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Thursday, April 23, 2009

No Bows.....just ribbon

After last week's feedback comments, I got to thinking, "what if you really can't tie a bow? Some people struggle with a tying a bow, though I tend to think it's often the quality of ribbon that makes all the difference. The ribbon quality you find in your mall card shop isn't ever going to "bow" nicely, I hate to be the one telling you that, but it's true. I had this gorgeous little gift card that is a card line I am looking to add to the website and it had me playing with this whisper-soft green ribbon and just letting it drop, seeing where it went. You know I can't explain these impulses that I have when it comes to wrapping. It's a fragile silk hem ribbon, tie too snugly and it starts to split.... so the less it is handled the better. I kind of liked this uncontrived look and simply let it move into soft curves and then rolled pieces of double-sided tape in a few spots to hold it's position. Then I tied in those paper roses (they have wires) at random spots. Now, you tell me when you look at the bottom photo........

It needs those paper roses. Otherwise it looks like someone
forgot to tie up their ribbons! Actually the effect is much better when
you see it "in person", as you can see my photo skills have not
improved much. I have a real love-hate relationship with technology.

Just curious, so I ordered this little book called Chic Shopping Paris by shopaholic and francophile Rebecca Morginant. She has a Paris guide website and blog, but appears she is away right now taking care of her new bambino. The handy purse-size Paris shopping, museum and restaurant reference guide is a lovely book gift for the Paris traveling friend{click here to order}
All three photos by Sande Chase - Oooh la la Cadeau

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Royal Purple

Have nerves of steel? Decisive in your choices? Not a colour for the faint-hearted.
Positively brave.......gorgeous isn't it?

The purple storefront of VV Rouleaux, no.... not in Paris. Two locations in London, England, one at 54 Sloane Street, the other at 102 Marylebone Lane. Known as the Chanel of ribbon and passementerie. Full of ribbons, trimmings, tassels, flowers and display decorations.

People spend hours there.....obviously! They must mean days....

V Rouleaux owner Annabel Lewis has a book
Ribbons & Trims - Embellishing Furniture, Furnishings and Home Accessories.
She forgot to mention gifts. You can see and order it here.

Layered ribbons and colours wrap Spring Fresh sachets for Easter.

Top photo by Domino/2nd and 3rd photo via Flickr/4th photo from VV Rouleaux/Bottom Photo by Sande Chase-Oooh la la Cadeau

Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Macaron Day

It really is Macaron Day in Paris! Parisians line up at Pierre Herme (not that Hermes), a famous patissier of sleeker style to get their little treat bag of macarons for which they make a charitable donation. Unless you caught a flight yesterday, you missed the 2nd annual "jour du macaron" but you can follow the fun at blog Paris Breakfast . Blogger and artist Carol Gillott booked her Paris trip with timely coincidence (she loves, love all things Paris) and is posting her travel journal , click here to see today's photographs and her gorgeous Paris sketches . Her blog is a leisurely stroll through Paris anytime of year and you can view her lovely watercolours at her Etsy store here. She's away until early April, but follow her along.

There is always a macaron war going on , oooh......the stylish Parisians dueling in a civilized manner over who makes the most delectably flavored meringues! Is that considered a chic fight? You can find the buttercream or ganache-filled treats all over Paris at Herme, Gerard Mulot, Fauchon to name a few, but I still only think of Laduree when I think of these pastel confections. There were two things I had to see in Paris, one was the Laduree tea salon on the Champs Elysees (though there is a debate if the original location 16 Rue Royale is better), the other Chateau Versailles (a short train ride out of Paris, but you know what I mean). I'm trying not to get weepy here as both were too delicious for words, so click here to read more about Laduree and here's a bit of Versailles.

They even have a romantic wedding topper for all the Laduree-mad brides.

