Friday, September 23, 2011

Apple Green Velvet Ribbon.............and powder puffs

I happen to like this new ribbon stock. Velvet in 1/2" width.
Apple Green. Black. Mink Taupe. Red. Vintage Gold. Royal Purple. Rich Brown.

This pastel green gift wrap base was used for a post a few weeks back. See here, it looks totally different. Sometimes I take these working samples apart and when I do, I usually like to see if I can quickly re-purpose the look. Use it to illustrate another gift wrap look and in this case show you how easily you can change the look by combining one solid paper with a strip of leftover paper of another style or pattern, just to give it some added impact. You do keep all those end strips don't you?  It isn't so much what patterns you combine as much as how you tie the two together. In this case, the black velvet ribbon does the trick.

Of course, I can't seem to leave well enough alone especially when it comes to gift presentation. I added this furry hair scrunchie and I liked the effect because it looked like a powder puff. This photo doesn't do the powder puff look justice and I will try another combination for a future post that will highlight the frou frou appearance. These elasticized hair scrunchies (I am sure there is a better name) are a great gift embellishment tool. You might want to stock up when you run across them at the dollar store. 

Another bow of Apple Green Velvet ribbon for added's like this, somedays you tease your hair up big and dramatic, somedays it looks better flat and smooth. Weird fashion analogy but hopefully makes my point. Gift wrapping can be done to suit the occasion. 

I am off to play with a pink powder puff. 

All photos by Sande Chase ~ A Gift Wrapped Life


  1. I love this wrapping!. Well done!.
    Love from Spain

  2. Beautiful! Between you and Lisa at Privilege, I am wanting a velvet ribbon by my hair!

  3. Great blog! What do you think about my preppy ribbon? :)

    Have a great weekend!

  4. The powder puff is wonderful. I've never seen them for hair before. So much easier then using the boas.

  5. Beautiful gift! I'm looking forward to the pink puff!


  6. Darling Sande,
    I could take a bite of that first image:) It is a perfect color just like a granny smith green apple:)

  7. ha ha have fun with the pink powder puff. Love it. That green shade ribbon is gorgeous.

    Have a great weekend, anymore chocolate cake!
    love DJ

  8. Oh MY God, I love this on so many levels! It made me smile when it popped up on my screen! Just love your never ending creativity and ideas!

  9. You have the most amazing gift... and you take the gift wrapping and turn it into amazing photography that makes your blog always a joy and a delight.

    I LOVE that green velvet ribbon.


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