylish blogger friend
with gorgeous birthday wishes.

Photo 1 from This Is Glamorous. Photo 5 from Slim Paley . Remaining photos via Pinterest.


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