They are famous world-wide for their pastel packaging of all shapes and sizes. You can find all kinds of yummy treats, even have lunch. I wasn't the only woman on the return flight with a Laduree bag on my lap! You score big points for bringing friends a petite box of macarons. Rule number 1 never, ever throw away a Laduree box or bag, it just isn't done! My friend Marie is going in May with strict instructions, here's my list, go to Laduree, then leave directly for airport. They are best eaten within 24 hours, I hope she doesn't forget.
Packaging logo ribbons in all sizes and pastel colours. Laduree's wrap station. Between you and I, the woman who waited on me was definitely impatient with my lengthy selection process. Maybe I should just work there? I would be perfectly content to package up rainbow treats all day long, I would be the nicest, most patient French shopgirl ever! Though I would probably use too much ribbon even for them.
For special events, Laduree wheels out their Versailles-style pastry cart, I wonder if they ever park it at the entrance to Versailles? Wherever they are parked, Laduree sells 10,000 macarons daily, 8 million a year! Both Laduree and Pierre Hermes have a salon in Tokyo, the Japanese are macaron-mad too. Some rumours about a Laduree coming to New York , but nothing yet, but there is one in Harrods in London, Monaco too.

Rule number 2..... do not go to Paris and miss Laduree. There are other pastry shops that carry macarons , but nothing quite like Laduree. French spelling "Macaron", English spelling "Macaroon", in case you thought I missed a vowel. And they are nothing like the North America macaroons, all gooey with coconut. Much, much better.

Photo 1,2, and 5 from Laduree/Photo 3 from Flickr/Photo 4 from Paris Breakfast

Monday, March 16, 2009

Wrap Vintage

A breathtaking array of vintage ribbon spools, what a gorgeous photo via Such Pretty Things a gorgeous blog
and flickr photo collection. Little girl parties in your future? Check out her blog for pretty ideas.

I always send along a box of matches with any candle gift order so I was experimenting with wrapping the Effiel Tower match boxes (yes, even those get wrapped around here!) and devised a way to wrap open-ended. Some items have fragile corners and so a light touch is needed. I've used a Paris Postcards gift wrap paper that at first glance didn't excite me, but the more I played the more I appreciated it's soft look. This is a great way to use up narrow strips of leftover paper and easy for the gift wrapped-impaired, simply cut to fit and fold the bottom edge into a V shape. A small strip of hand-dyed silk ribbon gives this simple little package a bright touch and vintage Paris labels (you could even use a postage stamp) hold everything in place, not a bow or piece of tape needed. I would consider using this open-ended technique for a book gift, I like the idea of seeing the book pages on the open ends.

Here's the same paper that was used to wrap a photo frame being sent as a comfort gift. I tried to use a aqua ribbon but it looked too cute so switched over to a gorgeous ivory double face satin and then a bit of subtle aqua sheer ribbon, this seemed to fit the mood of the gift much better. A wired stretch of ivory paper flowers cascade along the bow center to make this gift most special and comforting.

Middle and Bottom Photo by Sande Chase for Oooh la la Cadeau.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Metallic Luxe

I have a fabulous pair of fairly high, brushed silver metallic shoes with a delicate ankle strap that I wear to death. I'm not know for a delicate foot or ankle and I'm a bit mature in age, so the ankle strap originally put me off. Beautiful, but not so lovely when I'm on the floor with the ankle strap around my head, I'm not known for a graceful glide either. It was likely the sale price that eventually changed my mind, my Italian soles have paid for themselves many times over and are my most comfortable dress-up shoes, ankle strap and all. What's my point? Well, neutrals can go the distance and other than that.............. I just wanted to tell you about my favorite shoes! But this is a gift wrapping blog so lets just say they inspired me to experiment with a metallic presentation for new product which just arrived.

Metallic gift wrap, either gold or silver, is another "neutral" gift wrap choice that might be worth stocking up on. I tend to think of gold or silver when the wrapping needs to be more conservative or during the holidays, but also tend to think I was wrong. I'm guessing that most of us put the metallic gift wrap away with the Christmas tree, and back out it comes next December. I used a soft pink ribbon to coordinate with new product, but I can see the gold with a bevy of pastel colours that might be otherwise too sweet for some. Picture the gold (or silver)with pastel blue, lavender, peach, or aqua and you can see how too-sweet becomes most elegant. Adding a bow on this presentation somehow didn't feel right, so I experimented with a layered ribbon treatment that cooperated nicely. I like the effect and will figure out how to show you this very simple technique in an upcoming post. In the meantime, try something you think won't may be a lovely surprise.
Top Photo from P. Archard/ Bottom photo by Sande Chase/Product by OoohlalaCadeau


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