Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It has a name.......... Arm Party

I laughed out loud this morning when I read this post by Lisa of the entertaining blog Privilege. She blogged about the coined phrase Arm Party................what a great and clever name for my fascination with multiple things adorning a wrist these days. I love it! You will remember I posted about it last week here and here without the clever phrase and it appears I still haven't tired of this subject though you may have by now and I am almost done I swear. So you had to know these La Mer Collection watches with chains and charms as part of the wrapped leather strapping would become be my latest thing. I just can't decide what colour I would like to order. Another fashion blogger said last week that the multiple look is yawn and I think someone better tweet Joanna Hillman and Kate Moss because they are the life of the party with this look. I say any party is a good one...........even if it is on my wrist. I don't need a party every day but once and a while it is the best thing. 

Objects of Desire here

Monday, August 29, 2011

Two favourites in one great post

Last week's favourite blog photo also turned out to be my favourite post story wise. I adore this room, everything about it. It certainly suggests the owner is interesting, makes you want to spend some time there and find out just how interesting......... pour a drink and turn that corner, tell me stories and start at the beginning. Exceptional interiors usually do reflect exceptional people and this is one is certainly no exception. Go here to read all about this most fascinating woman, her portrait by Ambrose McEvoy is right above the marble shelf. 

Image by Derry Moore found here

Friday, August 26, 2011

Just one last wrist................who's?

Don't quote me on this..................but apparently this is the bangled wrist of Kate Moss. 
Might as well wear them, don't you agree?


Have a wonderful weekend and if you are in the changing path of Hurricane Irene, please be safe.

Welcome to new followers and I enjoyed the bracelet and bangles comment and emails this week.
Happy to read that you are wearing them in full force. Especially if they make you smile.

Object of Desire here.

Found here

Thursday, August 25, 2011

A "Real" Breakfast at Tiffany's

Once you have seen today's Object of Desire and read about NY photographer Jamie Becks "real" Breakfast At Tiffany's you might think the same thing I did. Wouldn't it be the absolute best if Tiffany really did open a place to have a real Breakfast At Tiffany's? Just breakfast, for when we are in need of one gorgeous push into the day with a delish stack of those petite pancakes. This is one swanky PR breakfast and Jamie is one perfect Tiffany & Co. girl. If I was the president of Tiffany & Co., not only would I open a real Breakfast at Tiffany's restaurant in NY to duplicate this event but I would hire Jamie Beck to be today's modern version of Audrey Hepburn. Put that amazing talent on both sides of the camera. I think I am on to something here, in fact I am going to go write it in my diary right now good idea, right? You will get this reference as soon as you click here and then here. I wouldn't ask you to click twice unless it was really, really worth it. 

Object of Desire here

retro style ad for Tiffany & Co. found here. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Object of Desire.................take a peek

It was while I was working on a new blog feature coming soon that I noticed I had an astounding amount of "favorite" product photos that I would never get time to blog about (nor required a entire blog post)..............and a second page which was being used as a cycling challenge from 2 years ago for heavens sake. We can have more fun than that with a blank second page! One product, one Object of Desire each and every day of the year, even on days I don't do a regular post. You will see the link on any post or you can click on Object of Desire over on the left side. Feel free to comment on any Object of Desire on the main post only, I would love to know what you think. The daily Object of Desire will be anything that catches my fancy, a favorite hair product tomorrow to a wildly extravagant piece of sparkle, I have no criteria except it must be something I want, need, desire, covet, gift, or use. The emphasis on gift. This is a gift and gift wrapping blog for the most part, though you have been extremely patient with me this past summer while I veered off into many directions, so gift wrapping will be heading back to center stage this autumn just in case you thought I forgot how to gift wrap

Object of Desire here

Image via Tumblr

Monday, August 22, 2011

Too Many Bracelets?

"And wear your favorite bracelets this weekend" All of them if you want"

I did say exactly that on this post on Friday didn't I? When I ran across this article this morning
I knew I had to share it. If you go here you can see the best-dressed wrists in NYC. 
What do you think? Can you wear too many bracelets?

Or too many rings? I could wear all four of these Emerald Cut rings by Kate Spade. Don't go hunting for them yet, I heard through the blogvine that these sparkly cuts won' be available until autumn. I can wait. In the meantime, this one is catching my eye.  

Objects of Desire here

photos via these Pinterest boards here and here

Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Florals

Pick. Buy. Arrange. Admire. Give..........................some beautiful blossoms.
And wear your favourite bracelets this weekend. All of them if you want.

Welcome to new followers and a thank you to readers who commented this week.
You are a most gorgeous bunch.

Objects of Desire here

Photo via Rue

Thursday, August 18, 2011

wake up...........time to Roost

Her name is Caitlin, but you can call her Coco. I like the name Coco and I really, really like her blog Roost and I wanted to make sure you know about it. Least of all, she caught my attention for wrapping up healthy fruit leathers in such a charming gift way as I was just talking about simple, heartfelt gifts in a post here. But mostly I want you to know Coco for what she is doing which is sharing her recipe journey as she adapts to a new way of thinking and cooking in order to reverse the symptoms of her husband's Crohn's disease and she has been successful. If you or someone you love suffers from auto immune disorders such as Crohn's, colitis, IBS, or celiac disease you are well familiar with restricted diets and the connection between certain foods and auto immune illnesses. You have probably read just about everything. What I find so encouraging about the blog Roost is how Coco makes the dietary restrictions so deliciously appealing..............even if you are not looking to totally change to a grain-free lifestyle but make some healthy changes. Roost is full of gorgeous food images photographed by Coco herself she is also a graphic designer who designs blog banners and it is such a warm place to learn a thing or two.

