Saturday, September 24, 2011

Missing Paris...........and blog friends

~ Photos by Lala of My Castle in Spain ~

In sharing these most divine Tumblr photos taken by one of my favorite  bloggers this week, I got to thinking about my Paris trip a year ago September. We were supposed to meet up with lovely Lala of My Castle in Spain during the second week and my sister-in-law and I got caught in a torrential downpour while Zara shopping on the Champs Elysées. Not a terrible place to get soaking wet. We couldn't get a cab, waited hours holding our wet shopping bags like the pair of pathetic drowned tourists that we were at that point, no phone, no way to get back to our hotel, no way to contact Lala. Someday I hope to meet up with lovely Lala if our paths cross in Paris again. Maybe by then I can learn to speak a bit of French? 

~ Photo by Haleigh of Making Magique ~ 

All of this got me to thinking about how much I missed going to Paris this year. How incredible and wonderful it was to spend time with Vicki, the talented Carla, meet up with sweet Haleigh her Paris photos above and below and Claudia who is brocante hopping right now, and how I would have cried if my Paris photos weren't retrieved when my laptop hard drive went off this week. I wonder if they think the improbable it was that we all met up that week in Paris and how we made it happen. 

~ Photo by Haleigh of Making Magique ~

It is difficult to maintain such unique friendships long-distance but bloggers tend to do it well. We make it happen by email, telephone, Skype, plane, or train and once the connection is made, especially once you have met them in person, it  becomes important to maintain the bond that most will say is impossible to keep. My brother called me the other day "Louise wants to know when you two can go to Paris again?" My reply was quick and decisive. "September 2012 for the Maison d' Objet and I know exactly who to call to meet us there". I miss Paris but mostly I miss my blogger friends. 


  1. What a lovely post for your blogger friends Sande. You all must have had such a good time which makes it even harder. I'm sure that you will all meet up soon.
    ....and, what stunning photographs. The best that I've seen in a long while. Absolutely beautiful. XXXX

  2. Oh how gorgeous darling Sande. Not just the beautiful photo's but your lovely words.

    hugs DJ

  3. Sande: Did you happen to see my post earlier this week?
    Yes, blogging means so many wonderful things to all of us! What a community indeed!
    I'm headed to Provence on Thursday... and who knows, maybe Paris again next September!

  4. I love the look of your blog! Looks like a gift-wrapped package. . .oh, that's right that's your theme! Anyway, really enjoy it.

  5. Sande ~

    Beautiful sentiments about two wonderful things ~ PARIS + Blogger friends!

    Even though I am not in Paris, I do hope your path leads you to the wine country one day soon. I would LOVE to meet in person!


  6. I feel exactly the same....Do we have to wait until September???? xv

  7. Had been there just two months ago and already missing the place.
    Had written about it in my post "Street Shows"

  8. This is beautiful Sande. It is so true, our blog friends are really special! I hope to be in Paris next year as well!

    Art by Karena

  9. My Friend,
    I, in my heart was right beside you everystep of everyday that you were in Paris. I drank your posts like a thirsty wilted wild flower. I miss Paris and I miss your blogging friends for you. I know how much you loved your trip from the morning eggs at Cafe de Flore to the gift wrapping experience at Cire Trvdon to the little yogurt jars your sister in law collected to take home to paint to all the new friends you got to meet in person and built a friendship from this crazy beautiful place called blogland. Let's hold a glass of pink bubbles and Cheer to Paris and to our blogging friends sweet friend!!!
    Big Hugs!

  10. Hey there, I just found your blog and all I can say is that it is really lovely.

    Good job.

    I will start a GIVEAWAY tomorrow with a limited Dior nailpolish on my blog.

    Stay tuned.

  11. Hi Sande,
    I definitely hope to meet you in september 2012! Thank you very much for the link love...this is really so sweet of you...

  12. These pictures are gorgeous and perfectly fitting for a post that is reminiscent of time spent with friends in Paris.
    Yes, Paris and blogging would never be the same if I were able to meet one or many of the blog friends I've made over the years in that beautiful city. September 2012 does sound like a good year...


  13. What beautiful images! I want to frame the top 2 and put in my kitchen...
    A lovely post,

  14. Hi Sande-
    Gorgeous photos--- you are certainly living my dream- I would love to go to Paris. I know your friends certainly appreciate this beautiful post- I hope you have the chance to connect with them on your next trip!

    It's been wonderful to visit with you here again--

  15. I remember your Paris posts! Absolutely charming! And I learned quite a bit of french myself this year - If I can do it, so can you!

  16. Gorgeous picks Sande hope you get there in 2012 will be looking forward to see all the gorgeous photo's enjoy the planing!! :)


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