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Underappreciated........Tissue Paper

We sometimes forget about tissue paper as a gift wrap. In the past 20 years since gift bags were introduced we have mostly seen it as something to stuff into gift bags to make them look more gift wrapped, more coordinated. And let me state here, I have nothing against a great gift bag. I am just sorry that it has somewhat positioned tissue paper as a bag stuffer in most people's minds. As a gift wrap, sometimes there can be nothing more perfect.

Not only is tissue more economical, it often offers me a colour I can't find in a gift wrap paper. Which brings me to the second part of this subject..........using leftover cards as gift wrap embellishments. In this post I am using two card cuts as I call them to bring a bit of visual colour and pattern to tissue paper which can be colourful, but simple in nature. This card is from a boxed set of blank cards in which I made a writing error. I keep these aside and simply cut off the cover and keep the card image for this wrapping purpose.

These gorgeous peony bouquets were die cut invitations that I bought, didn't need, but just loved the image. I do hope I am not the only one who does this sort of thing. Maybe I thought I would have a tea party of some sort? When I recently ran across these in a drawer I took them right down to my studio and cut off the backs and promptly used them up as gift tags. You can use the covers of cards that were given to you, blank cards with writing errors, anything with a beautiful image that may perk up your paper or tissue gift wrapping.

This one hangs in my studio with a gorgeous and trailing length of ribbon where I gift wrap just because .........

I used one of the peony cards as a gift card on a Wrap Room box that went out last week. Just a simple hole punch, tied it in with narrow ribbon . You can see a stylish B & W card cut I have ready to use on another gift which I will show you soon. "Card cuts" can work on any type of gift wrapping, not just tissue.

Tissue paper is also sometimes the only wrapping option, some items are difficult to wrap with the heavier weight of paper and the edges look like something a guy would do (generally speaking). This is where the softer weight of tissue paper shows it real beauty. Some products have a nature that better suits tissue as shown with this linen and lavender filled drawer liner. Can you picture it wrapped in gift wrap paper? I can't. It can softly fold around awkward edges and is a bit more forgiving. It does take practise to handle well but once you are comfortable with it you will agree that it is certainly under appreciated. Doing folded tissue pleats also takes practise but not much. It is difficult to show you this technique photographically so I am looking at adding video as in YouTube for many of the gift wrap tips..........will keep you posted.

There are a few things things to know about tissue paper. It is infinitely better to try and purchase it in flat 20" x 30" reams if you would like to use it more often as a gift wrap. I would refer to this as the professional method of buying tissue. One ream is 480 sheets and runs approximately $30-$40.00 so you can see the value in it's purchase. That covers a lot of gift wrapping, especially when it comes to wrapping for shower favours or multiples. I do have an issue with how tissue paper is sold in overly-folded packages these days as it makes it only good for stuffing, not folding. The second thing to know is to be generous with it's use. The more tissue layers, the more lovely and elegant it feels. I generally use 3-4 sheets on any product as the multiple layering also accentuates the tissue colour and hides any product colours. Wrap the item in both directions to hide any edges.

I tucked the stem of this die cut bouquet into the tissue folds and just let the long silk ribbon tail fall where it may. Wrapping in this style can also be more cost efficient because it requires little ribbon, a good way to use up short lengths that may be too short to tie into a bow. You can use shorter lengths as I have illustrated in the lavender one shown above, simply held in place with the card and double-sided tape.

Ready to brighten someone's day.

All photos by Sande Chase ~ A Gift Wrapped Life


  1. Beautiful! I love using tissue paper! I keep it in lots of different colours for all sorts of wrapping!

  2. What a great idea, and beautifully done ... thank you for this!!!

  3. I love tissue paper to wrap presents, Sande. ....and, I agree about it being easier regarding the corners.
    I love the violet gift and the 'peony bouquet' looks brilliant. I have always used old Christmas cards as gift tags, using only the special ones....and often use cards that I've made a mistake on, but, not with so much flair as you have !!
    Thank you, so much Sande for such special ideas. XXXX

  4. Sande, I agree, tissue comes in such wonderful colors, almost water colors. You have done an amazing job here. I love the peonies. They look so real I had to take a double-take. Beautiful idea as always, Kathysue

  5. I adore tissue paper and use it often. That pink gift wrapping is superb Sande...xv

  6. I have the same peony invitation cards...still in the package because they are just too pretty to use....

    I love what you've done with them by putting a bow around the is brilliant!
    I sometimes...actually more often than not, leave the card exposed to coordinate with what I wrap the gift's too pretty to hide away in an envelope!

    stay creative!

