Monday, October 3, 2011

Healey & lovers extraordinaire

~ Poncho Jesse ~

By now you know how I love dogs. Everything about them. How they curl up in your lap while you blog. How they burst with excitement when you take them for a walk. How they quietly wait for you to wake up even if you are sleeping in and they are wide awake. How they sit patiently while you straighten their pink bow each morning even if they find it kind of annoying and silly. What is not to love about a dog? What is not to love about a talented duo that photographs animals so beautifully? I fell in love with the website Healey & Grisham and their animal photography, but I fell really fell in love with Janet Healey and Joe Grisham when I read their story and found they are much more than that.  

~ Priscilla With Blue Feather

Along with running a boutique commercial photography/styling business in Dallas with high-profile clients such as Neiman Marcus, JC Penney, and Pet Smart, the stylist/photographer couple created a e-commerce site named Hooray For The Underdog where you can purchase their stunning images of rescued dogs. Their work has been featured on Oprah and this just serves as a gift source reminder, the exceptional Healey & Grisham animal photography is available for purchase on prints,  notecards, journals, folders, and other stationery products which is a wonderful gift for any pet lover on your list. Regally posed Priscilla above is available on a thank you card titled Merci. If you are in the Dallas area, you can visit their boutique where they display more of their work or you can arrange your own pet photo sitting. But I do have to say, I just love this concept of talented photographers styling shelter pets so that abandoned animals find a loving home. Because the sad truth is..........not every pet has someone to put pink bows in their hair.

Photos by Healey & Grisham


  1. Oh that is so wonderful, it makes me cry to think of these adorable dogs being unloved. Just look at Priscilla now...they all should be fussed over and made to feel as if they are the most important dog in the world.
    love DJ

  2. Fabulous images....What a brilliant concept...some people amaze me with their creativity and empathy....xv

  3. don't you love it when people give back? What a wonderful thing to do!

  4. What a wonderful idea. The shots are fabulous and to think these gorgeous animals have found loving homes as a result of their work gladdens the heart !

  5. Dear Sande,
    These are the sweetest images! How is Miss Daisy May doing? I know mommy and babygirl are doing a lot of loving...Did you change something with your blog? It is very different. I could not get to your post for 3 days then when I tried today a windwo came up that said I have to upgraded my browser, so I did and then I got this generic blog that shows only white background with no header and no sidebar. Only images and text.
    I NEED your old blog back!! I am having Sande withdrawals!!

  6. Look at Priscilla ! She knows how pretty she is ...
    I love these people .. I love their work !


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