Monday, February 16, 2009

Basic Black

Image by Sande Chase. Paper Flowers by IndabaTrading

If you read yesterday's post, you may have thought I was crazy suggesting buying black gift wrap as your basic paper. You might even have thought "how drab" but today's gift combination shows how it acts just like black accents do in a room let's other colours pop. accented with bright, lemon ribbon as shown above, this gift box becomes bright and happy, but sophisticated in it's drama. You can change the mood of this neutral base with leftover ribbon of any colour. And that is alot easier than trying to find matchy paper to matchy up to a pile of different ribbon colours.

When you find it, buy'll tell me I'm right later.

Photos via palomasnest.etsty

You can't reside in a border town without doing cross-border shopping. For me it's a short drive to Somerset in Troy, Michigan, aka The Mother Ship as a client of mine used to call it. In other words, when it comes to shopping, that border is just a toll booth to more things, I feel pretty much the same about website shopping. It just gives me more to choose from and alot more sources to share. Finding Etsy, a marketplace of talented artists was like visiting Pluto, a whole new shopping world, minus the toll booth. I love, love this stylish wood bracelet, even more I love the possibilities of what this gift can say to a friend. You pick the custom words so speak from the heart or be as fun-loving as your friend. The cloth gift bag - Love & Kisses - shown at top is available extra.

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  1. Your journal is exquisite.
    I expected nothing less.
    Stay gorgeous.
    Love you
    Jeanne ^j^


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