Monday, September 19, 2011

Random things I loved this past week......but mostly fashion

Such a sweet presentation. Lovely moulds used for petite gifts, just adore this idea. One of my favorite ribbons too. I go through this ribbon stock quite fast.

Speaking of details, this shimmery dress from the Marchesa RTW Spring 2012 Collection took my breath away..........however it is attached to that finest of fabric look closely at the neckline.Wouldn't you like to watch how this was done?

Speaking of watching how it is done, I watched Annie Leibovitz-Life Through the Lens back-to-back with Bill Cunningham ~ New York and marveled at the differences in their iconic talents. One snaps away quickly, the other sets up for hours, even days but both have a quiet, unassuming nature that is remarkable in it's contrast to the fashionable subject matter they both photograph. Both the DVD and digital versions were released last week. I meant to tell you on Friday so you could watch these documentaries on the weekend but all my computers went and I have had our differences this past week. Really big differences.

Photo of Bill Cunningham snapping away at NY Fashion Week 2012 by Jamie Beck

A stunning portrait of Michelle Williams inspired by Marilyn Monroe taken by Annie Leibovitz for the October issue of Vogue available on new stands September 20th. Talk about a bucket list.............a portrait by Annie Leibovitz for sure. 

Speaking of glamour. You didn't think I would not show you the whole dress did you? 

You know how I just adore the photos by Jamie Beck. This one especially and the one below. She had me looking at fashion last week in a whole new way and I just don't know when that girl sleeps. That fashion world is fast and furious even to watch exhausting in a good way when you are young and talented. I know I am repeating myself on this, but I do think she is the it girl right now. 

Oscar de la Renta wowed everyone, especially for me because he used Chartreuse so beautifully and social media I might add.  Another one for the bucket of these gowns. Any of them. Actually I would be happy just to touch one. 

Bows at Tory Burch. On Shoes!

~ Photo by Jamie Beck ~

On to stylish footwear. I couldn't help but notice the ribbon detail on the shoes shown at Tory Burch's first runway show last week.  You know how I love side bows. She just gave me permission to play with all my ribbon in a most fashionable way. She also has the boots I want here.

Though I am just about fashioned-out after watching the activity from New York last week just for fun
this just in from Coveteur at the London Fashion Week. Though you can't see them, these gorgeous shoes were designed by footwear designer Nicholas Kirkwood for the runway show of Peter Pilotto shoes have a coloured lucite fluro Perspex heel . Wouldn't these just make the outfit? Any outfit? 

Have a most stylish week.


  1. Marchesa oh my, just luscious!! Thanks for sharing Sande.


    Art by Karena

  2. Oh loved all the pic's ... the Marchesa is gorgeous and so are the Kirkwood shoes, lovely color and design.
    hugs DJ

  3. Eeek the 'Doc' is coming home...I'm SO happy for you...proud Mama.
    love DJ

  4. Beautiful! I love the gown with the beaded/crystal neckline. So lovely.

  5. All heavenly the de la Renta and the Marchesa......xv

  6. Wow. I am thoroughly inspired... You are a real fashionista! What lovely images... those flowing dresses make me melt! And also feel really fat.

  7. Glorious, luscious, beautiful post. That Marchesa!!!!! And all the images share a certain aesthetic. Thank you.

  8. I'd say that Jamie Beck's talent is definitely intriguing and viral at the moment. I love her photography and style.
    I love all of the fashion details you've spied this past week-the bows on the shoes, the intricate beaded necklines, the colors...
    And, of course, the petite mould used ask a gift holder-another idea I hope to borrow from you.

    And a stylish week to you as well,

  9. The detail on that Marchesa dress! I could see it on a gorgeous top - couldn't you?

  10. Oh Marchesa, always so beautiful and glamorous... also, that beautiful little gift is so special!


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