Friday, March 12, 2010

Henri Bendel ~ Box Regift 1

I have very generous friends when it comes to giving me lovely boxes full of lovely birthday things. So I am well-supplied with some gorgeous store boxes right now which I will use to show you how to regift a store box and use "card cuts" at the same time. A few posts back I talked about using the top image of note or greeting cards to jazz up simple tissue paper, gift wrap or in this case a really good looking box.

This dramatic Henri Bendel ~ New York box has been sitting on my wrap table for a few weeks and today I was in the mood to play around and see how many directions I could take the brown and white stripes. This is the first round using colour matched cards, next week you will see the second and third rounds using the same box but taken in a totally different style and colour direction.

There really is no need to gift wrap the box when it has a pattern this graphic and eye-catching. A simple ribbon and a great "card cut" , doesn't get much easier than that. I just use double- sided tape to affix the card over the store logo. You could also use a glue stick.

Another card cut image from the same box of blank notecards.

Here is the same chocolate image but I added a few wider ribbon bands in the same colour to see if it gave the presentation more impact. It does, but I like the simple, single ribbon just as well.

The vintage typewriter "card cut" is one of my favorites. I used to write a newspaper column on a typewriter so I think it brings back some fond memories. I will use this same card image wrapped in another style in a future post. I am playing like crazy today. Anything to delay getting this sore body back on that bike today.

Welcome, welcome to new followers and readers this week.

And a big welcome to the ambitious ladies who are cycling along with me on my Cycle Challenge. I will introduce them to my sidebar on Sunday. Until then.......get going?

All photos by Sande Chase ~ A Gift Wrapped Life


  1. Gorgeous!
    I always hate to part with my beautiful boxes...I always feel like no one will give them love like I will lol!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Pass that box and the molten chocolate cake please. My cute new bike is still being prepped at the shop. Apparently with this wonderful weather they are out straight. Hopefully I can pick it up next week and get started. I'm looking forward to it. Have a great weekend Sande.

  3. Of course you would figure it out Sande. BRILLIANT! They look fabulous. I love how you were able to reuse the Bendel boxes. Love it!!!

  4. Some boxes are maeant to be coveted! Only those truly deserving should be re gifted to.... no really, there are those who understand and those who do not appreciate the box!
    Have a good weekend,

  5. I love this idea! I have always hesitated to give a gift in a box that is from a different store than the gift. I never wanted to look like I was pretending to upgrade the gift somehow. This solves the problem. I really like it with the simple ribbon the best!

    Ok...I'm not cycling, but I am supporting you. So, I just did 10,500 steps on the Wii...get on the bike!

  6. Beautiful as always Sande - have a great weekend!

  7. Sande,
    I'm in love with these stripes! But mostly, I'm head-over-heels for the vintage typewriter card ~ seriously, love it!
    Hope you have some good bath salts to soak in because this is a must for a bike rider! :)
    Happy weekend to you!

  8. Sande, these are fabulous, you are so talented!!

    Art by Karena

  9. Oh Sande,
    I see that you have cycled nearly 10km. Well done. you are doing really well. Sorry that your body is a bit sore. That will get better in the next week or so.
    Beautiful wrapping, Sande. I love the striped box on it's own but, with your additions it looks spectacular. You always give me some great ideas. XXXX

  10. Sande, thank you so much for sharing and keeping our creative juices flowing. You also are a savvy recycler with a touch of classic chic and encourage us to do the same. I alwasy enjoy reading your posts!
    Cathy B

  11. love the box especially with the chocolate drop card breat wrapping!

  12. I'm so glad I kept some "card cuts" from Christmas cards this year. What a great idea and I love how it dresses up the gift box. Love the samples you show here, Sande!

  13. I would never have thought to place a card cut out over the label. I probably would have stuggled to find ribbon wide enough. What a fantastically brilliant..idea!!!

  14. You make everything look so pretty. What a talent you are, Love it!! I need to remember the card thing. thankyou for the reminder.Kathysue

  15. The graphic Henri Bendel boxes are beautiful with the simple elegant embellishments you have added! What a great presentation. I remember when you used to write those newspaper articles--I believe you have some very fond memories of that time gone by. 9.75 Km. already--way to go--fantastic start.I will have to pull out my bike from the basement. It has some serious dust coverage!

  16. I always save the boxes but never use them!
    Now I can... thank you for showing me how :)
    I'm itching to get my new bike this weekend!!
    Keep it up, I'll soon be right behind you.
    Happy weekend,

  17. I am always fond of a Bendel's box Sande....I love your vintage typewriter card. Have a wonderful weekend and happy cycling, xv.

  18. Hi Sande,
    I have a huge stack of beautiful boxes in my basement. I keep thinking I'll use them for an art installation sometime but perhaps I shall take your brilliant idea and "regift" them. I could probably even use my own artwork to cover the labels. Thank you for the idea!

  19. I adore all of these variations, Sande, but I am in LOVE with that last one--vintage typewriters get me every time, and that one is dreamy!

    I have to wait a few more weeks before the bike comes back out--still too cold up here (at least for me) in northern New England--but I love, love, love to bike, and I am cheering you on. Thanks for being such an inspiration.

    Happy weekend! xoxo Gigi

  20. I'm so happy to see that someone as stylish as you does this too! I'm always afraid of being thought "cheap" when I re-dress and re-gift a beautiful box or bag. Not that that's ever stopped me. I'm fairly new here to your blog (how I've missed it, I'll never know), and am loving all the inspiration.
    (and my new bike is on it's way! psych-ing myself up for your challenge!)

  21. Sande!

    LOVE these Bendel box stripes and what you have waved your magic wand and done once again! Always inspiring for me over here with you...even your sore body is getting me inspried to end my walks maybe by getting on my bike:)


  22. Love, love. love this, Sande ~ especially the vintage typewriter. Thanks for giving me some fresh, new ideas for some boxes I have been saving.

    I don't have bike yet, but you have definitely motivated me to get one soon! Great job on your mileage!

    xo ~ Dana

  23. What can I say? Simply beautiful, Sandi. I love the box and what you have done :)


  24. Your gift wrapping is absolutely divine! So glad I found your blog.


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