Sunday, October 16, 2011

Gift Wrap Inspiration...........on a Sunday evening

Gift Wrap inspiration........started in the morning with these colours and mood.

By evening I was happy with this. 
Where do you find inspiration?

Photo 1/Photo 2 and 3 by Sande Chase/Background image from the book Woman In The Mirror/Richard Avedon


  1. Oh Sande it is so glamorous, I love it. I really love the new page set-up too. When I have some time (and someone clever with me) I like to do something similar with mine...famous last words :o
    lots of love DJ
    ps so pleased that Daisy has her pic up

  2. Pink + gold + black? Oh, glam to the max! Looks fabulous.

  3. Such a beautiful package...and your inspiration is....inspired.....I am always so intrigued by inspiration and where it comes from , when it hits you...for me, it is always in the most unlikely moments and often with the simplest of things....Have a great week Sande....xv

  4. It can be the sunlight on a puddling of water, the design in a fabric, it comes out off anywhere and anything at the most unlikely of times!


    Art by Karena

  5. Yes, I'm with Dustjacket-so glamorous!
    I actually loved your foray into a new template. I thought it was very chic and you were brave to switch. I'm scared to touch a thing on Wordpress in case I erase my whole blog.
    Looking forward to seeing all your holiday decorating!

  6. So glamorous - and that photograph is stunning! what a beauty!

  7. Sande,
    What a perfect image to choose for inspiration! I love the colors and the feminine quality. Your package perfectly presents each quality with the famous Sande Chase panache!

    My inspiration comes from many places, and your blog is one of them.


  8. So beautiful Sande! You inspire me!

  9. You have such amazing style, Sande. What an elegant and chic package. Hope you're enjoying the Fall, Sweetie! xo

  10. That is stunning beyond words. In a world where everything is fast and instantaneous, what an unexpected pleasure to receive a gift so lovingly presented.

  11. this is my FAVORITE one of all time that you've done! wow. this is gorgeous. classic and glam.
    btw, I have to thank you. I have never checked the stats on blogger, but decided to for the first time this morning to do it and you are the highest traffic source direction for me! ( i guess that means most people find me from your blog), so i just wanted to take a second to say thank you!!!!!!! :)


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