Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Let your hands gift...........give simply

Bring warm fresh bread and sweet honey butter or your best summer pies baked in mini version.

 Share a bit of your admired garden a cutting or bring a small seedling to the home of a new baby to mark the year. 

Knock on the door of someone who needs to talk no advice, just listen or surprise the frazzled co-worker, the helpful salesperson, the patient caregiver.

Pick something delicious and fragrant from your garden a handful of fresh basil, juicy red tomatoes something with the warmth of your garden right now. Give simply.


Something new at A Gift Wrapped Life, one of many new features I will be adding in the coming weeks. Objects of Desire is a daily peek at gift products that I think are worthy of desire. Some will be wildly extravagant, others totally practical, all will be beautiful.  I am still playing with this new page in regards to products and design but feel free to take an early peek at what has captured my eye so far. Presently, you can find Objects of Desire on my sidebar under Pages or just hit the links within this paragraph.

Photos via Tumblr here
Should you know the original photo source for this series please let me know so I can revise source.


  1. what a wonderful idea and post! love this!

  2. Lovely - all beautiful, thoughtful gestures!!

  3. Dear Sande,
    Such beautiful ideas accompanied by some wonderful images.It doesn't take a lot to show someone you are there and that you care. XXXX

  4. Beautiful and thoughtful post, Sande....and just one inch away from my upcoming magazine spread!

  5. I LOVE this today! So sweet. You chose beautiful images too! xo

  6. This post make me want to wish...

    My wish:

    You are my next door neighbor:)

    We would bake, garden, sip coffee & check in together every single day!


  7. That is SO perfect..... love your posting! Wonderful gifts and ideas you've shared!!

  8. So true. My neighbours are going through a bit of a hard time financially at the moment and it was their 25th Wedding Anniversary the other day. When they returned from work that day I popped over in the evening with a cake that I had baked for them with a heart dusted in icing sugar on top - nothing too fancy but to let them know that we were thinking of them. It nearly brought them both to tears. These really some of the best gift that anyone can give.

  9. I have several plants that were started in my family and friend's gardens and every time I see them, I think of these special ladies.
    Your comment about basil clippings resonates with something my post will discuss tomorrow-a continuation of the wavelength you and I have been sharing.


  10. Beautiful post and the pictures are full of symbolism and are exactly what we could do with in London right now...thanks xo

  11. Sande,

    Lovely post and great reminder of every day of the year. These days of such anger we need to take a deep breath and look around at what we think, do, say and share.

  12. This is a beautiful post. Just give. Yes. Lovely.

  13. Lovely post, and I'm excited about the Objects of Desire too!

  14. Such simple ideas that are so very beautiful - but then simple is always, always, the most beautiful.

  15. I love this post. Because small things really do matter in all areas of life.


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