Friday, August 26, 2011

Just one last wrist................who's?

Don't quote me on this..................but apparently this is the bangled wrist of Kate Moss. 
Might as well wear them, don't you agree?


Have a wonderful weekend and if you are in the changing path of Hurricane Irene, please be safe.

Welcome to new followers and I enjoyed the bracelet and bangles comment and emails this week.
Happy to read that you are wearing them in full force. Especially if they make you smile.

Object of Desire here.

Found here


  1. Love all the bangles, very pretty. I especially love the one with the turquoise...


    Jo x
    Eliza Interiors & Design

  2. A gorgeous wrist and wonderful bangles and bracelets Sande....our Kate is a girl after my own heart. XXXX

  3. Oh, love it...and yes, it's on my pinterest (oh dear, I'm hooked) as well... Have a lovely weekend xo

  4. I love it - it really works! We are definitely in the path of Irene, and hoping she decides to stay home instead of coming for a visit!

  5. Love it, there is something so chic about a chunky gold watch and all those bracelets..gotta love it!

  6. Love the look of a 'bangled' wrist.
    It doesn't work on just any arm but this one looks fab.

    Hope you have a fun weekend planned. I am in for an enjoyable one. Playing a golf tournament tomorrow morning, then hosting a 'back to school' afternoon party on Sunday. Busy but fun. The way I like it.

    Warmest hugs from Sweden

    x Charlotta
    Space for Inspiration

  7. Looks fabulous on her, and love the blouse!!

  8. We are so lucky to be girls! We enjoy so many it!

  9. J'aime toutes ces photos avec de multiple bracelets. Très chic, très personnel !
    J'aime votre blog.

    I like all these photos with many bracelets. Very smart, very personal!
    I like your blog.

  10. love the look but my wrists must be free. my husband gave me the cartier cuff and i must admit to having to return it. I can not breathe when my wrists are hand-cuffed. love the look, just not on me - besides, they get in the way of my work.

  11. I believe this wrist belongs to Blair of

  12. a perfect mix -- especially the gold & silver twig bangles

    {p.s.} thanks so much for your lovely comment x


Your comments are such a lovely addition to my day. Thank you.


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