Saturday, October 1, 2011

A few favorite posts this week.............on the graceful age

~ Beatrix Ost via Advanced Style ~

Every time I see this photo of this gorgeous woman I want to get up and cheer. And I want to direct you to two blogs, A Femme d'Un Certain Age  and Cashon & Co., that both focused their posting on aging this week, as in graceful aging, stylish aging, vibrant aging, the best kind. I prefer to gracefully side step the subject of plastic surgery, every woman to her own but if you do indulge and people start looking at you with a bit of puzzlement, obvious face scanning, and asking you to repeat your conversation, consider you may be over-indulging. Enough said. But fashion? That is a whole other story............I have nothing but admiration for inspiring women over 50 who knock-it-out-of-the-park when it comes to exploring tasteful, creative, and personable fashion. Now for some that might be a more conservative, classic approach, others a creative re-invention, both require a decision from any woman over 50. How am I going to fashionably enter this next era of my life? I know what it means for me.............and I know I wish I could wear a turban. Maybe I can?

My most sincere thank you to readers who offered input and support in the past week as I explored our new blogger template options. We are working hard to see how I can make this dynamic format work without giving up a blog header and my list of lovely bloggers. Today I have set the default view to Classic but remember you can click on the title and view this blog in any of the other views such as Magazine, Flipcard, Mosaic, etc. If you do experiment on your own blog, please make sure you back-up your original template. Enough said. 

photo from Advanced Style


  1. Hi Sande,

    I did not see the posts at Cashon & Co however I follow Tish religiously.I admit that as a woman in this age group it can be a challenge! Seeing all of these women who just keep getting better and better is so inspiring.

    I do love my life, my family & friends including four wonderful grandchildren!

    Much thanks to all of my blog friends who encourage and support me endlessly! Including you Sande!!


    Art by Karena

  2. How many woman of this age A) look this striking - va,va,voom and B) can wear red lipstick (requires incredible white teeth, not easy as we age).
    I want to be like Beatrix when I grow up.

  3. That turban is amazing! I don't have the chutzpah to try it though!

  4. Sande, I saw this on Kellie's blog and was just amazed by these women. Stunning! Just shows that one can be stylish over 50. Now I better take some lessons from these gals! I need to repost this too...Love it! Want to get the book that's coming out too...


  5. I read Cashon & Co's post with sheer delight. It's fabulous to see such fashionable women.

  6. Oh, I love this. I am going to wear green turbans every day the moment I hit sixty. Thank you for posting it.

  7. I follow Advanced Style and Tish's blog faithfully. I am so happy Connie posted about AS, everyone should know about Ari's work. Lovely post, Sande...

  8. Sande,

    The rich, vibrant kelly green turban and flower pin are perfectly placed as well as perfectly chosen. In Dior's Little Dictionary of Fashion, Dior encourages older women to wear jewel tones since more muted tones tend to wash them out...He also points out where a woman should wear such colorful accessories. To me, this ensemble looks like something he would commend as flattering and would call good fashion.

    If not a turban, why not a beautiful green vintage-inspired hat...a cloche...a pillbox...I imagine that whatever you choose, it would be lovely.


  9. She is SO amazing, I love her wonderful style! Fabulous....thanks for the links too.

  10. I am in catch up mode after a week in London at the design festival. What incredibly inspiration!! LOVE LOVE this topic!! Will have to go visit Tish and Kellie to see their posts as well but I'm always so taken with older women with style!

  11. I do read A Femme d'Un Certain Age - it's great. And I love the way that woman is dressed - that's an outfit that would say "style" on a woman of any age. Timeless yet so "now."

    The new blogger format is cool, too. : )

  12. She looks so wonderful and that smile is so great, who notices the turban ? :)

  13. yes you can !... wear a turban and be fabulous :-) I LOVE this blog Advanced Style. Looking at all these women is incredibly refreshing. They're just full of life ! I don't know the other 2 you mention, I'll look them up...
    and...Cheers to blogger !

  14. I had to tell you how much I enjoyed this post. It inspired me in many ways, since I am now 60, I still can be "styll'n" at 90!!
    I passed the link on to several of my dear friends for inspiration too. PS: I did a post on Bangles I made from vintage pieces and linked you. Thanks so much for the continued inspiration!

  15. This is exactly how I intend (with God's help in the health department) to age. In my fifties, i feel and live faster and fuller than I did in my 30's. Just came back from Climbing Kilimanjaro with my girlfriend and when signing in at the various check point registers (where you are asked repeatedly for your age) we noticed that all previous signers' ages stared with a 2 , 3 and the occasional 4!!! I wear hot ski outfits or climbing gear but in New York, am a fan of Prada, the occasional funky Chanel (on sale only...) mixed with accessories picked up in far away places...
    Thanks for this post, yes you can have fun, be young and stylish in your fifties...Isn't 50's the new 40's after all? I will admit to the occasional Botox when I need to be vain and look "younger" ... a month in the strong sun of Africa is leaving its mark on my face (I love sun tanning...) so i think a little Botox might be in order.
    I thought 50's was the end of a great life....was i wrong!!!


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