Thursday, September 29, 2011

I miss my Blog Header

I love it. I hate it. I am going to leave it for a few more days. And I am going to stop thinking about it, it being the new Dynamic blogger template, and talk about gift wrapping because it is way more fun than trying to figure out an advanced template. I miss my header, my sidebar, and feel like I am the only blogger who gets their head turned so easily. Yes, I can go back to my original template with one click and I will this weekend, but in the meantime I will leave it in it's dynamic version so the rest of you can see how it works for a few more days. I will say this, the dynamic views do give you a way to see your own blog and material with a fresh perspective and that can be good thing after a few years of blogging. But I won't say that I will stay with it............for now. I have more questions than answers. Like why is this dynamic viewing not compatible with an ipad? What's with the inability to add a blog header? Why give us something visually exciting, then limit it's use to bloggers that really only want to go to Tumblr? Though truthfully, perhaps that is the point. So let's just lower my blood pressure a few hundred points and talk about gift wrapping because I ran across this photo with a missing source and thought it made a good presentation point. If you have a gift of multiple boxes, buy the same gift wrap in the varying colours instead of the same one. Just makes it more visually attractive doesn't it? Turns your head a bit more doesn't it? 

Photo - unknown source.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I'll try it............the new blogger template

When a little pop up message showed up last night from blogger "Try new template", I was game for sure. In the last month I have been playing on Polyvore, Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, all in the quest to learn new things and understand what bit of social media I like. Polyvore was like playing with dolls when I was young and I certainly had the most expensive outfits ever seen ever on that site. Twitter and I are still feeling each other out, but I not sure I am that interesting. Tumblr kind of appealed to me in a multitude of ways even though I am convinced I am the oldest person by decades ever to re-blog. All this playing was a good exercise in convincing me I like traditional blogging the best as a means of communicating. Everywhere else I am too expensive or too old. But it did tell me I was looking to spiff things up a bit actually alot and after a two-hour meeting yesterday to introduce and design a new look, up came "Try new template" which is exactly what we were aiming for, only so much better and the timing was really weird. I was a bit over-eager when I saw this new Dynamic format and the 8 viewing options, I am such a sucker for visuals.......................but without the blog header, the blog list, the anything other than the post, all which will be added back in as soon as I figure this all out. I could revert back to the old format with one click but I thought I would see what you think. When you visit today, you will see a title in the top left corner that says Magazine, hit that and a scroll-down menu will list 7 other viewing options, this is where the fun begins (Classic is the traditional viewing method) in my opinion. I expect some problems, I expect a new learning curve, I expect not everyone will like it........but I also expect that you might find it very, very interesting and maybe a bit overdue. Tell me what you think. 

Photo via Tumblr

Monday, September 26, 2011

the details.................Burberry Prorsum

Late night fashion browsing..............these Burberry Prorsum Spring 2012 details caught my eye. Aren't these bags divine? Especially the top one. And that jaunty hat style........what do you think of it? 

All photos from here.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Missing Paris...........and blog friends

~ Photos by Lala of My Castle in Spain ~

In sharing these most divine Tumblr photos taken by one of my favorite  bloggers this week, I got to thinking about my Paris trip a year ago September. We were supposed to meet up with lovely Lala of My Castle in Spain during the second week and my sister-in-law and I got caught in a torrential downpour while Zara shopping on the Champs Elysées. Not a terrible place to get soaking wet. We couldn't get a cab, waited hours holding our wet shopping bags like the pair of pathetic drowned tourists that we were at that point, no phone, no way to get back to our hotel, no way to contact Lala. Someday I hope to meet up with lovely Lala if our paths cross in Paris again. Maybe by then I can learn to speak a bit of French? 

~ Photo by Haleigh of Making Magique ~ 

All of this got me to thinking about how much I missed going to Paris this year. How incredible and wonderful it was to spend time with Vicki, the talented Carla, meet up with sweet Haleigh her Paris photos above and below and Claudia who is brocante hopping right now, and how I would have cried if my Paris photos weren't retrieved when my laptop hard drive went off this week. I wonder if they think the improbable it was that we all met up that week in Paris and how we made it happen. 

~ Photo by Haleigh of Making Magique ~

It is difficult to maintain such unique friendships long-distance but bloggers tend to do it well. We make it happen by email, telephone, Skype, plane, or train and once the connection is made, especially once you have met them in person, it  becomes important to maintain the bond that most will say is impossible to keep. My brother called me the other day "Louise wants to know when you two can go to Paris again?" My reply was quick and decisive. "September 2012 for the Maison d' Objet and I know exactly who to call to meet us there". I miss Paris but mostly I miss my blogger friends. 

