Sunday, February 28, 2010

Oh made me like sports!

Oh are really kind of cool today.
You always were, but now the world knows it too.

It can happen. You can change. I watched the Canada - US hockey game last night, every single minute and just about lost my mind with excitement. Unlike my husband who I might add was so stressed when they went into overtime that he washed dishes while I commentated from the TV. A little background is in order here.......I do not watch sports.......ever. My husband and my son are both athletes ( husband was scouted for the Red Wings, ) and to to anyone who knows us this could be an extraordinary moment in our household. I watched and understood a hockey game, like my heart rate was over the edge watching this game. Oh made me like sports. This is big, real big.

Skeleton? What the heck is that? I can't help but know now especially since we think this Jon Montgomery is our son's long lost twin or brother. The minute he went up to the podium and took off his helmet we saw it and then when he acted kind of crazy we really saw it and so did a bunch of people who know our son. The calls, the texts, the facebook with the comments "Austin......that Jon Montgomery is totally you! Are you still in school or are you in Vancouver?" It is totally weird seeing someone who looks and acts just like your son. Second to that, I think that Skeleton sport looks like an awesome ride.

Another red head! And he is totally fun too. I'm telling you, there is something in red hair that makes these guys way too much fun. In my next life I am going to try snowboarding and figure skating......maybe even women's hockey!
Oh are awesome.


  1. This was great to read!! I've never been a hockey fan but after last night, I might be hooked. I've never been so proud to be Canadian, and just wish I could have been in Vancouver last night for that huge block party. Maybe somebody heard me cheering from the Var, where I was glued to my set.

    It's wonderful to feel on top of the world as a country - not very Canadian-like and we'll probably go back to our usual low-key selves...but maybe with a little difference.

    Thanks for this post!!!

  2. I heard that game was INSANE!! Yeahh the Olympics were definitely cool.

  3. Wonderful game. Wonderful Olympics.
    I am even tempted to get a tee-shirt with a maple leaf - & I don't wear pictures!
    Our athletes made Olympian efforts & I am so proud of them!

  4. And your Curling team,they were so good!They won over the Norwegians in their lovely pants.
    But most of all the closing of the games,when a clown came out and fixed things.This shows the wonderfull nature of the Canadians .To be able to laugh at yourself is so good.We admire you Canadians!

  5. It really was great this time wasn't it? I hated seeing it all come to an end last night.


  6. Well, if the US had to lose, I'm glad it was to Canada! Congratulations on a well deserved win!

  7. Oh Sande,
    Wasn't the hockey exciting. I loved it.
    Canada can be really proud of the way they did the Winter Games. A wonderful display, and the Canadians were brilliant in their patriotism.We didn't do very well but then, we aren't that good at winter sports. We used to do well in the skating...John Curry, Robin Cousind and, of course, Torvill and Dean but that was many years ago now !!....oh, but we did win a gold medal for the Skeleton.I'm a bit worried how we will better the spectacle, in 2012.
    Canada did an amzing job. Well Done. XXXX

  8. Congratulations to all the winners! Well deserved!

  9. Dearest Sande,

    I love Canada, I love Canadians, I grew up on the border and have a special affection for all things on the other side.

    I've given you the tiniest little something chez moi, much less than you deserve, but just to let you know how much I love and appreciate your blog.


  10. Love your post. I am a proud Canadian and the Olympics were so awesome. Thanks for sharing! I am exhausted

  11. That was an AWESOME hockey game despite the US losing :)...but here in Detroit we reckon it had a lot to do with Steve Yzerman(former Red Wings Captain Extraordinaire) behind the scenes! :) Bravo Canada!!

  12. I am still high on those two extremely exciting and emotional weeks. Today? I feel down and I drove around the city (pathetic!)trying to catch some last Olympic moments.
    I am so proud of Canada and the closing ceremony was just crowning the games. Ciao from Vancouver.

  13. So wonderfully eventful and amazing!

    Being here in Vancouver was such a blast.
    I just knew you would be cheering us on,
    Sandi. You are a sweetheart...


  14. I am currently having Olympics withdrawals. (Oh, I followed your link on your comment on Nancy Lindemeyer's blog.) Even though I pulled for the US hockey team, I couldn't help but feel great for all those who so desperately wanted Canada to win. What a celebration. And I am so addicted to curling I had to go out and get the Wii game so I could play. It really was such a fun couple of weeks. Oh, and two of my three children are redheads.

    :) Christi

  15. I NEVER watch hockey, but I actually cried when our team won! I live a short drive south of Vancouver, and even our sleepy suburb was going CRAZY. I think the Olympic athletes are amazing and congratulations to the organizers who put on such a great show.

  16. Cheers to Oh Canada! How proud every Canadian is...I had to put a Canadian hockey jersey on my dog, to have some support against the 3 USA males that I live with. A great game and moment in history!

  17. Such a great post. My heart has been in Vancouver these past 2 weeks. I love your city (and especially Whistler) so much that a) I tried to move to Whistler and become a ski junky as well as applied as a ski guide...b) try to convince my older son to apply to the Vancouver film school..c) again try convincing my younger son to take a gap year and work in Whistler since he loves his snowboarding so I sat every evening and lived vicariously through all these amazing athletes.

  18. how can you not love canada? it's like the
    beautiful red head how doesn't know it
    but takes off her glasses and everyone
    drops their lunch trays!

    so gorgeous, unpretentious, and warm.

    gotta love canada!

  19. What a fun post, and what an exciting game. Congratulations...well done, Canada! xo Lidy

  20. I am so glad you share the same enthusiasm about the Olympics as I ... the tears were rolling on more than one occasion ! Especially Lyndsey Vonn and my 'other son' Sean ( as a redhead I'm kind of partial )! Here in the US had 2 types of people in the last couple weeks ... American Idol people and then the Olympics people. Thank you for sharing this post !

  21. Hey MUM !!!!! Honestly, I dont see the resemblance between Jon and myself :P ! lol ... send some cookies to Cleveland !!! GO CANADA ! nice post

  22. I stayed up late nearly every nite as I could not get enough the winter games...the hockey was the most thrilling game I have ever seen!!!

  23. Canada is totally awesome!!!
    Congratulations on a most fabulous Winter Olympics. You rock!

  24. Congratulations!! That is great, Sande. People always ask me if I'm from Canada because I grew up just across the border and always say "eh". LOL. Hope you are well! xo

  25. Wasn't that hockey game simply the most exciting thing? I really couldn't lose, having dual citizenship, but was rooting for the US. I was so proud of Canada for winning though, and heard from all my Vancouver friends what an amazing celebration it was that afternoon and night in the streets!


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