Thursday, August 25, 2011

A "Real" Breakfast at Tiffany's

Once you have seen today's Object of Desire and read about NY photographer Jamie Becks "real" Breakfast At Tiffany's you might think the same thing I did. Wouldn't it be the absolute best if Tiffany really did open a place to have a real Breakfast At Tiffany's? Just breakfast, for when we are in need of one gorgeous push into the day with a delish stack of those petite pancakes. This is one swanky PR breakfast and Jamie is one perfect Tiffany & Co. girl. If I was the president of Tiffany & Co., not only would I open a real Breakfast at Tiffany's restaurant in NY to duplicate this event but I would hire Jamie Beck to be today's modern version of Audrey Hepburn. Put that amazing talent on both sides of the camera. I think I am on to something here, in fact I am going to go write it in my diary right now good idea, right? You will get this reference as soon as you click here and then here. I wouldn't ask you to click twice unless it was really, really worth it. 

Object of Desire here

retro style ad for Tiffany & Co. found here. 


  1. Oh Dear Sande Chase,

    Now I DO BELIEVE we are cut from the same fabric!!! Having a beautiful breakfast with silver and white table cloths at Tiffanys has been a fantasy of mine forever! A womans dream
    come true~ Beautiful post my creative sweet friend.

    I am good and busy as you know. It's all the little bitty things too....

    Much love,

  2. Such a fantasy.....Breakfast at Tiffany' fun....poignant and beautify!

  3. I actually went for breakfast and was shocked they didn't have a cafe'!

  4. I am a long time fan of Jamie's. I read some other blog posts of this event but this one most definitely took the cake!! Her work is not only beautiful but evocative and timeless!! Just exquisite!!

  5. Her posts are just too divine...I love her too. What a talent as well as being so stylish.

    Yes you are on to something there dear Sande....

    hugs DJ


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