Monday, September 26, 2011

the details.................Burberry Prorsum

Late night fashion browsing..............these Burberry Prorsum Spring 2012 details caught my eye. Aren't these bags divine? Especially the top one. And that jaunty hat style........what do you think of it? 

All photos from here.


  1. Oh I want that big bag in the dark colors !
    Santa ! Oh Santa !!!

    besitos ! C

  2. Oh oh oh those shoes Burberry Sande Chase!!! The third image! I wish I could decorate with that pair:) I so Love them but I can't where the heels that are out this tall and I know I would fall. Can you wear them?

  3. Dear Sande,
    I have never been a shoe and bag person....give me coats and jackets anyday....I have so many, I could open a shop !! BUT, I really do love that bag. I would have the black/brown one but then, I would, seeing as I wear mostly black all of the time !
    Thanks for your lovely comment today Sande. XXXX

  4. Sande,

    I love a mustard, honey yellow for fall. To me, it goes with every neutral color well: black for a classic combo, brown as a warm duet, and gray for an urban yuppie look. Then a splash of teal or paprika and a fall wardrobe is complete!

    Thank you for sharing (I agree with Janet-the mustard heels are my fave and I, too, would have to watch my step in those!)


  5. Oh I do love those bags! Beautiful!

  6. I love the texture ... great details and natural. Me like!

  7. I love the bags, could never wear the hat...and the shoes, who wears those???

  8. I LOVE that first bag especially, too, Sande! I have to admit, though, that the shoes scare me. I could never ever wear them without breaking an ankle. :)

  9. Okay so I pressed this is so cool and so is the post!


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