Monday, February 23, 2009

Wrapped in Paris

This makes me want to re-style my dressing table and perfume bottles. Though I don't have any vintage bottles as evocative of Paris as these, I can work with what I have and see what happens. Don't you think Lampe Berger should come out with a Vintage Paris collection that looks as fabulous as these? While I'm thinking of vintage Paris, this little idea for wrapping a petite cadeau came over me..............

New Paris Vintage Labels gift wrap!

Sometimes you just need to wrap up a special little something. Nothing too big or extravagant, could be a co-worker's birthday, the friend who listens really well, or a hostess gift. The gift may be small, but the giving message is the same and you want your petite presentation to reflect that. I used a thin velvet ribbon so this Paris vintage label pattern remains visible, then layered a decorative label over the ribbon. Decorative labels come in the same images as the paper so this is especially effective and easy. I tied in a amber crystal heart (taken from a keychain), but you could just as easily use the tiny paper flowers shown in last weeks post or any bauble you take from old costume jewelry. I'll show you more of these decorative labels as I prep them for addition to my website.

Photo Image from Jo Tyler-discovered via Beautiful Things To Share, Vintage Paris Gift Wrap and Vintage Decorative Labels Tin from Cavallini & Co.

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