Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A most gorgeous post of Laduree Green

Today was supposed to be a post about how to combine a solid Laduree pastel green gift wrap with a unmatched gift wrap end cut. Tie up some loose ends into a new gift package. I took the photos last week but when I went to load my photo card today I was a bit distracted and think I put it in the wrong slot..........it has disappeared. But Laduree green it will be in another way at least until we take the screen apart quite possibly the most gorgeous post I have seen this week. That is saying quite a bit after following all the NY Fashion week gals this past week but this is one pretty, pretty post from one of our most stylish bloggers. Go here for a most breathtaking peek at Laduree green. 

Photo from here discover via Dust Jacket Attic


  1. Oh Sande, you are so sweet. Thank you honey.

    Yes to the tumblr cohorts, ha ha. Have fun with it,

    lots of love DJ

  2. It is beautiful. All of it like icing on a cake.

  3. So funny...I did a post entitled Ladurée Green yesterday. I am Haleigh's mom and a couple of the photos were taken at her Paris apartment. Here's hoping you can recover you photos as I am sure they are wonderful.


  4. Sande,

    Oh a most beautiful post, she really captures all of the beauty and delightful imagery!


    Art by Karena

    I have a fabulous Giveaway from Interieurs I hope you will come and join!

  5. Any Laduree makes a pretty and happy post dear Sande! This is just right for my sore overloaded brain tonight...A sweet dream for me to think about when I soak in the tub alone before I crawl into bed and wake up to another big day tomorrow of prep work~~~

  6. Gorgeous!! actually, it's funny i also posted a pic on Ladurée Covent Garden on my tumblr yesterday (no time to go there this time in London so i missed it dearly!)
    Hope you recover your photos soon....Ladurée green is a must seen :-)

  7. Sande,

    This picture is PERFECT for you and your blog! And all of this Ladurée from you, and DJA is quite interesting (and a little "spooky")...hint, hint;)



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