Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Calligrapher Mara Zepeda.........and elegant tattoos

Back in our first years of married student life in Toronto, I contributed to the lean family income with a cool job in the posh custom invitation business so I became well-acquainted with the creative art of calligraphy. Having watched, learned, and tried this exquisite art I have nothing but admiration for a talented calligrapher. It has been too many years since I practised putting ink to watermarked paper but when I saw the work of Philadelphia journalist/calligrapher Mara Zepeda of Neither Snow I wanted to start all over again, get the nibs and practise paper out and see if I could try her unique lower case style which she refers to as "messily elegant". Crazy crazy thinking, because I do know this..........this is one talented calligrapher and her style is one that is not that easily rendered or copied. Calligraphy is a precise art in a sense, diligently keeping the illustrated style consistent on each and every envelope or place card so when you see a spirited calligraphy style that is not formally precise it surprises the eye in a most delightful way, I would frame an envelope addressed to me by her wouldn't you? Along with wedding work, Mara does corporate work and even elegant tattoo designs as you can see in her portfolio hereYes, that is the real Gwyneth Paltrow on that place card, go here to read Mara's part in Paltrow's recent book launch party. And I know you want to see that calligraphy tattoo..........admit it. It's here and here

Objects of Desire here

Images from Neither Snow


  1. How very talented be able to write so beautifully - I wish I could write so 'Messily Elegant' - Jill

  2. This calligraphy is beautiful, I love elegant writing.

    Eda ♥

  3. Such stunning calligraphy. You know I just stumbled on a brand new set of calligraphy pens for amateurs and was tempted to purchase it. Would love to just play and it how it turned out. Have a great day Sande!

  4. Oh how beautiful Sande. I was quite arty when I was at school but, as I went to an academic school, art was not very highly thought of in those days and I was left to my own devices. Everyone used to try and outdo each other to see how ornate we could write and mine has stayed with me. I am always asked to write all of my friend's children's wedding invitations, seating plan and place settings. I am no way up to Mara's standard though. She has a wonderful talent that I would love to have. XXXX

  5. Maria is truly an artist, her creations are stunning. I did pop over to her site and got lost in it for some time.
    I can picture wonderful hand inked cards adorning your incredible wrapped parcels.

  6. so beautiful! I used to do calligraphy and abandoned it after my mother made me do my sister's 350 wedding invitations. I was done! but this does make my fingers itch a bit!

  7. Wow. Truly stunning. I bought a calligraphy kit years ago and wanted to learn too. I am sure it takes countless hours of practice. Her work is amazing. (LOVE Gwyneth too ... how fun to see her name like that!)

  8. I enjoy calligraphy but frankly this one is not very appealing, the last two look like something I could easily d and I do not have a the best handwriting they don't look like the "real" calligraphy I think of when I hear the word but rather an modern adaptation of it, I am not being critical and realize its a look just not my favorite.

  9. Hi Sande~

    It's been so long since we've chatted. Thank you so much for the lovely comment on my invitations. I had to come over to say hello and read your post on this calligraphy. It really takes my breath away. I love the photos. I think you should pick up the ink again, I can only imagine how beautiful your hand writes as it already does such beautiful work on packages.

    Much love to you always~

  10. Miss Sande,

    So lovely....calligraphy is something i have never learned to do. Maybe one day!


  11. Sande,

    I remember remarking the beauty of your handwriting a couple years back when you sent me that lovely package. The beautiful card you selected and your handwriting were an artform alone. Even my mother-in-law said that your handwriting was beautifully unique.
    I would love to improve my handwriting as it has declined since I've stopped teaching and entered the virtual world.
    Any suggestions on calligraphy resources?

    Thank you for sharing yet another interesting subject.


  12. I would write all the time if I could address envelopes like this...I just love it...and yes, I'd frame it for sure.

    I'm still thinking of you in the cape and flowing blonde hair ;)
    love DJ

  13. You are definitely gifted (pardon the pun) at what you do - it is gorgeous! I have just started refurbing French Shabby Chic furniture. 'Just loving it! Thank you - Jenny


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