Thursday, October 21, 2010

Gilt Crystal and Glamour Gift Wrap Challenge ~ Part One

You know that Gilded Glamour Gift Wrap Challenge I gave myself a few posts back? The one inspired by my photo of the Ralph Lauren store display in Paris? The one where I said come back and see the result sometime this week? Just so you know, I had absolutely no idea where this challenge was going to head but I was determined to pull this one off......... even though I was a bit worried after the stated fact.

Surprisingly, I don't actually have all that much "gold and gilt" gift wrap materials. I like gold, I just tend towards working with colours when it comes to gift wrap presentations. But this lack of "gilt" only made me look a little harder, dig a little deeper, and gather some golden inspiration to capture the essence of that Paris salon. This is my Part One of this "gilded challenge" and you will see a few more over the next week, once I started I was really into this gilt and crystal "salon" look and even better for me, it has special holiday gift written all over it.

 ~ the Ralph Lauren Paris salon inspiration ~

This presentation brought together more than a few of my gift wrap pointers. I used a standard matte gold wrapping paper that I buy in a commercial roll, a burnished gold taffeta ribbon that I bought at a mark-down bin at a craft store a long time ago, a black faux-fur hair scrunchie, and a crystal bauble from my old jewelery stash that I didn't even know was there until I went hunting for something sparkly this morning. It obviously fell off something and luckily had a small eye at the rear that I needed for a secure ribbon attachment. If I hadn't found this I was totally prepared to take apart other jewelry pieces......... actually I did but the "gilt" challenge isn't over yet. You will have to come back to see more.

Step One ~ Wired Ribbon

Step Two ~ Scrunchie

This faux-fur hair scrunchie (and it really is and no I wouldn't wear it) slides over the ribbon knot, pull through the ribbon tails and it really is that easy. Lots of instant volume, almost having a collar effect and creating a nest for the sparkly bauble. I slide through another short length of ribbon and then just folded each of the four ribbon tails under for poufs. No complicated bow-tying needed. This bow-less ribbon style will only work with wired type ribbons, something more readily found during holidays. 

Step Three ~ Bauble

This was sheer luck to find this crystal bauble, but you could just as easily use a brooch, clasp, or as you will see this next week..........even earrings, with or without their partners.

All photos by Sande Chase ~ A Gift Wrapped Life


  1. Sande,

    This gift is so beautiful and I love the glamorous and sophisticated look of black and gold...and I really like little hints of black along the edge of this ribbon. I always enjoy seeing how people repurpose things and this faux fur scrunchie looks like a black powder puff! Very resourceful and pretty! I would be proud of this package!

  2. i would never unwrap! This is absolutely delightful...


  3. Tres chic.
    Very very Parisian - I would love to receive and unwrap this gift as there will be something equally exquisite inside!!

    Sande you're such an inspiration!

  4. So beautiful, Sande. Thank you for sharing such beautiful gift wrap.
    Have a nice weekend.

  5. I love this look. I might not look at feather scrunchies the same way again.

  6. Tres elegante ~ with exquisite ribbon and I so love the gorgeous bauble ~ you have done well .

  7. This is a fantastic look....I love the touch of "bling"....glamorous gift!!!

  8. I love the idea of using a hair scrunchie...I've never attempted that technique. The package looks very elegant!

  9. Love the it marabou? I have used white marabou trimming tops of white gift bags with white tissue paper. This was something I used in my antique booth; when you purchased something from my booth, which had lots of white, silver and gold at the time, you got a special gift bag to put it in! No one else in the store was doing anything like that at the time, everyone loved it!
    Also, what a great way to use onesy earrings...can't find the partner, etc.
    --Lee Ann

  10. You make it sound so easy, Sande, 1-2-3... Lovely & creative, can't wait to see more; have a lovely weekend~

  11. Oh, it looks so beautiful, black and a litle bit of bling are a wonderful combination. XXXX

  12. oh...this is glam absolute, Sande ! and so feminine too...Thank you so much for your lovely comment and support ! Have a great week end...

  13. Thanks for your comment on my post today, I just added you to the photo credits, I missed doing that yesterday!

  14. Sande you have inspired me to dash down to the haberdashery store and buy every single metre of gold ribbon and black marabou I can find! This is undeniably glamourous and wonderful - thank you for posting about it.

  15. So so beautiful, Sandi! I love your inspiration, too -- so lovely and elegant :)

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend my friend,

  16. Oh, it does look wonderfully glamorous and elegant.

    I have to admit that I laughed about the scrunchie, I can just see some poor person still wearing these and shaking their head in amazement that someone else would use their favourite hair accessory for present wrapping - so funny...

    It looks beautiful and stunning and I'm looking forward to some more glamour. Have a lovely week, Love from London x

  17. So exquisite, Sande!

    I agree, that bit of bling makes it sparkle. I would never want to open it. A perfect combination.

    Have a beautiful week.


  18. Oh Sande, I think my eyes widened when I saw this. So glamorous and gorgeous.


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