Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It has a name.......... Arm Party

I laughed out loud this morning when I read this post by Lisa of the entertaining blog Privilege. She blogged about the coined phrase Arm Party................what a great and clever name for my fascination with multiple things adorning a wrist these days. I love it! You will remember I posted about it last week here and here without the clever phrase and it appears I still haven't tired of this subject though you may have by now and I am almost done I swear. So you had to know these La Mer Collection watches with chains and charms as part of the wrapped leather strapping would become be my latest thing. I just can't decide what colour I would like to order. Another fashion blogger said last week that the multiple look is yawn and I think someone better tweet Joanna Hillman and Kate Moss because they are the life of the party with this look. I say any party is a good one...........even if it is on my wrist. I don't need a party every day but once and a while it is the best thing. 

Objects of Desire here


  1. Oh, I love the third. Such a pretty gray.

  2. I have an arm party everyday Sande. I put so many on today that, as I left the house, I remembered what Coco Chanel said and left one of them off before I left the house !! XXXX

  3. My Dear Friend,

    The name alone wants me to put a party on my arm! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT and it makes me happy just to think about it.

    Thank you for thinking of me:) These wedding plans are fun moments with Noel but her & I are both waaaaay way waaaaay too detailed...our hours turn into days just to chose the shade tint of white for the cake icing that no one else will even notice~~~ I wouldn't trade these moments for anything but will be happy to own myself day again one day soon:)

    Your loved lots & give Daisy May a hug for me~

  4. Hehe! Thanks for the inspiration:). And I confess I'm loving that first peach one. Somehow it seems more very Gift-Wrapped...

  5. Sande I love the 1st that gorgeous coral!!

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    Art by Karena

  6. I just love an arm party - the term and the look! I think it looks great, and just love the way you make a little bit of jingle when you move your arm. party, indeed!

  7. Love it....this is my new phrase when someone comments on my multi-bracelet arm party!!! Really love this look!

  8. Party on, Sande! I love this term, and I love a good arm party myself, whether it's in style or out. Some days I go completely bare, especially when I'm writing on a deadline and need to type quickly, but on days away from the keyboard, I love to load on the beads and bangles!

    xo g

  9. I love an arm party too Sande....wish we were in Paris!! xv

  10. Hi Sande,
    There are quite great ! my fave is the plain white one with golden summer, i find it a bit difficult to wear any kind of bracelet but i do have an ankle party! especially on the beach :-)

  11. I really love that - Arm Party x

  12. Ooh. I love these! Wonder if they would fit my wrist.

  13. Completely in love with the grey and coral! Wonderful post, as always.



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