Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Eggplant Organza & Amber

A sheer cape recently filed away in my fashion folder reminded me of a gift order which went out during the holiday season. I love, love this Ilana Wolf organza cape and how it adds such stylish dimension to basic black. I wear a lot of black, way too much, but looking to dramatically tone down the clothing budget and embellish what I have. Wouldn't this do the trick?

Basic black gift wrap again, but customer wanted this gift to be less-holiday looking and more sophisticated. Nothing is going to do that level of drama better than black, chocolate brown silk, a eggplant sheer organza ribbon, and a little pair of silver ornaments. What's inside? I try to set a mood so the gift style builds up the anticipation of what to expect when they begin to unwrap. Certain products just tell you how they want to be wrapped, the Cote Bastide amber-scented crystals (refresher oil available) had me transported to another era, so I used a 6" wide bronze taffeta ribbon in a couture fashion, no paper as the black linen box is gorgeous on it own. What a fabulous gift and enough crystals to dispense this heady scent in little bowls all over the house. It's gender-neutral, both men and women respond to the elegant fragrance. It was supposed to be my private-stash gift item, but this product from France was too good not to share, my supply disappeared in days. Reminder to self, must re-order and share again. Though a bit pricey at $79.00 (it smells expensive!) it lasts forever with the refresher oil which can be ordered extra. I stashed one box on my desk as I can't quite get enough of this amber scent..........aah, it reminds me of my past life sashaying around Versailles. I knew I would remember.

Top left photo by Sande Chase, Cape Photo from Neiman Marcus, bottom photo by Sande Chase - Oooh la la Cadeau

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  1. Blessings
    Everything you share is a slice of Heaven.
    Love Jeanne ^j^


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