Monday, August 29, 2011

Two favourites in one great post

Last week's favourite blog photo also turned out to be my favourite post story wise. I adore this room, everything about it. It certainly suggests the owner is interesting, makes you want to spend some time there and find out just how interesting......... pour a drink and turn that corner, tell me stories and start at the beginning. Exceptional interiors usually do reflect exceptional people and this is one is certainly no exception. Go here to read all about this most fascinating woman, her portrait by Ambrose McEvoy is right above the marble shelf. 

Image by Derry Moore found here


  1. Portraits of ladies and paintings of florals are my two favorite adornments for walls. This portrait is beautiful and graceful...I am also intrigued by what awaits beyond the doorway-it looks like another beautifully decorated room.

    Wishing you a happy week,

  2. I like it Sande as they obviously like a drink or three !!
    But, really, it is such an eclectic mix. She looks very beautiful and, she is very interesting, I'm sure. XXXX

  3. ooh, this is an intriguing peek!

  4. Oh I know, it is just so intriguing, I'm with you, a drink and stories .. about it all.

    I adore that painting of her, terribly romantic.

  5. Great painting, love the way it's situated.

  6. I adore it, too, and the portrait. There's something about gold and black together that makes me very happy, especially with a splash of turquoise. And I really, really want to wander into that next room. That's what I admire, people who know how to create that longing to explore a space, find out its secrets.

    xoxo Gigi

  7. oh the painting is stunning! i want to meet her and know every. single. detail about her life.

  8. Dearst Sande,
    Just like a secret garden gate! I can't wait to go learn about this woman! That painting is so so actually speaks, so does the room, as I know the entire home~~~
    Hugs darling friend!

  9. Lady Diana's bar is perfection ! Never seen anything quite like it.


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