  7. Beautiful! I confess, I use it mostly inside packages, though I try to coordinate it. Those pleats you made really finish it off so beautifully!

  8. Simplicity is lovely! Thank you for bringing tissue paper out of the back closet and back into the limelight.

  9. What an absolutely beautiful way to giftwrap. I often use tissue paper, but have not really gone the extra mile of folding it and using it extravagantly - thankyou

  10. These are absolutely lovely~ Merci for the inspiration!

  11. I'm really enjoying this. I love to wrap and I actually do use many of your techniques already. I often use tissue and the fronts of cards. But, I don't do the folds or cut out the shapes on the cards etc. In other words, I do do it much better. I'm learning new tricks!

  12. Tissue can do wonders . I once folded in pleats, brown kraft paper with several sheets of orange tissue as its liner and wrapped it with pleats positioned vertically around a bottle of wine and tied it at the neck with orange raffia and a gift tag. Then pulled down the pleats around the neck exposing the orange tissue folds. The bottle looked like it was wearing a beautiful dress with an orange ruffles at the neck. It was a bit of work getting the pleats thin and even, but the result was worth the effort. One can simply pull the wrapping up and off the bottle and save it for the next, with a new gift tag of course.

  13. Amazing Sande! I LOVE how you folded the pleats! It makes it so much more elegant. Beautiful as always Miss Sande!

  14. I couldn't agree more. I love to wrap with tissue paper.

  15. What a lovely idea to make the tucks with the tissue. I love to use tissue paper as a gift wrap. It comes in such wonderful colors and is so easy to work with. I always learn something wonderful on my visits here. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Oh the pink gift and tag look so pretty. I agree about the pesky little folded bits of tissue paper available.

    Hey so you will be YouTube'ing it babe, way to go!!

  17. HI SANde,

    Wonderful color!!!!

    J'adore NUance très très CHIC!!!!!!!

    ...I am yust arrived from Florence really a nice my blog a report!!!
    Kisses :)

    Daniela "DREAM SHABBY CHIC" from Milano

  18. Wonderful and of course I love the pink !! tissue. I have those same peony gift tags!! I agree that it is too expensive and too folded when you buy it in those clear packages at the store.
    You can also contact a packaging company and they will sell you tissue in bulk and many times you can do a little logo on it and it is not expensive.

  19. These are lovely, inexpensive ideas to create gorgeous wrappings, thank you for sharing.

  20. Sande this is so beautiful! I love how you make Tissue Paper look expensive and elegant! So Special~

  21. Thank you for such a beautiful post Sande!
    What is the best source for the tissue? I love wrapping with tissue,and have used this technique. It is beautuful.
    My first job was wrapping gifts in an upscale shop, and I learned a lot there, but you are the masters course in gift wrapping!

  22. I am loving this article your Majesty! I just love pink so the pink tissue is a favorite:) when I met my husband way back in the day... he gave me a gift that he wrapped and he had pleated the paper in this fancy way and I thought it was so creative of him, so guess who has been wrapping our Christmas Gifts for the past 21 years??? Thanks for sharing:))

    Royal wishes,

  23. Wow Sande this is great! I can't wait until those vids come out!

    Anway, question:

    I work with tissue paper at work and I notice that there are two types the soft ones people stuff into gift bags and thick kind like they use to wrap d.l. &co.candles and then finally the crisp kind that feels kinda like grease paper those are usually in metallics. Which do you prefer to use?

  24. Finally some props for the hardest-working paper in wrap-n-roll. I have one factoid to offer: for years I had read how olde tyme travellers would stuff, wrap their clothes with "silk tissue paper" to pack their steamer trunks. I embarked on a search for this unknown substance. I actually came across something claiming to be it on EBay once but lost the auction. Now I see on the bi-lingual labels on bundles of tissue paper that, in French, tissue paper is called "papier de soie", "soie" translating into "silk" I believe. Mystery solved? ANyway, my paper hat's off to you for your blog on wrapping--the best part about gift-giving for both sides.

  25. I came across your blog while looking for a creative way to fold the tissue paper inside the gift box. I just have just started to enjoy the craft of gift wrapping and while I have found amazing inspiration for the outside of the boxes, the presentation seems to fall flat. I know I have seen amazing folding creating shapes and exposing color, but cannot find a how-to.

    For 2010 I have committed to giving more thoughtful handmade gifts. I have found that quality presentation helps me avoid having to say "I made that." When care and attention are taken in the wrapping, that sentiment is seen in the gift as well.

  26. Love these ideas. Especially the tip about re-using cards when I've made a mistake on them.


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