Monday, August 22, 2011

Too Many Bracelets?

"And wear your favorite bracelets this weekend" All of them if you want"

I did say exactly that on this post on Friday didn't I? When I ran across this article this morning
I knew I had to share it. If you go here you can see the best-dressed wrists in NYC. 
What do you think? Can you wear too many bracelets?

Or too many rings? I could wear all four of these Emerald Cut rings by Kate Spade. Don't go hunting for them yet, I heard through the blogvine that these sparkly cuts won' be available until autumn. I can wait. In the meantime, this one is catching my eye.  

Objects of Desire here

photos via these Pinterest boards here and here


  1. LOVE clusters of bracelets! Never too much! I'm obsessed with Chan Luu bracelets, but too lazy to put them all on. Hard to type with a wrist full of bracelets. Off to look at the best-dressed wrists..

    Have a great week Sande!

  2. LOVE! And those rings remind me of some my grandmother had! You always find the best stuff!! And if you wouldn't mind popping over to my blog today, I could use some of your great taste!

  3. I admit I wear a few rings at a time, but I am not a fan of a lot of things banging and jangling around on my wrists.
    One bracelet on one arm, one watch on the other, I am content with that :)

  4. Hey this is fun.......... As Stephanie says, you always find the best stuff!

  5. Wow! I love those emerald cut rings a lot! I would take any of the four myself... I have a feeling my daughter would drive me crazy to borrow... maybe a good Christmas present... I love to have things put away so I'm not stumped in December... I just have to add a few things. Great post!

  6. I think bracelets and cuff in multiple doses are a part of personality. If a girl is born to be able to wear a dozen, then it will always look beautiful. Personally, I prefer statement rings just like the ones you chose here - LOVE them, by the way. x

  7. I love to overlay & cluster bracelets <3 & now am Off to look at the best-dressed wrists too ;p

  8. Sande~
    I can't get enough bracelets on my wrists! A love affair I've had for as long as I can remember...
    Here's to a happy jingling medley of bracelets kind of week!

  9. Droolishish post!! loving the bracelts and rings!...


  10. Apparently I love stacks of bracelets because that is how Amelia loves to wear them as well. One or two are just not quite enough!


  11. Think it honestly depends on the person doing the wearing them, you could take a bunch of eclectic bracelets and put them on one person where it might look silly, overdone and tacky and yet on another person very chic, too cool for words and fashionable. Also depends not only on whose doing the wearing but WHAT they are wearing....I think its kind of a cool look!

  12. Oh I know... bracelets and lots of them are all the go!

    I adore those rings, yes...lets just stack them all on...gorgeous.

    love DJ

  13. Too many bracelets? Never! Only on a man perhaps. Those rings are gorgeous.



  14. Love the bracelets shown here, not sure I could carry off so many, but I love layering them in proportion to what I am wearing. The rings are dazzling, love them!

  15. Well you had to pick her didn't you - it's impossible to say anything negative about Joanna Hillman - one of the most ridiculously chic women ever - I sat across from her during fashion week last spring. I think it's a great look - too much for me but I love seeing it on others.

  16. Oh, Sande, bracelets, rings--I love to stack them all! The more the merrier--especially in summer. I've been wearing loads of beaded bracelets this year, and Mr. Magpie just gave me a sterling and citrine tennis bracelet that almost never leaves my wrist.

    Love those rings from Kate Spade!

    xoxo Gigi

  17. fun post !
    too much for me but still fun !

  18. I have a drawer full of bracelets and adore them. I never thought of pairing them with a watch. I love that!

  19. I've an obsession with different textured bracelets but I don't have the courage to wear it :$

  20. There's no such thing as too many bracelets! I LOVE the stacked look and have been wearing since February!!


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