Friday, September 23, 2011

Apple Green Velvet Ribbon.............and powder puffs

I happen to like this new ribbon stock. Velvet in 1/2" width.
Apple Green. Black. Mink Taupe. Red. Vintage Gold. Royal Purple. Rich Brown.

This pastel green gift wrap base was used for a post a few weeks back. See here, it looks totally different. Sometimes I take these working samples apart and when I do, I usually like to see if I can quickly re-purpose the look. Use it to illustrate another gift wrap look and in this case show you how easily you can change the look by combining one solid paper with a strip of leftover paper of another style or pattern, just to give it some added impact. You do keep all those end strips don't you?  It isn't so much what patterns you combine as much as how you tie the two together. In this case, the black velvet ribbon does the trick.

Of course, I can't seem to leave well enough alone especially when it comes to gift presentation. I added this furry hair scrunchie and I liked the effect because it looked like a powder puff. This photo doesn't do the powder puff look justice and I will try another combination for a future post that will highlight the frou frou appearance. These elasticized hair scrunchies (I am sure there is a better name) are a great gift embellishment tool. You might want to stock up when you run across them at the dollar store. 

Another bow of Apple Green Velvet ribbon for added's like this, somedays you tease your hair up big and dramatic, somedays it looks better flat and smooth. Weird fashion analogy but hopefully makes my point. Gift wrapping can be done to suit the occasion. 

I am off to play with a pink powder puff. 

All photos by Sande Chase ~ A Gift Wrapped Life

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Supercalifragilipstick.................pucker up red

I went hunting for all my red lipsticks today. I have always kept a nice supply of red lipstick ready for those evenings when I am feeling daring and in the need of one dramatic stroke. But if there is one thing I noticed this week, we are going to be reaching for the red lipstick this winter. It seems to be the Pucker Up colour of choice this season. I couldn't be happier, I love wearing red lipstick, it makes me feel quite daring, yet polished in a one-stroke way. This fabulous illustration from here.

While I was writing this post, up came an email from Kate Spade well not her directly or anything and there it lipstick. Supercalifragilipstick in red, as in Kate Spade New York now sells lipstick. Even though I have deliberately downplayed my make-up recently into a more age-appropriate palette of more neutral shades and lighter application, all bets are off when it comes to red lipstick. While I was looking at this ad the top right corner to be specific,  it reminded me of two entertainment/Fashion critics talking about the pink-and-red Monique Lhuillier gown that Zooey Deschanel wore to the Emmy's this past week.

The two male critics were really dissing the red-pink colour (it's actually a coral ribbon) combination which stuck me as kind of odd especially these days when every conceivable colour, pattern and style goes together and considering she is what 20? I admit it isn't a conventional combination but then Zooey isn't know for being conventional and that seems to have worked out pretty good for her. I thought it suited her youthful personality, and isn't that the point? Everyone well women anyways know red and pink go together and not just in wrapping too.

Wouldn't the Kate Spade lipsticks make for a wonderful stocking stuffer?
The perfect gift wrapping palette for a fashion gift. Really, the holiday season is not that far away. 

Tell me.........are you going to wear red lipstick this season?

Image 1, 2, 3 via In Style, 4 and 5 via Martha Stewart

Monday, September 19, 2011

Random things I loved this past week......but mostly fashion

Such a sweet presentation. Lovely moulds used for petite gifts, just adore this idea. One of my favorite ribbons too. I go through this ribbon stock quite fast.

Speaking of details, this shimmery dress from the Marchesa RTW Spring 2012 Collection took my breath away..........however it is attached to that finest of fabric look closely at the neckline.Wouldn't you like to watch how this was done?

Speaking of watching how it is done, I watched Annie Leibovitz-Life Through the Lens back-to-back with Bill Cunningham ~ New York and marveled at the differences in their iconic talents. One snaps away quickly, the other sets up for hours, even days but both have a quiet, unassuming nature that is remarkable in it's contrast to the fashionable subject matter they both photograph. Both the DVD and digital versions were released last week. I meant to tell you on Friday so you could watch these documentaries on the weekend but all my computers went and I have had our differences this past week. Really big differences.

Photo of Bill Cunningham snapping away at NY Fashion Week 2012 by Jamie Beck

A stunning portrait of Michelle Williams inspired by Marilyn Monroe taken by Annie Leibovitz for the October issue of Vogue available on new stands September 20th. Talk about a bucket list.............a portrait by Annie Leibovitz for sure. 

