Friday, October 14, 2011

Killer Heels..................and my simple blog template is back

I feel like I am forced to say goodbye to a really good friend...........forever. Last you heard from me I was playing dress up for a wedding which was lovely, lovely, and putting on a pair of sky-high booties and layering a neck party. But back to the brand-new sky-high booties. I just don't think I can wear a sexy high shoe or boot ever again and that strikes me as downright sad. By 8:30 I thought it was quite possible I had a foot fracture, by 9:30 I hobbled out to the parking lot and put on a pair of flat boots which made me feel really silly and my 57 yr-old body just couldn't suck it up for the sake of looking taller and leaner. But then I noticed a few younger girls were also heading to their cars or changing to the flip-flops that the hosts thoughtfully provided. Then it hit me, none of us can but we do it anyways. We love our higher heels, how they make us feel and how they make us look. 

This is a gorgeous pair of heels. I love high heels, everything about them. Trouble is this Louis Vuitton model was wearing high heels all day long during a grueling fashion month and I can't imagine the pain she must still be feeling. Models help sell fashion but I bet you are as surprised as I was to see what they must do to earn those big modeling bucks. You can read about this disturbing part of fashion here. I am not quite wiling to say goodbye to higher heels quite yet, it would mean disregarding most of the pairs I have and the outfits that go with them. I just need to be smarter about it. Perhaps I just need more practise? I admit to becoming overly-dependant on the comfort of stylish flats in the past year so let's be fair to my feet. I was asking too much of them and my leg muscles that night. So here is the big do you keep wearing high heels? Or have you given them up completely? 

But if all practise attempts fail.................I can always wear them to stylishly ride my bike. I just can't say goodbye to my lovely heels.

Whew...........thought I was on another planet while trying out the new Dynamic Blogger template for the past few weeks. As you can see I am back on a simple template and changes to my other pages will be ongoing. Let me know if any of the changes are affecting your reading or viewing pleasure as this new template is wider. Thank you for staying with me while I experimented. I did enjoy visiting Mars but it was a bit lonely out there so I am back for now, or at least until blogger adds some more features. 

 Object of Desire here

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  1. Oh, loved this post, though I was feeling your pain!

    We DO all do it, we put on these beautiful shoes and hope for the best.

    I hurt my ankle badly and after that it was really hard for me to wear high heels, though I kept trying, and teetering (before an drinks!) on my heels. When I wore heels, I walked awkwardly, I can endure some pain, but when it affects the way I am presenting myself, then I had to give them up.

    So, it’s flats for me, thank you Kate Spade for making beautiful ones!

    And thank you for making me feel like it's not just be who can't wear heels!

  2. I can see NOTHING beautiful or glamorous about the picture of the model with bruised feet in shoes at least one whole size too small.
    I see lots of women walking downtown in those ridiculous platform high heels, tripping and twisting and looking awkward and clumsy. Do they know how ugly they look, or do they think no one notices?

  3. Flats, flats, and only comfortable heels. However, I find my Louboutin Simple 70s to be quite comfortable indeed.

  4. I gave them up years ago. Since I was born the same year that you were, I lose since I cried "uncle" first. That fashion model's foot is truly disturbing.

    (So nice to see your blog back to its normal look. I couldn't visit in the interim without getting error messages. They really need to work out the kinks before they float a new idea on us.)

  5. I find it's more the shoe than the heel that causes problems. That said, my staples are Chanel-style flats and a very comfy pair of Ferragamo sling back heels. I'm not ready for Dynamic Blogger yet either! Bon week-end...

  6. Oh I know what you mean, I have some "sit down shoes" that I might be able to wear if I know I'll spend most of the evening - well - sitting down. Otherwise heels simply kill my feet. Since I don't get enough practice walking in them, I then end up looking really stupid. I believe that a pair of flats that one can actually walk in is far more elegant than sky-high heels that make one look uncoordinated and vain in all the wrong ways... ;-) Have a lovely weekend, Love from London xo

  7. Oh my!! I feel your pain. I have given up the high heels due to a knee injury and to be honest-Comfort!! I know that is a sign of age. I do occasionally put on a pair of platforms for special occasions. I call them my walk in and sit down shoes!! lol. Just think of all the cute flats you can conjure up!! I would love to see a post where you showcase possible flat purchases. I love your simple header. No problems here on my end, xo Kathysue

  8. We're glad for your return (from Mars) smile..... the other template just didn't seem to fit with the elegance of your blog.........

    But, I salute you for the courage to fly off and try something new! Sometimes you don't know until you try!

    Wishing you the best gifts this weekend!

  9. I really do feel you so much so that here I'm leaving a comment (usually I just read your post). Funnily enough I was looking for a pair of autumn boots today, with a heel, but a kind of heel that would be suitable for walking for miles and miles. I do love high heels and most of my shoes aren't flat. However, over the last few years I've come to realise that life isn't a polished catwalk, it can be rather bumpy in places, so flats should be a part of our daily routine. I think ballerinas are very pretty and certainly don't age a woman of any age and if I need a heel, then I choose chunky heels, then I have the arty gorgeous stilleto-style shoes for special occasions. Oh, and of course, you should try wedges, they are brilliant.
    And before I stop talking about shoes like some crazy woman, here's a suggestion: if a pair of high heels feels wrong, then it may be the wrong make, just try a different label. :)


  10. Your blog looks lovely like this too Sande....I adore a heel too.."but have to plan their outings carefully!..xv

  11. My 'day-job' is working for an importer/distributor of fashion footwear. It's like being a kid in a candy store and you can't reach the counter. I cannot always purchase the shoes I drool over.

