Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Charlotte Moss..........The 2008 Townhouse I somehow missed

I missed this showhouse feature somehow way back when and I would have guessed there wasn't a Charlotte Moss photo that had escaped my notice. It was conceived by Moss as a NY pied-a-terre for a couple who met in Rome and then married in the hills of Tuscany. A sophisticated couple with multiple residences and continental style. I came across this feature on the Veranda website this past weekend and thought it was something new, but it was a 2008 showhouse done for Laurel, a luxury condominium located in the Upper East Side of NY. The point being that it could have been done yesterday and isn't that the true mark of a good designer? I thought if I missed it maybe you had too.

Having a story behind design decisions isn't such a bad idea. Build your ideal profile and it can be a way to direct and edit your design decisions. The enviroment that reflects your passions, your dreams. It may be a better approach than saying " middle aged couple, live in the burbs, no social life, likes blue". The storyline of a continental couple was the inspiration for Moss and resulted in this exquisite blend of French and Italian design. Filling every inch of the fabric-covered wall space above the persimmon velvet sofas with this pair of paintings...........too perfect.

Clients would often ask me how we were going to relate one room to the next. How can it be different but still be connected? See how simple it can be? One small dose of that persimmon colour and it's done and connected.

This sample board of semi-precious stone, wood, and marble samples was originally seen in the Charlotte Moss NY townhouse store. I remember standing there and looking at it for the longest time and thinking "anyone who would go to the trouble of arranging these samples in this type of order is one remarkably detailed and precise person". And as we know, this is absolutely true when it comes to Charlotte Moss.

This may be a tight corner but doesn't it have everything you need?

If you remember the photos from my Mediterranean cruise last fall, I photographed a newspaper rack from a cafe in Cannes that caught my husbands attention (click here). I would do this idea in a minute if I had any wall space left. Maybe I should make some adjustments, this would be so perfect for our weekend newspapers which I like to read at length and in-depth. Another idea would be to mix in some more interesting newspapers, perhaps from Paris, Rome or London. A few brass or pewter towel racks and there you have it, a civilized and interesting wall treatment.

So what colour is your view? It may not be a NY view but it may be something you should be considering when selecting a room's paint colours. You can be 99.9% sure that the tones seen in the copper patina and adjacent limestone building was what inspired Moss to use this soothing palette in the Master Bedroom.

The Charlotte Moss signature..............the most exquisite bed treatments.

All photos from Veranda


  1. I love Charlotte Moss. I have her books, and enjoyed visiting the townhouse when it was open. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Love that last bedroom and the armoire with the fabric pic above it!

  3. the color on those sofas is divine, I tell you....

  4. I'm still going nuts over those paintings on the wall! And then my next favorite is the newspaper rack!

  5. Charlotte Moss is somewhat of a design genius and very down to earth, Did you hear her interview on the SRT? It was really good, It gave me even more respect for her as a person. You should go and check it out, Have a great day, Miss Sande,Kathysue

  6. There is so much to love in this post. That wallpaper!!! The newspaper rack!!! That bed!!!

  7. Dear Sande,
    What a beautiful home. It has much to stimulate the eye. I like that. You can keep minimalist rooms. I do need nice things around me. I love the soft colours of the bedroom. Gorgeous. XXXX

  8. Sande,
    We are kindered spirits and could it be possible our husbands are related? I was floored to see this newspaper image....we have the EXACT same set up in our library!!! I have been meaning to do a post on the whole room, but I am bothered that the window treatment is an unfinished item. Perhaps I will do a mini version...and link to you.

    I missed the C.M. images too...all of it so wonderful and current!

  9. What a fun home tour...and a gorgeous home I might add. Such timeless elegance. Thanks for sharing.

  10. That is amazing!!!! The little acent table with the pop of color is haunting me! That paper, that armoire, those treatments on the bed, the colors!!!! Sigh, it stunning. The details are remarkable. Thanks for sharing, I missed it too!!! Have a great rest of the week Sande!

  11. Hello Sandi,

    What a great post! It seems that I have missed this place, too, somehow. I enjoy all the great details here...I'm still drooling over that chic wallpaper. I can't get over it.

    I hope your week is lovely*


  12. Oh what a wonderful post. I really loved the rust color in the first photo's and love the more subdued tones in the last. Some great ideas here. I'm about to start building our house and am really looking for inspiration on decorating, colors etc at the moment..thank you.
    ps that was so funny about the "no social life".

  13. wow she dosn't miss a trick does she? Attention to detail she oozzes!!

  14. Love that newspaper idea...I might just do that in my kitchen. Thank you Sande...xv

  15. How could I have missed this one!?
    This post is amazing and this place so full of notable detail. Am totally in love with the wall treatments, the colour palette, the news paper racks and generally just the atmosphere and energy in the light flooded rooms. Wonderful!

    x Charlotta


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