Sunday, February 21, 2010

Back in Order with a Chic Room

I didn't exactly intend on not blogging last week after my Blog Anniversary post, it just happened that way. I swear I don't know where this winter has gone, not so bad to a person who finds winter long and dreary. The steady stream of workers who were putting my studio and office back into order from that ill-timed flood last December have finally left and I must say, I want to kiss my new surroundings. While we were at it, I figured I might as well purge, re-organize, and re-think the space. I now have a Chic Room as I call it and why didn't I do this before? Because it is so much work? But boy was it worth it! Now I can gift wrap, process orders, photograph, have classes, listen to music, watch a movie, lounge, read, chat, nap, blog, eat, yoga (?) and just claimed a whole part of the house as a woman-only zone. My ribbons and gift wrap papers are lined up, scissors sharpened, inventory organized, and my head finally feels straight again. This creative person likes order more than you would think.

You may have noticed a distinct lack of gift wrap posts since the flood and for good reason as I was temporarily squeezed into my inventory storage area. Not exactly conductive to being creative. Now I am set up with a full photo area right across from where I wrap and I can change backgrounds, position lighting, so in other words I have no more excuses not to get back on track with plenty of gift wrapping posts. Not that any of you have said a word, you haven't but you have been saying lots of other wonderful things and I must say Thank You......for all the extraordinary comments on my recent giveaway, birthday and anniversary posts. You are truly the best readers and followers any blogger could want and I hope to make my way back over to you soon to say hello, to say thank you, from the comfort of my Chic Room of course.

Cards from ToykoMilk by Margot Elena


  1. Those are the GREATEST cards I have ever seen! And I know exactly what you mean about a need for order coexisting with creativity.

  2. Yay for everything being done! I dread renovations this summer!

  3. Oh Sande I'm SO happy for you. It makes all the difference to be in a comfortable, practical and of course CHIC and gorgeous surroundings to work or play.

    I was laughing at the caption "trust me, totally hot"...hysterical.

    Happy days my dear,

  4. What great cards! And I wish I had a chic room, but for now, the children have the space. I think someday I will miss these days, so I will be patient! Will you be sharing photos of your new space?
    Have a wonderful week.

  5. I don't believe it Sande,
    The second card from ToykoMilk is the one that my sister sent me for my birthday !!..... and she bought me lots of the soaps from the same range. Have you seen them ? They are beautiful. One of them are dancers in a ballroom with chandeliers and they have a tasteful amount of glitter on them. I will take a photo and send it. Can you leave your email address on my blog as I can't access emails.
    I'm so pleased for you that you are all nicely organised and raring to go. Enjoy your new room Sande. XXXX

  6. So glad you are back, I thought something must be going on since you were not arouond for a week. glad to hear it is all good!! Look forward to more of your wonderful post. I sent so many people to your post on blogging. It was so eloquent and I was surprised at how many bloggers were wondering why they blog, last week. your post put into words why we should all be blogging. Love what you wrote,Kathysue

  7. Sande,
    I surely hope you show us some photos of your new Chic space! I love that it is a Woman Only Zone! Reminds me of my old tree house sign - girls rule, boys drool!
    Have a great Sunday!

  8. I'll bet it feels good to have "your space" back {and even better than before it sounds like}!

  9. Ooohhhh it sounds like a lovely space Sande! I want one like that! hee glad you feel all organised its amazing how the creativity flows once you have everything in order, I need to do a bit of organising my work space, looking forward to more gorgeous posts from you, Elaine :)

  10. Great feeling to be organized.... I would guess! Glad you are happy with your new digs. Cannot wait to see what's coming next.

  11. Would love to see photos of the chic space as well.

  12. I love it when my space is organized. It makes work so much easier. Can't wait to see what you come up with next.


  13. I can't wait to see this chic new studio. Sounds heavenly. I love being in my space. It just feels good to have a room all your own. I think a lot of creative people like organized space more than you would think ~ or at least I do too! :)
    xo ~ Dana

  14. I, too, would be interested in seeing your new work space. I am especially interested in how you store your large papers that are not on rolls. I have a huge collection of decorative papers for my work but am at a loss as to how to store them so that the edges don't get bent and that they are easily accessible. The lateral files take up so much floor space and the dowels are so heavily layered that it's difficult to pull a sheet out without pulling them all down. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  15. Congrats on your wonderful new, "women only zone".
    I can just picture you there now... all cozy and content! I just gave you the sunshine award on my blog tonight... Congratulations, you're the best!!
    ~xo always

  16. I was truly worried about you. I am thrilled that you are back to "better than normal" surroundings. I was flooded this past May, and it was a visceral wrenching experience. I understand what you have been through
    I look forward to your gift wrap posts.
    Have a great week,

  17. Hi Sande,
    I'm so glad you are done with your workspace. How dreadful to hve to deal with all of that but how wonderfful to have a fresh, new, orgaqnized, space. I can't wait for the pics, I can only imagine just how lovely you have made it and you destinct style and grace that you are so gifted with!

  18. Seriously... we're on??
    I'm beyond thrilled!
    This is as exciting as when Eddie & Jaithan stayed with me!!!
    I can't wait... you will love, love, love my Mom!

  19. These are hilarious and adorable! I love that ridiculous birdcage adorning the ladies head in the second pic.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog so I could discover yours. What a beautiful little world you have created here! You have found so many beautiful images, thanks for sharing them all here for inspiration.

    I have been browsing A Gift Wrapped Life enjoying all your posts. I know I have heard your blog name somewhere along the way I just can't put my finger on where but happy to now have you as part of my RSS :-)

    a bientot!!
    xoxo BardotinBlue

  20. I'm so happy for you. Nothing like having a gorgeous space where you can be productive. I work in such a tiny space, always having to move things looks like a prop shop in here! Enjoy it all.


  21. Your new space sounds dreamy. I'm anxious to see some photos.

  22. haha so i design hair clips and i often times lean towards the eclectic (and over the top? lol) with my use of feathers and beads and tulle and basically anything you can put in your hair. That card totally reminds me of my friends, assuring me that my crazy concoctions are "totally hot".
    just discovered your blog and am loving it :)

  23. Wish I had a room like that, well maybe one day;)
    Great blog by the way

  24. congratulations on your special place. thank you for writing
    such a wonderful blog!

  25. Hi. Here for the 1st time and so glad I stopped by. First off, was knocked out by your amazing banner (bit jealous too) Second, as a somwhat newbie blogger, I feel like the post below was speaking directly to me! I literally just came clean with all my friends and extended family that I was blogging about two weeks ago...overall, the response was quite warm and encouraging...but, not all, maybe its human nature to just dwell on the small percentage that were less than that...think I will re read your post again. Very excited to check out your e commerce site as well.

  26. It sounds well worth the wait and will have many a productive moment in it I am sure!

  27. Im not sure where winter went either, but I can't say Im not ready for the spring. Those cards are fabulous!

  28. Sande,
    I am so jealous yet thrilled for you. The new studio sounds devine; and those cards are to die for - you know how much I love Marie.

  29. How gratifying, Sande! It's always fun to get organized and I bet your new studio looks fabulous! I'd love to see it. Hope it warms up there soon, xo

  30. It's a big *sigh* at the end :)



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