Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pink Blush

Something about this sooooo............. soothing pink bedroom makes me want to blush. I ashamed to admit I really, really want a pink bedroom.

Here's a lovely la la bouquet for you today.
My friend Stephanie introduced me to the floral creations of Jane Packer when she actually went to her 5-day floral design workshop in London, England. It was first on her very-long list of post-retirement projects, all kinds of wonderful adventures, new things to learn, and helping out her friends. Nobody creates alone and that certainly includes me, Stephanie parked herself in my studio many a afternoon and helped me along the creative path to making packages so much more beautiful. Sharing is such a gracious gift and the best kind. Thank you to my most talented la la friend.

Top Bedroom Photo from House Beautiful, Floral photo from Jane Packer

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