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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Gift wrapping in review...............softly filtered

Just experimenting with a soft and feminine palette in gift wrapping today. I have in mind a petite collection of beautiful gifts. It always means hunting for interesting papers, combining colours and patterns, finding the right ribbon, closet hunting for embellishments, the right background and the correct camera settings. Sometimes my review shots tell me to leave one idea behind and to start over, some say keep going. This one says keep going...............but it still has a ways to go, just a start in the direction I am heading. Thought you might enjoy seeing the process as it evolves. And yes, that is the silk bud that Daisy had stolen in my last post here. Which got me going in this direction in the first place. 

Thank you to readers who left such great comments last week and a warm and wonderful welcome to new followers.

Photos by Sande Chase


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