Objects of Desire here

All images from Roost

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Calligrapher Mara Zepeda.........and elegant tattoos

Back in our first years of married student life in Toronto, I contributed to the lean family income with a cool job in the posh custom invitation business so I became well-acquainted with the creative art of calligraphy. Having watched, learned, and tried this exquisite art I have nothing but admiration for a talented calligrapher. It has been too many years since I practised putting ink to watermarked paper but when I saw the work of Philadelphia journalist/calligrapher Mara Zepeda of Neither Snow I wanted to start all over again, get the nibs and practise paper out and see if I could try her unique lower case style which she refers to as "messily elegant". Crazy crazy thinking, because I do know this..........this is one talented calligrapher and her style is one that is not that easily rendered or copied. Calligraphy is a precise art in a sense, diligently keeping the illustrated style consistent on each and every envelope or place card so when you see a spirited calligraphy style that is not formally precise it surprises the eye in a most delightful way, I would frame an envelope addressed to me by her wouldn't you? Along with wedding work, Mara does corporate work and even elegant tattoo designs as you can see in her portfolio hereYes, that is the real Gwyneth Paltrow on that place card, go here to read Mara's part in Paltrow's recent book launch party. And I know you want to see that calligraphy tattoo..........admit it. It's here and here

Objects of Desire here

Images from Neither Snow

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday morning blogging.................with Daisy

Up on the table yes, the outdoor one with the white tablecloth looking for trouble in all the wrong places.

Hipsmatic photo by Sande Chase

Friday, August 12, 2011

Green Monsters...............and spinach

I am guessing that plenty of you already know about Green Monsters but just in case you don't. Throw in a bunch of fruits bananas blueberries strawberries peaches raspberries and then a wee bit of Greek yogurt and honey, then a whopping pile of fresh spinach which you won't even taste. I have been on this daily Green Monster schedule for a week now and I am feeling pretty good that I get all my fruits and spinach in one delicious smoothie. I add in a scoop of protein powder too. It can turn out a yucky colour with all those fruit colours and spinach combined.......................but nothing yucky about the taste or result. Do you Green Monster? Or maybe the question should be "do you eat all your fruits each day?"I found the recipe here.

Something new at A Gift Wrapped Life. 
Objects of Desire ~ Click here

Photo from Sing For Your Supper blog

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Let your hands gift...........give simply

Bring warm fresh bread and sweet honey butter or your best summer pies baked in mini version.

 Share a bit of your admired garden a cutting or bring a small seedling to the home of a new baby to mark the year. 

Knock on the door of someone who needs to talk no advice, just listen or surprise the frazzled co-worker, the helpful salesperson, the patient caregiver.

Pick something delicious and fragrant from your garden a handful of fresh basil, juicy red tomatoes something with the warmth of your garden right now. Give simply.


Something new at A Gift Wrapped Life, one of many new features I will be adding in the coming weeks. Objects of Desire is a daily peek at gift products that I think are worthy of desire. Some will be wildly extravagant, others totally practical, all will be beautiful.  I am still playing with this new page in regards to products and design but feel free to take an early peek at what has captured my eye so far. Presently, you can find Objects of Desire on my sidebar under Pages or just hit the links within this paragraph.

Photos via Tumblr here
Should you know the original photo source for this series please let me know so I can revise source.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Lovely Being.............the blog

It was this photo that caught my eye and sent me over to discover a blog new to me.

Anyone who will scan in Vanity features from old issues of House & Garden
has my admiration. Those were the best.

And who's office could this be? Go here to find out.

A Lovely Being had me doing two things I do when a blog has my attention. Hit Archive to read more and more and grab my notebook. If I jot down notes while reading a new blog, it means it is telling me things I like to think about, listen to, read, or research. I like the clean design, the mix of subjects, and her friendly voice, I am thinking you might too. A Lovely Being written by Kansas blogger Elizabeth Fallon is simply.................being lovely. She has a lovely Tumblr too. 

All images via A Lovely Being

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Disco flower

Remember way back when I posted about bringing Small Comforts? Petite gifts for no reason other than to bring a sparkle to someone's day. Something so special that it's giving is unmistakable in it's message............I am thinking of you today. It can be a happy day or a sad one, but when I saw this simple, yet sparkly idea  by London stylist and author Sania Pell of the blog At Home I knew I should pass this disco-inspired idea along. Just one of many stylish and beautiful ideas on her gorgeous site and blog gift wrapping too. Leave it on the doorstep of someone recuperating I hope your days sparkle again soon or the frazzled bride who is on the countdown to the big day Your big day will sparkle with love. You know the reasons, what friend needs a surprise bit of sparkle soon? Isn't this a gorgeous idea?

See the sequin tutorial here

Monday, August 1, 2011

Hot and Bothered

We are going to need a great deal more of this. is hot outside.
All week long. 

Photo from here


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