Thursday, February 19, 2009

Too Clever of a Gift

If I was as clever as I sometimes think I am, I would have thought of this idea myself. And I almost missed it when I was checking out of the Iomoi website after purchasing some of their paper (old-school) stationery. I just barely caught the line sign-up for free trial on e-stationery and off I went, right into email heaven. Within 5 minutes I had sent off my trial email- the Pagoda style- ordered my own subscription, another one for my friend Stephanie, and then spent 2 hours figuring out how many more emails I could send in such a stylish fashion. It's a great way to send off a thank you (the email kind, not the written ones that get mailed to a real mailbox), birthday greetings, little notes of support, and whenever else you want to be more personal in your email correspondence. You can do these all day if you want, and each one with a different design, I counted over 120 stationery designs in the everyday section alone. The font choices are an added bonus, I favour the handwritten style seen on top sample because it's better than my own. For a $15.00 US yearly subscription price, this is the kind of gift that just keeps giving and giving. Go through the site and when it registers how fabulous this is and how easy, you will be emailing your first thank you to me. When you do, please tell me how clever I really am.

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