Speaking of glamour. You didn't think I would not show you the whole dress did you? 

You know how I just adore the photos by Jamie Beck. This one especially and the one below. She had me looking at fashion last week in a whole new way and I just don't know when that girl sleeps. That fashion world is fast and furious even to watch exhausting in a good way when you are young and talented. I know I am repeating myself on this, but I do think she is the it girl right now. 

Oscar de la Renta wowed everyone, especially for me because he used Chartreuse so beautifully and social media I might add.  Another one for the bucket of these gowns. Any of them. Actually I would be happy just to touch one. 

Bows at Tory Burch. On Shoes!

~ Photo by Jamie Beck ~

On to stylish footwear. I couldn't help but notice the ribbon detail on the shoes shown at Tory Burch's first runway show last week.  You know how I love side bows. She just gave me permission to play with all my ribbon in a most fashionable way. She also has the boots I want here.

Though I am just about fashioned-out after watching the activity from New York last week just for fun
this just in from Coveteur at the London Fashion Week. Though you can't see them, these gorgeous shoes were designed by footwear designer Nicholas Kirkwood for the runway show of Peter Pilotto shoes have a coloured lucite fluro Perspex heel . Wouldn't these just make the outfit? Any outfit? 

Have a most stylish week.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Love Love Chartreuse..............again

Of all the brights that are being paraded before us this fashion season, this flirty feathery number from Oscar de la Renta Spring 2012 RTW caught my eye. And I fell in love. My love affair with the colour Chartreuse goes way back to this informative background post here even if I do say so myself......... to me it is, always was, and always will always be my favorite colour. As soon as my camera is back up and running, I promise to do some chartreuse gift wrapping as I am inspired. Right now all I can do is think about is how I wish I was 30 years younger so I really could wear those chartreuse socks with that gorgeous pair of ODLR "virtual" booties. And maybe the dress too. 

Two after-post additions.

Photos by Marcio Madiera for Vogue here
Photos from tumblr here and here

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A most gorgeous post of Laduree Green

Today was supposed to be a post about how to combine a solid Laduree pastel green gift wrap with a unmatched gift wrap end cut. Tie up some loose ends into a new gift package. I took the photos last week but when I went to load my photo card today I was a bit distracted and think I put it in the wrong has disappeared. But Laduree green it will be in another way at least until we take the screen apart quite possibly the most gorgeous post I have seen this week. That is saying quite a bit after following all the NY Fashion week gals this past week but this is one pretty, pretty post from one of our most stylish bloggers. Go here for a most breathtaking peek at Laduree green. 

Photo from here discover via Dust Jacket Attic

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fashionista Bootie................with Coral

Even if you aren't playing along with me and cutting out Manolo Blahnik fashion images for gift wrapping, I should mention that the use of triple bows will always present a more visual gift package. Especially if they are moved over to the edge where they are least expected. That's the thing with gift wrapping......unexpected colour combinations, crazy patterns, more bows, odd embellishments, think outside the box so to speak and move things around a bit. Experiment. It makes the gift wrapping task more creative and fun for you and certainly for the recipient. You might not immediately think of bold coral ribbon with a pastel green paper but it works it is indeed a variation of the complementary colour scheme. The principle of more is better still works even if you use a narrow ribbon and even if you don't use the fabulous bootie drawings from the September Issue of Vogue. But I would cut it out just in might just need a a bit of more one gift wrapping day. Tell me, are you wrapping up anything special this week?

Photos by Sande Chase ~ A Gift Wrapped Life

Thursday, September 8, 2011

NY Fashion Week Gift Wrapping.............with Manolo Blahnik

It was probably our cold spell, but maybe the hefty September issue of Vogue that finally got me off the screened veranda "office" and back to my real office, the one where I actually gift wrap. There was a lovely surprise in the last few pages of Vogue that got me motivated to play around with a a pair of scissors, tape, gift wrap, and ribbon and I must thank the talented Manolo Blahnik for getting me out of my summer slouch and back where I should be once the calender turned to September. It isn't the first time that these talented drawings have inspired me, go here to see what became my first Fashionista gift wrapping, something fun and frivolous for my fashionable friends. See........  having fun with gift wrapping can be as simple as buying Vogue. This Peep Toe Slouched Wedge Bootie the real one here inspired a few gift wrapping colour directions and I will post them as NY Fashion Week 2011 unfolds...............I am bound to be inspired in more ways than one because I really do need more than a stylish pair of slouchy boots. 

Photos by Sande Chase ~ A Gift Wrapped Life


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