Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Modern Women........who took the Cycle Challenge

You know how sometimes your file photos just line up and tell you they want to be together? I didn't even know I downloaded these pedestals but I thought they were telling me something. Like start using all those pretty things you have in your china pantry. The other thing these delicious and delectable images told me was.............get going and maybe you can actually enjoy a little treat now and again. Just not right now.

When I told you the other day about my Cycle Challenge, I neglected to tell you that I believe I was born in the wrong century. At heart I am a 17th century woman with consumption or some other malady that lets you lay about in gorgeous linen on a wicker chaise and eat treats all day and write journal entries with an acceptable excuse. Those ladies weren't suffering from consumption, they were just plain lazy and sometimes I can be too.

I often have to tell myself that it is the 21st century and it is far more modern to be fit and limber than it is to be waning and wide. The only reason I hit the pavement on my bike today was because I publicly told you I would and I now have some virtual company to hold me accountable. Even though I had the best excuse in the world (and my excuses are always the best you ever heard) to not cycle today I just stayed slow and steady. I am not worried about mileage yet, I just put my helmet on and got going. We are not going to be competing especially since I start crying if anyone says I can beat you, I am pathetically ill-equipped at any level for group competition. I would just go home and read a book. So if that was holding you back in joining this challenge, rest assured this is a personal challenge not a competitive one.

Tomorrow when I cycle, I am going to tie a small ribbon on my handlebar. It is going to remind me that I have actually convinced some of my fellow bloggers and readers in joining me on this Cycle Challenge and I am cheering them on because there is nothing more attractive than a modern woman who is strong and determined, one who rises to a new challenge and says "I want slimmer hips". I am joking with my last line, but not really..............you will be slimmer, svelte, and so smart your friends will be out buying a bike faster than you can believe, trust me on this. Meet the delightful group of ladies who are joining my Cycle Challenge so far and who will be listed on my blog sidebar with their weekly mileage and links starting this Sunday. You can join in at any time. You can opt out at any time. No competition, no smirking............but it does work and you can publicly thank me in May or June.

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  1. Sande I am so terribly impressed with your new challenge to us all. My husband bought me a bike last year and I must admit I have never accepted his challenge. He would so love for me to take cycling more serious as he knows what it can do for your health & yes, hips! He cycles 150 miles per week with aprox. 100 of that on Sat. & Sunday. He cycles each year from Houston to Austin to raise money for the fight against MS. So, I am a bit intimidated when it comes to cycling anywhere near him as he'd have to go in slow-notion. You've give me much to consider and re-think Sande.
    Your the best! xx

  2. Sande you always get me with your humour, now if you would ride with me and keep me laughing I'd do it :o

    Seriously way to go, I love the little ribbon idea!

  3. I'm glad you got some friends to ride along with you. I told you I was walking to the Wii, and one of my friends bought the same walking "game". We compare notes all the time and while we don't compete...if she unlocks something cool, I want to see it too. So, we do end up pushing each other.

  4. Sande,

    What a fun idea!

    I am running to catch my life back and can't wait to start petaling with YOU!! For now, I am on foot & skis still.... I'll catch up to you soon!

    Keep up the good work!


  5. I'm rooting for you Sande and your fellow cyclists. ..... and, everyone must do it at their own pace. As you sid, it's not a competition.. Like DJA, I love the idea of the ribbon.
    All the best Sande and, every success with the cycling.
    YOU GO GIRL(S) !!!! XXXX

  6. Dear Sande,
    I'm rooting for you and your fellow cyclists .... and, you should all definitely go at your own pace. Like you said, it's not a competition.
    Like DJA, I love the idea of the ribbon. That will be very inspiring.
    Wishing you every success, Sande.

  7. Sande ... count me IN. Your challenge was just thing I needed. I have finally come up for air from work deadlines ( that was an excuse right there wasn't it ? ) and I am vowing to begin again with the walking, yoga and cycling. By the way what color is your ribbon ? I want to match ! Here's to our own personal success !

    xoxo !!!

  8. Dear Sande,

    I have two flat tires (on my bike, before anyone draws the wrong conclusion). Is it alright if I swim? Then perhaps when the weather gets better I can bicycle to the pool.

    I'll get back to you.

    It's a great idea. Keep us posted.


  9. Hello Sande,

    oooh,I really like your blog,I also like gift wrapping,I`am from Holland,maybe you can visit my blog sometimes?

    Greetings Janet

  10. Ooh...Sande, this sounds very tempting. Once it warms up a bit and I get my bike in running order I may join you. I will follow for a bit to see how you all are going. I am good at excuses too!!
    Love the pics and the bike...wonderful!
    Jeanne :)

  11. I am visiting from the lovely Debra's Lifescapes blog. Since I live in Anchorage Alaska and will not be biking outside any time soon (actually I do not even own a bike) is it possible to join the bike ride at the gym on the stationary bike?

  12. You are a hoot. Now I am dying for Baked Alaska. I admire you! I am contemplating, lol.

  13. Sande,

    You inspired me to hop on the stationery bike at the gym the other day (does that count?). I cranked out 6 miles and my hips are still sore. I'm in on the challenge. Though I might be running instead of biking some days, I think the point is to get moving, right? Thanks!


  14. Please count me in! It will be great to tally up the the miles or (km) as spring progresses and on in to summer. This idea of yours Sande, is just so cool.

  15. Sande,
    Thank you for the bike advice. I've sent everything to my McDreamy since he is the one who will purchase for me (wink! wink!). Luckily, I have a birthday coming up in April, so a bike is on my wish list. And then I will happily surround myself with many pedestals of overflowing delectable sweets!
    No doubt the ribbon you will tie to your handlebar will be exquisite...leave it to you to 'gift wrap' your bike!

  16. Sande, Good for you!! I can not cycle with you but I am going to get on my treadmill and because of you I am seriously thinking of buy an exercyle. I will let you know if that happens. I love the phrase about the waning and wide, I had to laugh out loud on that note. Loved all the pedestals the delicater curves are so lovely. I also wanted to thank you for your generous compliment on my last years Easter TAble. By all means copy away, it is really easy and fun to do. I feel very honored that you would want to do so. Thank you,Kathysue

  17. way to go, sande!

    you're an inspiration for us all.

    love the ribbon idea!

  18. Couldnt have said it better myself go Sande, my bike is ready just hoping the rain will hold it hasnt stopped for 2 days once I have done my first leg will let you know my milage not promising a long ride today but it will be a good start, for me any how :)

  19. I adore your blog so much, Sande! I love all the pretty stuff and a good challenge! ;) take care ~Jenn


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