Sunday, October 31, 2010

Some days I get gorgeous gifts too...............

I totally get how people feel when they receive a beautifully gift wrapped package. I like to wait hours to prolong the pleasure of unwrapping something so thoughtfully created and so I did. When I received my recent Etsy order from Mandy at A La Parisienne and finally opened the box ........oh, my goodness, a peacock feather. How gorgeous! Such a fabulous embellishment.........wouldn't we have fun gift wrapping together? 

One of Mandy's feminine note cards from her Etsy shop in the background. Simple white paper but so striking with green ribbon and the hounds tooth pattern. The same colour scheme, but each package styled differently. Doesn't Mandy prove my that gift wrapping point I am always trying to make? It's not what you use, it's how you use it. Though the peacock feather is most special I must say.

Mandy used hounds tooth tissue paper to make these scalloped cut-outs and layered them into a petite embellishment. She sent me some extra so I could experiment with them, I can't quite think how I could do this any better.

Something extra as well from my fellow blogger friend.........a thoughtful trio of her own Joyeux Noel photo postcards. I like the idea of sending these out soon, a bit of holiday beauty landing in some one's mailbox.

Mandy has many beautiful things at her Etsy shop, always something new and clever. She recently introduced these genuine vintage fur collars and they reminded me of a stylish Parisian lady I saw in a Paris restaurant. My sister-in-law came back from the toilettes and said you have to go to the toilettes right now so you won't miss the lady in the corner table. You have to see this now. Wearing an elegant fur stole over a simple silk sheath, sparkly but discreet earrings, a wispy chignon, red lipstick, and sitting at the table with very erect posture, the elderly Parisian lady (with a bit of a Grey Garden look) owned the table that summer evening with her chic ensemble. I wanted to sit down at that table, ask her to tell me her story, I know she would have had a really good one. Doesn't everyone?

I adore my new (but vintage) fur collar from talented Mandy, it adds something to every outfit. I think I must wear it next weekend, the sooner the better. Sit up straighter, wear some red lipstick.........make up a chic little fashion story of my own.

All photos by Sande Chase ~ A Gift Wrapped Life
Bottom Photo via A La Parisienne-Etsy


  1. Exquisitely wrapped gift from Mandy.
    Her Joyeux Noel cards are equally as beautiful, I'm a constant card giver (and keeper) as many I buy or make as gifts stay in my collection!
    I adOre your Swedish fur collar - it will immediately bring 'French chic' to many ensembles. Totally luxurious and feminine (now I wish it was Winter again, as I still wear a similar grey one that was my grandmothers).

    I enjoy every one of your posts Sande, you're a great start to my day on the other side of the world - thank you!

  2. It's all so beautiful! The wrapping, the ornaments, the you smiled all day!

  3. The peacock feather is gorgeous and would make an amazing addition to Christmas gifts!

  4. love the mink and the peacock feather!!!
    Happy Halloween!

  5. Beautiful!!

    I am running over there now to check out her shop.

    Have a lovely week.


  6. The ornaments in the photo of the Joyeux Noel cards look like one that has been saved in my family since I was a child. It's faded and has lost much of its glitter (literally!), but Mother gave it to me several years ago and it will hang on my tree again this year. Thanks for the lovely reminder.

  7. fabulous! what a lovely presentation. Enjoy your collar and wear it with that red lipstick and a dash of elan!

  8. Love peacock feathers! I had some displayed with reeds in a floor vase that moved several times without incident until the last that is.

    Your collar is wonderful.

  9. Oh, Sande, to wrap gifts with you for a day would be so much fun, and I still do have SO MUCH to learn! I am so honored that I had the opportunity to send you something in the mail and to wrap it for you. I really have learned so much from your words and pictures on your blog over the past year and a half, and I am so happy that I was able to send YOU a package!
    I know that you will look beautiful in your vintage fur necktie, and I imagine that you, too, will be capturing the attention of passers by!
    My heartfelt thank you for sharing this experience with your readers. Your encouragement and compliments are always so uplifting.

  10. I believe the gift wrap IS part of the gift and so appreciate it when I receive a gift like that. How special....hope you took your time!

  11. So so beautiful! lovely gifts and wrapping -- the entire ritual of it is so fun :)

    I hope you had a lovely weekend, my friend,


  12. How very elegant is that beautiful fur collar! and the pretty Noel cards ever so.. sweet & pretty.

  13. Oh how true it that - seeing there are so many beautiful older people in this part of the world and I too would love to know their story, somehow their style transends and I want some. x
    This fur is gorgeous Sandy - enjoy wearing it.

  14. I love the elegant fur stole! It reminds me of my mother dressing for dinner. So chic!

  15. Beautiful! I love it when the presentation is as lovely as the gift. One gets two for one. ;-)
    ~ Sarah

  16. Dearest Sande,

    The peacock feather is my favorite too!
    The fur collar looks great with the heavy satin ribbon... so lush and romantic!

    Sunny greetings from Georgia,


  17. Sande ~

    Isn't that Mandy the best? I absolutely adore her and all her creations! In fact, we often discuss how wonderful it would be for the crumb and her sweet Amelia to play together.

    No doubt you will enjoy all of these gorgeous gifts!


  18. Dear Sande~

    Mandy, Mel and You are my first circle and still friends here in our blogland. Mandy is Amazing and anything she touches is magical. You are the same and I can see you both inspire eachother.

    Beautiful gift for a beautiful woman.


    p.s. I read the two books and loved loved loved them. One on the way to Paris and one on the way home~

  19. So pretty. She really has a lovely way of presenting things and a beautiful sense of color.
    (Hope you got my e-mail.)
    Catherine xo

  20. thank you for your sweet comment!
    i jus tLove your blog!
    Been a follower of yours for a while now!!

  21. Loved the houndstooth touch -- what a lovely package! xo

  22. Mandy does have that talented touch. Looking forward to looking at all her treasures on etsy. The French woman sounded so very intriguing. I can only imagine her life experiences.

    Happy Wednesday to you sweet Sande!


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