Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Paris awaits you...........again

Pavillon de Flore ~ Paris by Rita Crane Studio

I was thinking about my friend today who is headed over to Paris this week. And I was thinking about my own upcoming trip in September. And then I was there any city more beautiful? I could look at this photograph all day and thought maybe you would enjoy a bit of gorgeous Paris too.

Then I got to thinking what I really, really liked about Paris. It's the walking, you can eat all you want and come home weighing less. What a clever French trick, no secret at all to how french women stay so svelte.! Next time I will cycle there too. For some reason I really want to cycle in Paris. And collect more business cards. Paris shops have the best business cards and I would like to frame a few together. Well, actually a whole pile of them.

These stunning Paris visuals are by photographer Rita Crane as seen on Flickr and they are some of the best I have seen. Her website offers these photographs for sale.

Even in the winter..........such incredible beauty.

Even when you have to wait in line......for macaroons or to visit the Louvre.
Who cares? Beautiful Paris awaits you again..........have a fabulous trip. XO
Walk and eat all you want.......what fun!
And sneak in a day trip to must.
Did I mention I love macaroons?

All photographs via Rita Crane ~ Flickr


  1. I love Paris too. I recommend Versailles on a weekend when the fountains are turned on and music is playing throughout the gardens - I think it is music from period of one of the Louis'. Also want to tell you how much I admire your wrapping.

  2. Walking it will be Sande...I will leave the bicycle for you! xv

  3. The photos are lovely. I can honestly say that I've never given Paris much thought...until I started blogging. I never realized how many people dreamed of visiting, or lived on the dreams of past visits. I think of the city differently these days.

  4. Yes, dear Sande, I love Paris and it is a love affair that has never, never ceased from the first moment I visited "her" to every other time since.

    I cannot go a week without leaving the country and heading in. Paris always makes me happy, no matter what.


  5. I love Paris for it's walkability! And people are way more friendly than the myth would have us believe!

    I find when I visit Scotland I end up walking everywhere too since I wouldnt dare attempt driving over there lol!

  6. Oh it's beautiful - gorgeous photos too. Gorgeous! You are very lucky to be going soon - 6 months! I cannot wait to see your photos.

  7. Sande I have never been to Paris but would love to go. I am going to Italy in the fall for the first time and I am really looking forward to that. Lovely images and it does make me want to visit. Love the idea of the business cards. I immediately thought how fun to print them and make some wrapping paper with a collage of the cards. and then one of your lovely ribbons. Ooh La La, Kathysue

  8. Sighhh, How Paris makes my heart stop and how your description of it makes me want to go so bad! Sande, you and my mom must be related or we must! We love collecting business cards too and have always said how the French have it so figured out. They really do have the best of the best! How exciting for your trip in September~~ I hope to go back soon to re-fill my inspiration. It truly is the best city.

    xo Noel

  9. Lovely images of Paris, so much beauty!

  10. Oh what fabulous photographs of beautiful Paris, Sande. It is such a pretty city and I love it too. We are very lucky that we can hop on Eurostar and be in Paris in aa couple of hors.
    I love business cards as well. I have them on a wire noticeboard as some of them are so pretty, aren't they ?
    ....... and Versailles is wonderful. One of my favourite places. XXXX

  11. My daughter went to Paris during her fourth year of French. They covered everything in ten days. Her teacher had been to paris many times and knew paris well.
    We are going together at some point in the near future, and I can't wait!
    Love the post, as usual.

  12. I love the Rita Crane photos and have used them before too - she's so talented. I'm not sure if you have heard of them (forgive me if you already know) but you can use a Vélib’ in Paris - a bike you can "rent" for free from different stations and then drop off again... Thanks for a lovely post x

  13. Oh Paris! I love the thought and am jealous of my family who are going this summer! C'est la vie!
    Lila Ferraro
    Queen Bedroom Sets

  14. Bonjour Sande! Your post made my little heart flutter today! Why is it that there isn't a day that I don't dream of that magical city!?! I am so excited for your trip and I can only imagie all of the empty boxes you will be bringing home! I can't wait to see Paris from your eyes.

  15. oh paris. ive never been and yet im so in love. need to find my way there. oh just an update rode my bike to & from work yesterday for a 3 mile total! yay. ugh the way back was uphill, let me tell you no fun :)

  16. Oh you are going in September, SO lucky! I just love this post, there is something just so amazing about Paris.

  17. Beautiful post. I've never been but do plan to make it one day.
    PS: Got my paisley bike today! SO CUTE. Took it for a quick spin but it needs more air and a few adjustments. I'll let you know when I start measuring miles. (or little bits of miles... baby steps)

  18. What a wonderful little walk around Paris...I think I really do feel thinner. Thanks for sharing the gorgeous images of Rita Crane.

    I get a similar feel when walking in NYC or San Francisco, both beautiful cities. But I think it's the age and history of Paris and other European cities that make them so uniquely beautiful. It seems that in the US cities people walk -in European cities they stroll...big difference.

  19. Such lovely photos! Just found your blog and am now a follower.

  20. Oh you lucky lucky girl, going to Paris in the Fall! It's been 10 years since I've been there.
    I'm so sorry to report that I was unsuccessful in getting the Liberty of London bicycle I had my heart set on over the weekend so now I'm having a friend search craigslist for me. In the meantime I've been walking a lot... I swear! I'll let you know just as soon as I get my bike :)

  21. Promise to bring back macaroons, collect business cards, and visit Versailles and we will have a lovely post-Paris for me, pre-Paris for you latte hour in April! Thanks so much for the wonderful send off and I will bring back a full report with photos.


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