Thursday, September 29, 2011

I miss my Blog Header

I love it. I hate it. I am going to leave it for a few more days. And I am going to stop thinking about it, it being the new Dynamic blogger template, and talk about gift wrapping because it is way more fun than trying to figure out an advanced template. I miss my header, my sidebar, and feel like I am the only blogger who gets their head turned so easily. Yes, I can go back to my original template with one click and I will this weekend, but in the meantime I will leave it in it's dynamic version so the rest of you can see how it works for a few more days. I will say this, the dynamic views do give you a way to see your own blog and material with a fresh perspective and that can be good thing after a few years of blogging. But I won't say that I will stay with it............for now. I have more questions than answers. Like why is this dynamic viewing not compatible with an ipad? What's with the inability to add a blog header? Why give us something visually exciting, then limit it's use to bloggers that really only want to go to Tumblr? Though truthfully, perhaps that is the point. So let's just lower my blood pressure a few hundred points and talk about gift wrapping because I ran across this photo with a missing source and thought it made a good presentation point. If you have a gift of multiple boxes, buy the same gift wrap in the varying colours instead of the same one. Just makes it more visually attractive doesn't it? Turns your head a bit more doesn't it? 

Photo - unknown source.


  1. Beautiful gift wrapping! It would be fun with reversible wraps too!

    I agree with you on this new blogger layout. I was going to switch over to see what it would be like but now I think I'll just leave it. I like messing around with headers and backgrounds too much to change it over.

  2. I miss the header too. I did not realize during your last post the photo wasn't a a new header you were trying out.

    It's almost like a reader isn't sure where they have landed. Headers are like landmarks and have become an identity.

  3. I like what you have created here Sande. I know what you mean though, sometimes changing it up causes more questions than answers!


    Art by Karena

  4. I miss your great old blog header too! I can't see how this is an improvement. Like Robin above, I was going to click the button and see what the new interface was but...nah!

  5. I think in a few months we will all be 'dynamic' are just ahead of us Sande....
    I read that you can add your blog header and all the old bits?? I haven't had the time or energy to change mine for the moment and figure out how to do that....because I know that once I do it will torment me just like you...keep it...change it...keep it...back and forth...
    I do like it though and it looks very professional and slick.....

  6. OMG!! whats going on??? Been away with family for 5 weeks is this the new blogger I think I will throw in the towel if it is, looks so pro but probably a head ache for me you are so clever :) x

  7. I always love your wraps, sweetie! But I think I like the old look better too - your header was just right for the site.

  8. Oh good idea.

    I really love the magazine look, especially with all the other posts down below it. I know what you mean re headers and other stuff we put in our sidebar. Maybe they will get to that soon :)

    That was so funny re comment...hugs to you my dear friend, take care.

  9. Wow I give you credit for being a brave one to try it, being a creature of habit I was not so brave:)
    I like it, just takes some time to warm up to!
    Think of it this are a blazing trendsetter and the rest will likely follow in due time!

  10. I love the look of the new templates. I switched over to try it out too. But where are all my ads, I ask? I wasn't in love with my header, so don't miss mine. But do think it's a good identity/branding sort of thing that would be good to have, so people know where they are.

  11. Sande,

    I too have looked into the new template. I would miss my header, folowers, and profile page which is needed I think and how we've grown up blogs.


  12. I do love that you tried it so I can experiment on a blog I love so much and am quite familiar with! I have had my fun... I like magazine the best. I too am confused without the header... I spend hours creating those banners and would be heart broken if they were eliminated completely! They sort of define the blog!
    Thanks Sande!


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