Friday, April 29, 2011

Oh Wow..............says Kate

Oh the words of Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Cambridge.
To all of it, the Dress, Catherine's poise, Pippa's dress, the trees in Westminister Abbey, the crowds, the 
double kiss. So very lovely. 

Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Royal Sleep Schedule........interrupted

She is getting ready for her new life and role............just hours away. Do you think she will sleep tonight? (no)

He is waiting........ for her. 

Wishing Kate & William a day of pure magic, but mostly wishing readers a bit of fun and glamour today as we all watch this historic and romantic event. Off to set the alarm and record button (to watch again), this royal subject wouldn't miss seeing "the dress" even if it interrupts my sleep schedule, which is royally important around here. Enjoy!

Photo 1 and 2 via Ludwig Interior Design/Bottom photo via Jose Villa. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Barbie and Chocolate 3 am

All of these photos gave me a giggle this morning. Was there anything better than your mom's Devil's Food chocolate cake and then playing dress-up with Barbie? I am assuming I ate my yummy birthday cake, along with a glass of chilled milk, then dressed up my new Barbie and that is why these two things go together in my reminiscent mind today. I am kind of loving this upscale Barbie couture, though I must admit way, way my young mind my Barbies were certainly dressed this glam. I am sure I mentally enhanced their attire in all sorts of creative ways. Let's admit it, this is my mature version of how to serve chocolate cake and how to dress Barbie. Doesn't it look like fun? Something to serve while watching the Royal Lovefest at 3 am this Friday? The gorgeous cake photography and recipe is from a blog named What Katie Ate, a really yummy place.

Photo 1 from What Katie Ate/Photo 2 and 3 from Pinterest

Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Hunting

by Russian artist Igor Oleynikov ~

Today is the day to paint eggs...............isn't that the sweetest tradition? Wishing you a lovely weekend with your family 
and the Easter Bunny. Happy Hunting. Happy Easter.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Girl ribbon

Isn't it gorgeous?
18" x 36" Oil on Canvas.

Girl Power by Karen Appleton

You can read her blog post about it here.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

hip daisy

Blogger company. 
Daisy ~ taken with Hipstamatic photo app. 
My new favorite things. The puppy and the retro photo app.
Available at itunes.

Photos by Sande Chase ~ A Gift Wrapped Life

Friday, April 15, 2011

Balloons and Bouguets

~  Make the weekend unique ~

Photo 1 found here/ Photo 2 via Style Me Pretty

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

the way you move your hips.........ready to dance?

isn't it just plain wonderful when the sun is shining and you start moving more? movin those hips? outside where we are meant to be? seeing the grass turn greener by the day? the trees bud? and the days get longer? it makes me feel all sparkly and new. full of sugar and spice and all things nice. it makes me feel like dancing. ready?

top photo by Emma Freemantle via Sarah Kaye/Bottom photo via Hip In Paris/Video-You Tube/Mayor Hawthorne

Monday, April 11, 2011

warm gray feathers

Loving warm gray tones today, this gorgeous room seen at Trouvais, these feathery earrings especially.
Reminded me of this post by Lynn at Paris Hotel Boutique........ 
wearing feather extensions in her hair on a Steve Tyler whim.
I say have fun with style. 
And fun for me would be a pair of feathery gray earrings to wear with white linen this summer.  
Aren't they spectacular? The room too.

Happy Week and a stylish thank you to the new followers and readers who stopped by to comment. So sweet. 

Top photo from blog Trouvais/Bottom photo via Tumblr

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The race begins............goodbye carbs

We are supposed to reach a temp of 75ish today so finally...........out comes the bike and the intense cycling schedule I have mapped out for this spring and summer. Going for another 20lbs. to top off what I lost last year. Wish me luck. 

Out with the winter carbs..................gone, gone. 

Those tempting bites of sweetness........gone too.

Only good things are are coming in the door and on our plates.

And this is why. 

Photos via Tumbr

Thursday, April 7, 2011

the home stretch.............and a surprise blog

Photo by Jessica Nichols 

The week simply got away from me over here. Our son has been home for a few weeks and off he goes tomorrow to Florida for his final home stretch. In four more months, after a few more exams and a few more hospital rotations, he will be at the finish line. I find I am holding my breath for him right now as mothers tend to do. Somehow I thought older children would be easier, the worry eased, I find it is not. Someday, when he lets me, I will tell you our son's story, why we are so remarkably proud of what he has accomplished. It is not my story to tell, but it is one of facing huge odds and I do want him to inspire me. xo

photo by Rodney Smith

I just finished reading The End, the fascinating blog written by photographer Rodney Smith. Yes, that Rodney Smith, the very famous and talented photographer has a blog and it was a delightful and surprising discovery. Over the past weekend, I read each and every post he has written since he started it back on July 13th, 2009. He is one of the most talented photographers of our time............and his writing, his stories, his honest and human writing style had me wanting more, the feeling of reading a wonderful novel which I didn't want to end. I am in awe of both his talents. Rodney Smith posts every Monday, from home in New York or from location anywhere in the Monday can't come fast enough for me. 

Photo 1 from Jessica Nichols photo 2 and 3 by Rodney Smith


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