Monday, March 22, 2010

Shopping for Prada

Like any woman does when you are forced into rest and a reclining position, you go online shopping. Neiman Marcus, Holt Renfrew, Restoration Hardware, Kate Spade, all the fun sites to get me into a spring mood whether it be fashion or furniture. Actually I was doing furniture and lighting research for a design client and did eventually get sidetracked once my work was done. What got me going was the Prada vinyl bag in this month's Vogue (the one with the other purse inside) and couldn't find it online where it looked quite as good as their ad. But this little crystal clutch number up above was equally pleasing to my eye.

I am kind of taken with this Prada vinyl look for summer. Too bad my legs don't tan because I am sure that is what this shoe is intended show off your leg tan (or your superior self-tanning application method) all the way to your toes.

I love wearing statement necklaces, I just don't like the weight around my neck and on my skin. By 7:00 pm I am looking to take it off and wring it around someone elses neck so I guess this means I am not a worthy fashionista. I think I just need to rethink the approach and go for something that I can wear over a shirt or blouse (is that an outdated word?) like this Prada number shown above and below.

Maybe if I put my necklace collection on Ebay I could buy on of these?
And be quite happy with one.

My son is trying to talk me into ditching my Blackberry for an iphone because he knows I am such an easy mark for new technology. Problem is I never did get by Blackberry working with my Bluetooth so I think this means though I like to think I am ahead, I am actually really, really far behind. But I am a really good virtual shopper.

Prada photos from Neiman Marcus


  1. Dearest Sande,
    Prada never disappoints me. I'm not a huge 'label' girl, but I always find Prada shoes to be the most comfortable and fashionable! Backpacks are not my thing, but a friend gave me a small black Prada one for my birthday a few years ago, and I NEVER travel without it now. Prada never goes out of style...just like Cartier! ;)

  2. I have just found your blog and it is gorgeous and I love your heading... perfect! Every woman loves a beautifully wrapped gift and the green packages with black ribbon are lovely...So French I think! I do love that little pink crystal clutch... I will have one too please! I love everything French, interiors, fashion and beautiful imagery...visit me at my blog anytime! Cheers

  3. Dear Sande~

    That Prada clutch looks just like YOU to me!! Isn't it funny how you picture someone you never met but when you see something it reminds you of them? I almost bought you an blouse the other day that reminded me of you. I talked myself out of it because my other self said what is Sande isn't exactly who you are picturing and she doesn't like this blouse.... Anyway my friend, you are always on my mind and close to my heart. What size blouse do you where in case I decide you must have it?

    Have a fun week! And why are you laying down, did I miss something?


  4. I'm new to your blog and just read your first anniversary post. As a very new blogger, it was so great to read that. Thanks for giving me some things to think about. One thing's for sure...the blogging community is incredibly special and (almost!) totally supportive. Thank you.

  5. The only Prada I own is the cologne...but, I do love it!

  6. Sande that clutch is amazing as are the necklaces. Oh my how wonderful any woman would feel wearing any of these beautiful pieces. I can tell you are a woman with such grace and style. Now I find out you are also a techy. Is there nothing you can not do. Have a great evening,Kathysue

  7. Not to be label driven, but i love Prada shoes, their fit is perfect....luckily they very often are on sale at my local store. The necklace is gorgeous...

  8. Adore the Prada clutch!! So much You!!

    Art by Karena

  9. Like Mel, I'm not really a 'label' girl. I've always liked individual shops and 'one off's'. It was a '60's thing and, when I was young, London in the '60's was all about the individual and there were many 'boutiques (you think that blouse is old-fashioned, how about boutique !!)
    I love those necklaces and could be persueded by the shoes !! I never say never !! haha.
    Hope that the muscle injury is feeling better and repairing itself,Sande. XXXX

  10. I sooo agree with your statement on - well - statement necklaces, I love them, they suit me, I have lots of them, yet after a couple of hours they feel like too much of a weight round my neck - and I thought I was alone with that one ;-) Love, love, love the bag! Have a lovely day x

  11. I adore Prada handbags, have not tried their shoes, but after reading the comments, I am going to try them out.

  12. Nice stuffs!!!!
    pretty cool..and loved the pics..

    Elaine from Baby Products

  13. lovely prada clutch.

    i refuse to buy an iphone, because
    everyone who does, ends up
    marrying it. i have five iphoners
    in my family.

    last sunday my husband was playing
    words with friends with my daughter
    . . . during church! i wanted to raise
    my hand and tell our pastor. :)

  14. Such a delightful Prada bag! wow- i must admit all their crystal pieces are outstanding- the shoes?!!!! pieces of art. I have a few crystal necklaces i am lucky to have inherited so was even more delighted to see them featured this Spring/summer! gorgeous blog and i am a hugggggggeeeee fan of exquisite gift wrapping.xx


  15. oh - I adore that bag. mod crystals are everywhere this season, and I'm loving it! It's like lucite (one of my favorite decor trends) for clothes.

  16. Hi Sande I'm back the Cyclone has gone we now have power (yipee)!!
    Love Prada its so classic & never dates good choises, my mum used to have a pair of shoes like that years ago, I wish she hadnt let us play with them as they had to be thrown out (Shame).
    i see the kilometers are adding up I shall be on my bike this weekend (about time) hee.

  17. Hi Sande,
    You made me smile through the entire post. I am not an online shopper - I have to touch and try before I buy, but I do fancy those statement necklaces. And I laughed when you mentioned the weight of them. I thought it was just me with a weak neck! Thanks for the smile!

  18. I agree with your son Sande, ditch the Blackberry. I switched about eight months ago, wow what a difference! A great experience. My wife has a touch. We love the app store.

    You blog and website would look awesome on the iPhone.

    I'm just sayin'


  19. Lovely picks! I was actually at the Prada boutique the other day and saw a few of I would love any of them! Now that I have kids though my expenditures seem to go elsewhere...sigh. How fun to window (or online) shop though!

  20. Oh nice finds my sweet, lovin' that Prada clutch especially.


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