Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Orange, orange and more orange...

photo images by Sande Chase-Oooh la la Cadeau

When a customer says you pick the gift wrap, even I can be surprised with the results, and often find a new favorite combination. Orange wrap, orange double-face satin, orange hand-dyed silk ribbon, peach sheer ribbon, and a peach silk peony takes this gift to it's over-the-top status, just as the customer requested. Silk flowers can add beautiful volume to a gift wrapped box and are readily available (and often on sale) at home stores these days, so if you see a pretty one, grab a bunch for your next gift wrapping project. Clip off the stem leaving approximately 4 inches so it tucks nicely under the ribbon tie center. I can't stand paper seams showing on larger boxes so adding a length of wide ribbon around the perimeter hides it nicely. Just use double-sided tape to secure on the inside of ribbon edges. You aren't trying to gift wrap without double-sided tape are you? More on that in an upcoming post.

Multiple gifts were inside the gift box shown above and which goes to show the effect of using multiple gift wrap patterns. When stocking up on wrap papers, look to buy solids and patterns that can work together. Think the way you would for buying room accessories and you stay in a colour zone. Pick a gift wrap look (and it doesn't have to be forever) stock up and stick to it for the season anyways. Less wasteful and your gifts will have a distinctive signature look which you develop. We'll get back the seals shown on the tissue wrap at bottom, Fed Ex just delivered my new styles that I want to share. Need a few days of prep.

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  1. So lovely and elegant.
    Love Jeanne ^j^

    Orange you glad it is almost spring?


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