Friday, October 7, 2011

Neck Party underway............for tonight

What I like in this Coveteur feature on stylist/designer/blogger Kelly Framel is how she displays her belts. And she has the most fabulous hair style. This whole jewelry display looks like a party ready to happen and is there anything more fun than layering and mixing up necklaces when you have a party happening tonight? 

I thought I was going too far, too many...........until I saw this on Kelly's blog The Glamourai. I would consider this a Neck Party for sure and I have one of my own underway for a wedding tonight. Have a fun, fun weekend. 

Photos via The Coveteur/The Glamourai


  1. Sande I will love seeing what you put together, I hope you take photos!

    Art by Karena

  2. Dear Sande,
    I would definitely wear the necklaces and the belts like that !!......I already do to a certain extent although, just as I walk out of the door I remember Coco Chanel's words to take one thing off !! Have a lovely wedding and a wonderful weekend. XXXX

  3. Kelly is amazing isn't she. So much style and inspiration.

    Happy weekend my sweet. I'm off to view the wonderful "Two Hundred Years of Wedding Fashions" on loan from the V & A Museum, cannot wait.
    xxx DJ

  4. Dear Sande,
    This neck party could almost be the dress! So fun and festive! Have a beatiful wedding!

  5. Enjoy the wedding! and Sande, thank you for the inspiration, absolutely love the look of the neck party. i have been collecting ethnic jewelry over the years and have all the pieces in bags filling all my closet drawers. This is the perfect solution for displaying the necklaces.

  6. Yes, just love the look!! I'm with Karena - hope you'll take a shot of your layering - sure it will be fabulous!!

  7. Hi Sande, How is miss your other blog format. I miss the way I can find your previous posts, I miss seeing who you follow, I miss being able to see the popular subjects. Oh and I miss the gorgeous chartreuse green background. This is clinical be comparison. Pleas come back in your former glory!!

  8. HI Sande, that is incredible. I want a neck party at my place tonight. HOpe things are great for you. I love the photo of your doggie. Carla

  9. love.... hope you are doing great sande... x


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