Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fashionista Bootie................with Coral

Even if you aren't playing along with me and cutting out Manolo Blahnik fashion images for gift wrapping, I should mention that the use of triple bows will always present a more visual gift package. Especially if they are moved over to the edge where they are least expected. That's the thing with gift wrapping......unexpected colour combinations, crazy patterns, more bows, odd embellishments, think outside the box so to speak and move things around a bit. Experiment. It makes the gift wrapping task more creative and fun for you and certainly for the recipient. You might not immediately think of bold coral ribbon with a pastel green paper but it works it is indeed a variation of the complementary colour scheme. The principle of more is better still works even if you use a narrow ribbon and even if you don't use the fabulous bootie drawings from the September Issue of Vogue. But I would cut it out just in might just need a a bit of more one gift wrapping day. Tell me, are you wrapping up anything special this week?

Photos by Sande Chase ~ A Gift Wrapped Life


  1. Oh, I am completely with you on the fabulous shoes (MB shoes are ART!) AND the triple bows!

    You're my hero!

    Last year I ordered one of your fabulous wrapping sets for my MIL and she loved it!

    I adore you, I really do!

    I'd love to interview you some time soon (I'm a journalist currently living in Italy, but will soon move back to the US)because you are so fabulous!

    Huge hugs,

  2. I love the coral with the green Sande and the three bows look so pretty. Another idea that I can copy !! Thanks for your wonderful inspiration as always. XXXX

  3. OoooooH Love this! Definitely something I haven't seen before!

  4. Let me just say that what I've been wrapping is a little secret and a part of it is in your second photo...It's a little spooky that you also have used the same paper...

    More to come soon!

    Enjoy your weekend,

  5. What a beautiful package. I love the wide ribbon and big bows along with the shoe. You definitely make me want to up my gift wrap standards. All the best!

  6. Triple bows here I come!

    Ha ha re comment, can't get anything past you Miss Sande!
    much love DJ

  7. Triple bows are a true statement for sure! I am going to use this for the next gift that I wrap for you know Noelie:) Perfect for a bride from her parents don't you think? Love you girlfriend and hope all is good in that pretty little head of yours~


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