Sunday, February 15, 2009

Just beginning............

....a blog all about gifting for women.
What to give, where to find it, how to wrap it.

Let the unwrapping begin.........

Two years ago I jumped into a new career after 20 years as an interior designer and launched an e-commerce website called Oooh la la Cadeau which ships boxed gifts to women across North America. The more I wrapped the more the world "unwrapped" for me. Gifting and giftwrapping is a passion which I hope to share with you along with where and how I get inspired.

It can be the products I see at trade shows, the runway of couture, a gorgeous floral arrangement, or a fabulously creative room, all the beauty that sends me down to my wrap room each and every day. Above is a small corner of my studio where I play with pattern and colour. I hope my blog will be much like getting a gorgeous little gift each and every day.

Often the products themselves will inspire a colour scheme and you can never go wrong with plain black paper. If you have to pick one colour of giftwrap to buy, make it black, matte, shiny, tone-on-tone, doesn't matter. Any colour of ribbon looks good on black and instantly elevates it's level of sophistication. Surprisingly, this even works for baby gifts, pale pink or baby blue ribbon looks gorgeous on black paper. There is a few other embellishments as seen above, don't worry, we will be getting to them in upcoming posts.

Products in box by ElizabethW, images by Sande
Card in top photo Annechovie via Etsy


  1. I am so happy to have found your blog. It is a visual delight!

  2. Beginnings are always courageous moments in time. YOur blog has truly done well & I am so happy to have come across it too...


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