Friday, October 21, 2011

Something really funny..........and some girls really do have all the fun

Some girls have all the fun. 
 This girl is having fun with the most shoes ever, go see here.
To say nothing about the nail polish collection.

And this creative lady with the most fun bracelet and bangle collection ever.....

Now back to those killer shoes that are "possibly orgasmic". We were just talking about Killer Shoes in this post hereWho would have thought? Click here for the most far-fetched laugh-out-loud claim of the day actually said out loud by Mr. Louboutin himself (sent to me by a friend). I do like to bring you a little chuckle now and again.

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  1. Sande, wow I feel like Cinderella, with Rachel Zoe and Ms Tanenbaum being my stepsisters!!

    Mr Louboutin may get lots of husband as well as the women to buy his shoes with this remarkable bonus that comes with them!!

    Thanks for my laugh of the day!!


    Art by Karena

  2. I would just die to have that nail polish collection!

  3. Well, Sande...that jewelry collection is simply to D.I.E. for. Witty & wonderful post. Beautiful day in Texas with clear blue skies and temps about 55f. Big hug, my friend....

  4. Hahahahaha Sande.
    I think that Mr Louboutin thought up a great marketing plan with that one-liner !!
    I think that I should wear high heels more often !!
    Have a great week-end and much wearing of shoes of the high-heeled kind !! XXXX

  5. Loved this!!! I had to tweet the shoe story.....Happy weekend Sande....xv

  6. What every girl's closet should look like!

    Jamie Herzlinger

  7. that's a whole lotta shoes...but I favor the amazing jewels...Your Pinterest boards are very inspiring, Sande!

  8. I will never look at women in heels the same way again, nor will I shop for them the same either! Oh, I hope we girls are the only ones who ever read that Louboutin statement...all I can say is what does that say for women who love flats??!!


  9. Oh gorgeous and jewels!! Too funny of Mr Louboutin...I think he may be overplaying it just slightly for attention me thinks ;)

    Have a fab weekend
    love DJ

  10. It wasn't the discomfort of wearing those shoes for ages that made me go oooohhhh then? Too funny....B:)

  11. Sande,, love the new look.. Incredible and the colored frames and love that page bar.. Brava Carla xxxx

  12. Mr Louboutin! I often wondered how men and women differ in that experience! Hmmm! Such a beautiful post, thank you so much!

  13. i adore the coveteur!!! nice choice!


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