Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Object of Desire.................take a peek

It was while I was working on a new blog feature coming soon that I noticed I had an astounding amount of "favorite" product photos that I would never get time to blog about (nor required a entire blog post)..............and a second page which was being used as a cycling challenge from 2 years ago for heavens sake. We can have more fun than that with a blank second page! One product, one Object of Desire each and every day of the year, even on days I don't do a regular post. You will see the link on any post or you can click on Object of Desire over on the left side. Feel free to comment on any Object of Desire on the main post only, I would love to know what you think. The daily Object of Desire will be anything that catches my fancy, a favorite hair product tomorrow to a wildly extravagant piece of sparkle, I have no criteria except it must be something I want, need, desire, covet, gift, or use. The emphasis on gift. This is a gift and gift wrapping blog for the most part, though you have been extremely patient with me this past summer while I veered off into many directions, so gift wrapping will be heading back to center stage this autumn just in case you thought I forgot how to gift wrap

Object of Desire here

Image via Tumblr


  1. What an interesting sleeve... not to mention the bracelets!

  2. Wow wow luv luv the sleeve and simply need the braclets! the colour is perfect for my summer closet...sigh!!!


  3. I'd certainly love those bracelets (are they also called bangles where you live?) especially since the colour would be perfect for (in London's case non-existing) summer. Beautiful. I look forward to your new feature :-) Love from London xo

  4. that is one sexy looking arm~gorgeous bracelets!

  5. Just caught up on
    a few of the objects
    you've already featured.
    All fun and beautiful.
    Great idea!
    xx Suzanne

  6. Oh, I love your objects of desire section! The photo albums are incredible and that calligraphy! I also love the bracelets in the photo above!

  7. Glad you are exploring new ideas...never stop....we should always be open to new ideas....good for you. I truly love your Gift Wrapped idea and now a bonus...Objects of Desire, love it....simple to the point. Two for one is always good. By the way...while dressing tonight to meet my daughter for our weekly girls's night I loaded up on bracelets....outfit simple...max on rave reviews from her friends....score!

  8. Where may I purchase the gorgeous bracelet on the bottom? Thank you!

  9. Sande, I just found you. Love your designs. You are so talented! I'm a new be, and I don't even know how to post pics etc. So don't look for me yet, but I'm on my way!


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