    There are great 'shoe accessories' - like foot petals (we don't sell them, but I do use them). They help with all of the spots that your foot and shoe rub each other; used by celebrities and they have the 'kiss from Oprah'. Foot Petals can be used with boots or shoes - especially evening strap shoes. Easy to find on a google search.

    One line of footwear that comes with built-in padding is Ivanka Trump shoes. The line has everything from sandals, to kitten heels, to sexy glitter evening shoes. I love the styles and they are so comfortable.

    Both will make being stylish a bit easier.

  12. I love this format that you went back to! Also, why do photographers always photograph high heals (especially slingbacks and peekaboo styles) where the models/womens' heals or toes are always sticking out in ungainly ways? Not many have gorgeous feet that can stand that type of scrutiny.

  13. I do think, as others have mentioned, that it's in the brand of shoe, not necessarily the height of the heel. But...that being said, I never wear a heel more than 1". Too many years of hard wear and tear and my feet won't tolerate anything else!

  14. Yay, love this blog format better!! About the heels, I feel your pain. I wore heels to synagogue for the Jewish holidays last week...I'm only talking 2.5-3" heels and I couldn't even walk. I was like a little girl playing dress-up in her mom's shoes. Hilarious. Glad I don't wear them often or in SF. Could you see me trying to walk up a hill with them?

    Have a great weekend Sande!

  15. Hi Sande,
    I have worked out that, high heels are fine if it's just an evening out for dinner or at a friends house or the theatre but, for full days, like weddings, perhaps a slightly lower heel or wedges are so much better. As you say, even the younger ones find it difficult to wear them all day !!
    Love your blog how you have got it now. I love the spread out look. XXXX

  16. Holy Cow, that was one injured foot. I do hope its all helaed and I certainly can understand not wearing heels ever again. Maybe just in hour increments at a time, and carry those portable b allet slippers that are every where now.
    Have a nice weekend.

  17. I actually had to give up on wearing heels unless the event is under an hour. I have a disorder called Cerebral Palsy and it affects my legs the most. When I wear heels, the next day I'm in a LOT of pain (I've gone to the ER actually for the pain.) So, my policy is, no heels unless it's a super special event that's under an hour and the heels must have some form of support. No support = no buying. No flip flops are allowed either because they are literally the worst thing for your feet and body (which means more pain for me.) Any form of height on a shoe is generally prohibited.

    Other than that, I live in walking shoes, boots that have a flat bottom (in fall and winter) and flats. I haven't found sandals that are good for me yet. It's a strict diet, but it's a far less painful life for me.

  18. I find I'm wearing many more flats in both shoes and boots. I was always partial to cowboy boots as in six or seven pairs of them and longed for sky high Jimmy Choo short boots. Sad to say I simply cannot walk in them. They have about 8 hours of wear on them! Christian and I also parted friends.
    I have also found my enlarging feet don't care to scrunched into my some of my favorites which I can't seem to let go of.

    Some of the shoes with a small platform have worked out okay and I purchased a pair in a bright colored suede that have a peep toe and they aren't too bad. The bright mauve-pink was going out on ledge for me and I just love them!

    As a sit her and type 3" calf boots are on my feet, not sky high but it's enough!

  19. I didn't like the Dynamic version either. As for the heels? I still wear them but only when I dress up for church on Sunday and any other occasion that calls for a dress - but not from morning til night. Daily? No way! Give me my flip flops and flats!

  20. high heels are ok as long as you also bring flip flops in your bag, so you can change shoes if they start to hurt.. and they should only be used for special events.. have a lovely weekend! :)

  21. Love your header back Sande:)))

    About heels... I am leaving early tomorrow morning. 2 pairs of flat heeled boots, faded pink converse and only one pair of metalic silver aligator heels, they will be worn only once:)
    I can't do it anymore either. I don't understand how the girls are wearing 4 inch platforms, I just don't see how that don't fall!

    Big hugs & I will be thinking of you everyday!


  22. First no problem with the change of format, I love some experimentation, but I'm glad you're back. I do love the wide format, how did you do that?

    High heels... I don't wear them as often. Usually I save them for when I'm going to dinner and I know I'll be sitting and even so I don't wear the real high ones anymore, 2"-2.5" is doable.

  23. Remember when I fell off of mine on my 53rd birthday and broke bones? I'm getting a bit braver now but not much more than a kitten heel. I look at the shoes in stores now and I think, 'Not on your life!' But they're sooo pretty!

  24. Hi Sande,
    I stopped this torture with high heels,because I had always terrible pains.I love high heels,but not on my feet.


  25. Oh I just love the heels in the first pic, but the reality of it, as shown in the other picture is pretty gruesome. Poor models, they must be in agony. I cannot last very long in's always a relief to sit down :)
    hugs DJ

  26. I am not sure if it's the sad truth of ageing or that designers are just making heels toooo high for anyone's comfort. I can still get by with a modest heel or a wedge for hours but I can tell when I try them on if they will be wearable or closet eye candy. Sometimes I love them so much Iam happy just looking at them in the closet!

    Another sad reality of age. The bikini. Regardless of my size my skin is just not the same and no one wants to see a 50something wearing a bikini with sagging skin!

    Tried the new blogger and gave it up immediately, kudos on your attempt!

    Love the inspiration you always bring.


  27. In my dreams. That is where I wear high heels. It's great, there's no pain and I walk just like a model on a runway. Really.
    Now for the blog part of my comment.
    In my dreams. Will we ever find the perfect layout? Simple IS best for both of us I think. I'm like you, love the thought of a magazine look but cannot bear to part with my sidebar!
    Your blog looks maaavelous my dear. Just like you and your co-author!
    Xo Lisa

  28. Hi Sande, I was very sad as I had problems viewing your new blog format and thought that you may be lost to me forever but thankfully you have returned. I do love heels just for short bursts of sexy!.....B:)


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